Perils And Possibilities Of Gummies

Possibilities of Gummies

When it comes about taking advantage of gummies to utilize them for nutritional value or their other benefits apart from satisfying your taste buds, the concern is about those problems revolving the gummy making process. Although it might seem great and widely popular, these gummies are difficult to manufacture keeping in consideration the hurdles that are faced.

Gummies as multivitamins or other types of supplement might definitely urge you to take them instead of those boring, bland taste conventional pills. But are they really worth gaining highlights? Or you should take care of your natural diet first?

This article will help you to find out answers to your inquisitive queries. Here are some points that might resolve queries that pop up in your mind.

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    1.Gummies As Vitamins

    Gummies As Vitamins

    After the revolutionary evolvement of gummies around the world, they became available in many ways to benefit people. One of them is multivitamins. Tasty , juicy and nutritious gummies provide you now with all those necessary nutrients that for any reason you’re not able to take in the form of healthy diet.

    But the question arises, are they really an authentic form of substitute for those missing nutrients?

    The answer is somewhat between yes and no. Gummies come in different interesting shapes and colours  to grab the attention of kids and adults likewise. They contain essential nutrients, such as Vitamins C and D, and some even contain the whole package of nutrients. But one should not become totally dependent on such supplements and forsake their natural diet.

    2.Gummies and Diet!

    Gummies and Diet

    Gummies and Diet-1

    People have become so habitual with taking supplements that they have almost entirely forgotten to take care of their diets. A healthy balanced diet comes first from taking care of what you eat and how is your lifestyle. This doesn’t mean taking multivitamins is useless, because there is huge population who is dependent essentially on such supplementary diet whether gummies or pills to provide them with what they can’t intake due to their high requirements or other physiological reasons of needing more vitamins and minerals than normal people.

    3.Does The Gummy Protect Nutritional Value?

    Gummy Protect Nutritional Value

    Gummies providing the nutritional value must need to protect their worth too, isn’t so? But the Gummies have other added components too like sugar, flavourings, colouring agents etc which might suppress the activity of Vitamins. This might urge manufacturers to add more amount of vitamins to suffice according to their claims.

    4.How Well Does The Gummy Protects Vulnerable Nutrients?

    Gummy Protects Vulnerable

    According to Doug Brown , Sirio Pharma director, gummies provide an excellent medium for protecting highly labile nutrients. However while formulating gummies temperature, humidity and pH conditions must be kept in consideration.

    5.Gummy Stability- Gummy Texture

    Gummy Stability- Gummy Texture

    For developing a good stable gummy , it is mandatory to look after the parameters concerning it’s texture. Gummy texture is constructed by the colloidal base , specially in formulating gelatin gummies. Using animal originated gelatin ,as gelling agent, presents a heat reversible gel structure which brings chewy and flexible texture. Vice versa, using plant based pectin as gelling agent, presents comparatively heat stable gel structure which gives you soft and juicy bite of the gummies.

    Gummy Stability- Gummy Texture-1

    However, some ingredients might compromise the base structure. To rule out cross-linking from affecting the gummy’s texture, more gelling agent is added to sustain the bond’s strength. Gelatin, which is a hydrocolloid, very popular amongst people can be employed for formulating a gummy matrix. Though it’s thermolabile nature can pose problems, formulators can add pectin along with gelatin to solve this issue.

    Incorporating micro-sized particles of nutrients can let go of any grittiness and also prevent nutrient loading issues.

    Gummy Stability- Gummy Texture-2

    Individual ingredients changed in order to benefit from their structural stability can also cause problems like susceptibility to metal ions and pH ranges. To overcome this formulators may need to change the order in which ingredients are added, use deionised water and prefer a more acidic flavouring agent.

    6.Valuing Customer Preferences

    Valuing Customer Preferences

    With the arrival of new trend, as gummies started gaining popularity, people became more involved in checking the source of this candy. As Gelatin is derived from animal bones and tissues, it has fallen out of option for many practising religious and cultural beliefs. For a vegetarian, pectin is the friendly source which is extracted from different types of plants. This gains customer’s trust as well as bringing about technological advantages such as increased thermostability , and even better texture of pectin based gummies.

