How To Make Gummies Without Gelatin: The Complete Guide In 2024

There is no doubt about the fact that you would always enjoy eating gummies, regardless of their colour, form, or flavour. However, several factors may revoke you when it comes to the limitations on ingredients used in gummies. For instance, if you want to eat halal gummies or are a vegan, you may have to avoid consuming gummies made of gelatin. Now, are you worrying about making gummies without gelatin? Or going to leave enjoying the delicious flavored gummies for a lifetime? Just relax and don't worry about anything! Since we have a solution for this problem.

Gummies Without Gelatin

This tutorial includes details on a number of gelatin-free alternatives that can be used to make gummies. From what sources do they originate? And how can they be used for making gummies? So, what are you waiting for? Just start reading it right away!

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    1.What Is Gelatin?


    Gelatin is a tasteless and colorless protein derived from animal sources like cow and pigs. It is produced by boiling their bones, skin or tendons. It is mostly used as a thickening agent in different types of food or non-food products such as gummy candies, jellies, shampoo, sauces and soups etc.

    The composition, features and ingredients from which gelatin is made of can be better to understand by the explanation under following headings:


    The composition of gelatin can be described as a transparent and gel-like substance that is obtained from different animals. It is hydrocolloid with various characteristics which gives you a solution for the formation of foamy, bouncy and thick products.


    There are several ingredients used in making gelatin. These include collagen, animal tissues, animal skin, bones and water together with yellow granuler powder with tasteless properties form gelatin.

    Making Process

    The preparation of gelatin follows predetermined procedure under strict safety regulations. It starts with taking materials and processing them with alkaline solution and acid to completely isolate the waste from ingredients. These cleaned bones and skin are now added into drink water and boiled under fixed temperature. Here the gelatin is extracted from ingredients and purified via filtration. The obtained gelatin is now cooked to get desired thickness. Finally, after drying the transparent thermoreversible gel is formed.


    • Gelatin is extracted from bones which contains calcium and protein, thus it is helpful for healthy joints.
    • It is widely applicable to medicines, confectionaries, food products and cosmetics.
    • It is effective for retaining the elasticity of skin.
    • Gelatin holds good amount of amino acids which is beneficial for quick digestion.


    • There are certain limitations on gelatin including:
    • Taking too much gelatin may cause allergic reactions.
    • It is not suitable for people who are vegan or on diet.
    • It can create health issues as made from animals like pig.
    • Furthermore it is prohibited on the basis of religious beliefs as it is made from Haram animal sources like pork.

    2.How To Make Gummies Without Gelatin? What Are The Available Substitutes?

    Gummies Without Gelatin-1

    There are lots of other ingredients which can be used as alternatives for making gummies without gelatin. All these materials are fully free from animals sources.



    The most popular substance utilized by manufacturers in preparing gelatin free gummies is Pectin. It is a vegan alternative comes from citrus fruits like apples, gooseberries, oranges and grapes etc. You can get pectin both in powder or liquid form and simply add into your recipe for making its texture more flexible and stable. Pectin is softer than gelatin and can be easily prepared at home.



    Agaragar is the easiest substitute for gelatin you can ever use to make gummies. It comes from red algae found in seawater and also known as seaweed. It had natural jelly consistency and can be found in different forms including strips, powder or flakes all having similar effects. The reason that agaragar is more potent than gelatin, so minimum amount is enough for making your desserts and gummies chewy like.



    Carrageenan is another thickening agent that comes from water based weed plant namely Iris Moss. Having been a flavorless ingredient carrageenan is popularly utilized for commercial foods due to its ability to stabilize the structure and binding of products which are likely to disperse. It is widely applicable to gummies, toothpaste, medicines and shampoo etc.

    Guar Gum

    Guar Gum

    Guar gum is a thickening powder produced by the Asian native seed called pea. It is an excellent solution for vegetarians who want to make their baking, sauces and confectionaries free from gelatin. Guar gum does not change the color of gummies and help in moisture retention, glossy presentation and bonding of gummies through high viscosity.

    3.How To Make Gummies Without Gelatin? Explain The Process?

