How To Make Homemade Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are now one of the most popular candies with different tastes and colors. Are you looking for the best guide for making your best and favorite homemade gummy bears? Do you know how to make homemade gummy bears? Or do you have your own best recipes? Following the guide below, you can learn how to make your perfect homemade gummy bears with different tastes and colors.

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    1. What Is Gummy Bear?


    A gummy bear is a type of gummy candy in the form of a bear. It is a gelatin fructose that is very chewy and has a rich flavor. Colorful and attractive, it is suitable for almost all ages. However, it is not suitable for infants whose swallowing function has not yet fully developed. The length of the candy is about 2 cm.

    2. What Are Homemade Gummy Bears And Their Benefits?


    Homemade gummy bear needs to be handmade by yourself. By purchasing materials and crafting tools yourself. By following your own recipe to make gummy bears by hand step by step.

    Its benefits are:


    Gummy bears are made with the simplest raw materials without the need for industrial technology and raw materials. The production process is simple and the success rate is high.


    Without too many industrial additives and preservatives, you can make gummy bears in your own kitchen safely and cleanly.


    The rawest ingredients make the tastiest gummy bears.

    Rich Flavorings


    Everyone's taste is different. But gummy bears come in a wide variety and come in a variety of flavors. Various other accessories can be added inside, such as fruit, milk, and coconut milk to enhance the taste of gummy bears.

    Easy To Make


    In addition to providing you with a wide range of gummy bear products on the market, you can also make them yourself at home. Because the formula and production process are also very simple. You only need to match the materials and molds well, and you can make excellent gummy bears.

    Nutritional Supplement


    Lots of nutritional supplements are added to the gummy bears for your good health. The most common nutritional supplements are vitamins A.B.C.D.E, etc., calcium, omega-3, trace elements, biotin, etc. Not only it can help your sleep, but also improves your bone health.

    Good For Mental Health


    In addition to improving your physical health, gummy bears can also relieve your mental stress. Like chewing gum, many athletes like to relieve their psychological pressure by eating chewing gum during competition. Gummy bears are very chewy. Eating a few before a game or an exam can relieve your stress.

    Enhance Athletic Ability


    There are many functional gummy bears on the market to replenish your energy and improve your sports performance. Adding carbohydrates and trace elements to support muscle synthesis in gummy bears, can relieve your post-workout muscle soreness and help your muscle synthesis.

    3. How To Make Homemade Gummy Bears?


    Following the instructions below, let's make the perfect gummy bears together:

    • Place all ingredients except gelatin (in accurate dosage) in a small saucepan over medium-low heat, stirring constantly with a stirrer;
    • When all the ingredients are well mixed, add the gelatin to the mixture in 4 portions, stirring constantly;
    • When all the gelatin has melted and all the mixture turns from grainy, jelly-like to glassy, turn off the heat and let it cool for a few minutes;
    • Pour the slightly cooled mixture evenly into the silicone mold, and put it in the refrigerator for about 20-30 minutes;
    • When the mixture gradually solidifies, take out the gummy bears and store them in a container in the refrigerator;

    4. What Are The Ingredients For Making Homemade Gummy Bears?

    Different flavors may have different recipes. But the most basic recipe has the most basic ingredients.

    The key ingredients for homemade gummy bears are:



    The main function of Gelatin or pectin is to make the liquid easy to form a gel. Gummy bears made with cow, porcine, or fish gelatin are less suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Therefore, you can use pectin instead of gelatin.



    Sugar is mainly used as a sweetener to add sweetness to gummy bears.

    Glucose Syrup


    Glucose syrup can not only add more sweetness to gummy bears but also speed up the forming of gummy bears.



    Starch is mainly to make gummy bears chewy after solidification. Let consumers taste better.



    Flavoring adds other flavors to gummy bears. For example, if you like your food sour, you can add a little citric acid. If you like salty food, you can add some salt, etc.

    Food Coloring


    Food coloring can make your gummy bears better colored. Make gummy bears more visually appealing.

    Citric Acid


    More than enough to add more tastes to the gummy bears. At the same time, it conceals the astringency of other excipients.


    Water is mainly used to dissolve these excipients.


    Oil can make your gummy bears firmer and remain solid at room temperature.

    5. What Are The Tools For Making Homemade Gummy Bears?

    The tools for making homemade gummy bears are very simple, and basically all the tools you need in your daily life:

    Food Scale


    A food scale is used to weigh the material. Ingredients are used in different dosages, so be very careful with the dosage of ingredients.



    It is used for melting and mixing different materials. Better melted liquids make perfect gummy bears.

    Gummy Bear Molds


    Choosing gummy bear molds that you like and are the right size can add fun to the making process.

    6. What Kind Of Nutrition Can Be Added To Homemade Gummy Bears?

    Whether it is marketed or homemade gummy bears, you can add many nutrients that you like and can bring you benefits during the production process:



    Calcium can support your bone health. Whether it is the teeth or the bones of the body, through the addition of calcium, by taking gummy bears, your bone health will be greatly improved.



    Consuming gummy bear vitamins can improve your body's immunity, help you sleep, and support your beautiful hair, skin, and nails.



    Omega-3 gummy bears contain heart-healthy DHA and EPA to support cardiovascular health. Omega-3 fatty acids are considered "good" fats that are important for cellular, heart, and metabolic health.



    Minerals are trace elements that cannot be synthesized by the body and can only be absorbed and replenished from food. Mineral gummy bears can improve your body's immunity and promote calcium absorption.



    If you have body anxiety that cannot be resolved, then herbs gummy bears can help you control your calorie intake and fat consumption on the diet. However such functionality cannot be relied upon.

    7. What Can You Coat Homemade Gummy Bears With?

    For even more flavor, you can coat the gummy bears too. The best method of coating gummy bears is with a mixture of citric acid and sugar.

    The advantages of coating homemade gummy bears:


    Product Protection

    By adding a layer of icing, gummy bears are protected from the external environment, such as humidity or dryness. This prevents sticking and drying between products.

    Polishing Effect

    Icing can leave gummy bears with a shiny coating, even soft and matte effects, which can be more original and eye-catching.

    Three best ways to coat gummy bears:


    Citric Acid and Sugar

    The mixture of citric and sugar provides gummy bears with crystal texture and visual appeal. The added citric acid gives the gummy bears just enough sourness to whet your appetite. You can add different doses of citric acid and sugar according to your preference.


    Usually cornstarch. Not only does it act as a desiccant, but also it prevents moisture from sticking and dropping between the gummy bears. The mixture of cornstarch and sugar gives the gummy bears a matte finish and gives you a dry mouthfeel.

    Carnauba Wax

    Carnauba wax is a natural wax derived from plant species that prevents moisture loss and over-drying of gummy bears. It provides a polished look and a moist mouthfeel.

    8. How Long Can You Keep The Homemade Gummy Bear?


    In the process of handmade, because no preservatives are added, homemade gummy bears are healthier and suitable for teenagers. But its shelf life has a certain time limit.

    The homemade gummy bears can generally only be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 2 weeks. And make sure they are placed in an airtight storage container. It is best to cover it with a layer of plastic wrap to prevent the odor of food in the refrigerator.


    Homemade gummy bears are simple and easy. After knowing how to make homemade gummy bears, do you want to know what are the differences between homemade gummy bears and gummy bear making machines? If you want to know more, welcome to browse our official website or directly consult our customer service. Let's have a try!

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