    Even though they taste good with sugar, some costumers demand for non sugary Gummies as a preference for maintaining their personal health. As sugar is associated causing many health diseases, sugar free gummies are rising to fame.

    If made accurately gummies can provide a fun and healthy edible to the consumers.

    7.Problems In Manufacturing Gummies

    Problems In Manufacturing Gummies

    While formulating a gummy many factors must be kept in consideration to make sure consumers enjoy the best stable form, efficacious, and excellent taste of the gummies you are providing otherwise it may affect the final product . A manufacturer should also remember different types of consumer’s demands, their liking towards gelatin or pectin sourced gummies, sugar or non sugar content.

    Problems In Manufacturing Gummies-1

    Making a candy without sugar creates some serious problems for a manufacturer as it becomes more difficult to maintain the ideal taste and can impart varied texture.

    Problems In Manufacturing Gummies-2

    While adding nutrients to the gummy matrix , formulators must carefully choose the ingredients so that the stability is not impacted along with health benefits. Nutrients such as Vitamin Bs , minerals and Omega 3s must be checked for interaction with other ingredients while manufacturing to avoid formulation challenges.

    Problems In Manufacturing Gummies-3

    Gelatin’s low melting point of around 35°C makes it tougher for storing and transportation problems whose outcome is insipid and tasteless imperfect gummies. Therefore manufacturers can surpass this complication by developing such a gummy matrix which consists of both pectin and gelatin.

    Problems In Manufacturing Gummies-4

    Your gummies can be turned into hard ,not chewable edibles if they loose their moisture content somehow, it might happen so. It’s necessary to ensure  that while placed in the plastic zipped bag , moisture is retained .

    For preservation properties and to avoid your gummies becoming scratchy and dry, you can add corn syrup and citric acid in your ingredients.

    Some other problems while processing of gelatinous candies are gummies being sweaty and sticky, their failure to bloom, issues with their setting, uniformity etc.

    Problems In Manufacturing Gummies-5

    Shelf life of the gummy can be enhanced by reducing sugar content or by dipping the gummies in ethanol and coating them with citric acid.

    Problems In Manufacturing Gummies-6

    For restoring the moisture, or softening the gummies , they can be placed in a bowl of warm water until desired texture is achieved.

    Problems In Manufacturing Gummies-7

    Inappropriate temperature settings may result in premature or early settlement of the gummy’s, so it’s necessary to maintain the temperature at 170°F.

    Problems In Manufacturing Gummies-8

    Few problems with pectin based candies can be:

    Difficulty in achieving a chewable texture , which can be corrected by maintaining the temperature no more than 240°F, and setting the pH at 3.5 .Otherwise the candy may become sticky and caramelized

    8.Why Do Gummies Melt And What Can Be Done To Restore Them?

    Problems In Manufacturing Gummies-9

    Gummies melt when they are mostly heat labile, prone to melt due to the sugar they contain. After completing the formulation of gummies, you should keep them drying for three days. Later when they get dried, leave it overnight in the refrigerator and spray with coconut oil. Once done, air dry the gummies by spreading them onto a paper with the help of a fan.

    9.Clean Labeling- Gummies Supplement

    Problems In Manufacturing Gummies-10

    Manufacturers cannot prosper greatly if they don’t keep an eye on customer’s perspective of your provided quality. It is therefore necessary for the brand to maintain their image by following clean labelling, i.e., mentioning on your product’s label only that information which is authenticated . Consumers often express liking towards pure and natural ingredients. Company should willingly choose natural materials for all steps of production.

    Labels often claim that which they do not offer. As discussed earlier, manufacturers need to add more nutrients so that the sugar content or other additives does not suppress the nutritional value of multivitamins, Or they add less than that which they mention. However it is mandatory if you wish to develop good terms with your costumers for a long run, your product must be reliable, healthy and authenticated by third party laboratory testings as FDA does not currently look into such edibles.


    This is quite clear that gummies play a huge role in the supplement industry. In fact, it has added fuel to entire market growth and strong consumer preference in a fun way. Gummies- Perils and Possibilities is a little effort to highlight major parameters hooked to gummies manufacturing, consumer acceptability, and significance. If you want to know more; contact us know and get connect with us!

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