    Gummies Without Gelatin-3

    The making process of gelatin free gummies vary from one type of ingredient to another. Although, the general process followed by manufacturers is explained below:

    Ingredient Collection

    First, all the ingredients required for making gelatin-free gummies are collected together after their proper inspection and measurements.

    Cooking Phase

    These ingredients are then poured into machine tank where they are well cooked on required temperature. The cooking and boiling continues till the desired level is achieved.

    Material Transfer

    The cooked and boiled slurry is then transferred to cooling tank and then depositing machine for further processing.

    Mold Filling

    After depositing, liquid solution of gelatin-free gummies is filled into the empty molds and these molds go ahead through conveyor belt.

    Cooling Phase

    Here, the cooling of gummies occurs when the filled molds tray passes under the cooling tunnel. During this phase, gummies are fall off from molds when pushed by the demolder.

    Discharge Phase

    Finally, the prepared gummies move towards the discharging station and collected into a drying tray.


    Coating is an important step in making gelatin free gummies, as it retain the stability and structure of gummies stagnant. Various types of coating applicable to gelatin-free gummies include oil coating, sugar coating, starch coating and wax coating etc.

    4.Enlist The Benefits Of Using Gelatin Free Gummies?

    Gelatin Free Gummies

    The following are some of the many advantages of utilising gelatin-free gummies.

    Strong Health

    By avoiding gelatin free gummies you can better maintain good health and reduce different side effects that you may face during its consumption.

    Control Over Digestion

    Taking gelatin gummies can result in heartburn, gastric problem and stomach issues. However, by replacing gelatin gummies with gelatin free gummies, you can control over digestion system and enable your stomach to function smoothly.

    Effective Treatment

    You may take gummy vitamins or medicated gummies due to being exhausted by taking medicines. But what, if these gummies make health issues? It can be simply altered if you ignore gelatin gummies and go for its alternatives. It will eventually increase the effects of dosage as the thickening agents are itself made up of natural sources.

    5.What Are The Sources Of Non-Gelatin Thickening Agents For Making Gummies?

    To make gummies without gelatin, you may use numerous ingredients which are utilized from different sources such as:



    The most popular source of deriving thickening agent is fruits. Here example of pectin can be taken as it originate from citrus fruits like orange, lemon, grapes and berries etc.



    Seaweeds are underwater plants created with distinguished characteristics which make them useful to work as a thickening and gelling agent for various foods such as gummies, jellies and ice cream etc.

    Plant Seeds

    Plant Seeds

    Plant seeds also function as the basic source for producing thickening agent. Here, pea plant can be taken as the substance for creating most viscous and sticky guar gum for making gummies and desserts etc.

    6.What Are The Reasons For Avoiding Use Of Gelatin In Producing Gummies?

    Proceeding further, it is necessary to know the reasons why gelatin is avoided, and other ingredients are given preference over it. So, just start reading the below points:

    Vegetarian Preference

    Vegetarian Preference

    You are what you eat! Following this statement, many people believe that healthy food is the only way for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for which their concern is always prioritizing fruits and vegetables over other products like meat and fats etc. Therefore, it will be always a big no for gummies containing gelatin made from animal sources.

    Dietary Concern

    Dietary Concern

    Fats, collagen, and calories found in animal skin and bones are the main factors contributing to weight increase. In this way, a person adhering to a rigorous diet will use every tool at his disposal to prevent consuming these fats. As a result, the conditions under which gummy snacks can be enjoyed would be impacted, and the demand for gelatin-free gummies would replace it.

    Religious Limitations

    Religious Limitations

    You may have heard about the religious limitations imposed by different religions on their followers. For Islam and Judaism prohibit the use of pig and consider it Haram. Similarly, there is abstention imposed on eating beef by Hindus due to their religious obligations. For this reason, you will find different alternatives to gelatin in making gummies.

    Cause Allergic Reaction

    Cause Allergic Reaction

    There are certain reasons that gelatin causes allergic reactions like people with sensitive stomachs may face digestion problem or taking too much gelatin made gummy can cause dizziness, rash and diarrhea etc. That's why, people avoid using gelatin gummies.

    7.Which Type Of Gummies Can Be Formed Without Gelatin?

    There are different types of gummies you can make without using gelatin. These are described below:

    Gummy Vitamins

    Gummy Vitamins

    Gummy vitamins is the combination of different vitamins and minerals gained from vegetables, fruits, plants and fish oil. These gummy vitamins play very effective role in boosting the immune system, stabilizing metabolism and reducing risk of heart attack. Along with that, you may find gummy vitamins with a lot of other benefits for your mental as well as physical health. For instance, prebiotic, probiotic and multivitamin gummies are popular examples of gummy vitamins.

    Beauty Gummy Vitamins

    Beauty Gummy Vitamins

    Beauty gummy vitamins comes under the category of gummy vitamins, however it has particular characteristics specified to beauty such as producing strong hair, hydrated skin and beautiful nails. Biotin, keratin, Omega-3 and vitamin K are the common proteins used in formulation of beauty gummy vitamins. People who prefer using gelatin free supplements in form of gummies can take these beauty gummies made with pectin or carrageenan.

    Gummy Candies

    Gummy Candies

    Gummy candies are chewable sweets with different colors, flavors and beautiful shapes. Children, adults and even older people do not control their craze for gummies and mostly take them as snacks. In such circumstances, it becomes difficult to avoid consuming these sweet rich candies. Just for this reason, now you have the all-time available option of making and buying gummies with ingredient you want.

    Gummy Nutraceuticals

    Gummy Nutraceuticals

    Most of the people feel it difficult to swallow large pills and capsules. Due to this reason, they look towards other options available and where the need of pharmaceutical gummies has been realized. These gummies are extracted from different fruits, herbs and nuts to help patients counter diseases with easy alternatives.

    Medicated Gummies

    Medicated Gummies

    The growth of healthcare confectionary has been introduced the medicated gummies which are often prescribed by doctors for the patients who are tired of taking medicines. Here the gummies prove to be influencial for relieving pain and curing health disorders like anxiety, lack of sleep and inflammation. These gummies are made up of active ingredients along with gelatin free properties.

    8.What Factors Are Essential To Consider When Making Gummies Without Gelatin?

    Essential To Consider

    To make gummies without gelatin while using its alternatives, you should be well aware of some key factors which are essential for making your gummies more perfect with delicious taste and attractive outlook. These considerations include:

    Ingredient Ratio

    The ratio for gelatin is fixed, however using different materials in place of gelatin may vary slightly which require you to check the ratio first. For instance, gelatin has 1:1 swap for making up gummies, while as plant based ingredients like agar-agar which is more potent will need less quantity in relation to other substances of the recipe. Thus, you need to make their solution through mixing until desired level of your recipe is achieved.

    Making Process

    The cooking process of material differs from one type to another. Most notably, ingredient like pectin do not have the ability to be reversed if fail to form the shape at first chance. In contrast, you can easily process gelatin for recooking in case the layer is not settled in first attempt.

    Temperature Requirements

    Every material that you use in place of gelatin definitely come with different melting point and require particular temperature for a time period. For example the temperature for cooking pectin in gummies is 240 F° which is different from that of agar agar which is only 184 F°. A minor decrease or increase in the cooking timing or temperature may affect the texture of gummies. Thus, you should have knowledge about the temperature on which you can get the final solution.

    Equipment Compatibility

    Another important point which need your attention is to keep in mind the nature of your product and select a compatible equipment resultantly. You can ask your provider about the temperature and processing specifications of your machinery which would definitely enable you to form perfect gummies.


    Most of the gummies in market you will find are consist of gelatin which is animal by-product. However, the various alternatives mentioned above have now replaced gelatin. In this way, you are not supposed to restrict yourself from enjoying the gummies you love to take for the reason of being a vegan or on diet. Besides, AIPAK Pharma provide you a platform to make gummies of your choice with gummy production line, and you can also get ready-made gummies with available customization. Is this information delight you? So, why not to share it with your friends and family making them cheered too?

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