Are Gummy Vitamins Better Than Capsules?

Are you taking vitamin supplements now? Would you consider gummy vitamins over traditional capsule vitamins? With so many vitamin supplement choices on the market now, do you know the differences between gummy vitamins and capsule vitamins?


Are Gummy Vitamins Better Than Capsules-sourced: myeq

Why do some people choose capsule vitamins while others choose gummy vitamins? Are gummy vitamins better than capsules? If you are interested at those vitamins, keep on following the post below, and you will get the answers!

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    1.What Are Gummy Vitamins And Capsule Vitamins?

    Gummy vitamins are like candies, which are sweet and chewy. But are gummy vitamins really healthy? Capsule vitamins are a common form of supplements, what can they offer for your health?

    Gummy Vitamins


    Gummy Vitamins-sourced: stvincents

    Gummy vitamins are chewable vitamin supplements. They have a texture and taste similar to gummy candies with a variety of flavors, colors, and shapes. They are a good choice for children and adults who don't like swallowing.

    In addition to containing several vitamins and minerals, gummy vitamins also have several specific nutrients, such as vitamin D and calcium.

    Capsule Vitamins


    Capsule Vitamins-sourced: medicalnewstoday

    Capsule vitamins are one of the common form of vitamin and nutrient supplements. They generally consist of an empty capsule shell and the active substance inside the capsule shell with different colors, sizes, types, and effects.

    The nutrients or drugs are encapsulated in a plastic-like shell and are transported into the body and metabolized after being swallowed.

    2.What Are The Main Ingredients Of Gummy Vitamins And Capsule Vitamins?

    You may get a deeper understanding of the differences between gummy vitamins and capsule vitamins by understanding their ingredients:

    Main Ingredients Of Gummy Vitamins


    Main Ingredients Of Gummy Vitamins-sourced: oneaday

    They are usually made of gelatin, corn starch, water, sugar, added colors, vitamins and minerals.


    Gelatin is derived from collagen. It acts as a gelling agent to hold other ingredients together. It is usually made from animal gelatin such as cow and pig or plant gelatin.

    Corn Starch

    Corn starch is a pectin fiber that helps to break down and bind other ingredients.


    The right amount of water can dissolve and mix the different ingredients, allowing them to mix evenly.


    The texture and flavor of vitamin gummies can be improved by adding the right amount of sugar, and it can improve the taste. Among them, sugar alcohols are widely used in gummies, which are natural sugar substitutes for fruits and berries.

    Artificial Food Colors

    Gummy vitamins often contain artificial food colors, fillers and other substances to attract your attention.

    Vitaminsand Minerals

    The vitamins that can be added to soft candies are vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D2, vitamin D3, vitamin E, folic acid, iodine, potassium, various minerals, etc.

    Main Ingredients Of Capsule Vitamins


    Main Ingredients Of Capsule Vitamins-sourced: womenshealthnetwork

    Capsule vitamin main consist of the capsule shells and medications. The capsule shells are:


    The capsule shells are made of gelatin, which are from animal bones and skin. They can also be made of other plant-based gelling agents such as starch, cellulose and carrageenan to meet the needs of vegetarians and vegans.


    The plasticizer is mainly applied for changing the flexibility, elasticity or rigidity of the capsule shells.


    Water is an essential raw material for making capsule shells. It ensures the flexibility of the capsule shell. The viscosity of the gelatin can be determined by the amount of water you add.


    In the process of making capsule shells, titanium dioxide is generally used as a sunscreen and colorant to change the properties of the gelatin coating, thereby deepening the color of the capsule shell.


    By adding preservatives, the quality and vitality of gelatin in soft capsule products can be maintained. Ensure the safety of capsules for regular and long-term storage. Common preservatives are sorbic acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, etc.

    Vitamins and Minerals

    The medications in the capsules include active ingredients, oils, liquids or powders. The medications include different types of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, probiotics and herbs.

    3.Are Gummy Vitamins Better Than Capsules?

    Most users may think that gummy vitamins are specially prepared for children and that adults should take capsules. This view is one-sided. Gummy vitamins are different from capsule vitamins in terms of appearance, type, and efficacy. You can choose the product that suits you most according to your needs.

    Gummy Vitamins Capsule Vitamins
    Images Gummy-Vitamins-1

    Gummy Vitamins-sourced: thesalehar


    Capsule Vitamins-sourced: onnit

    Description l Chewable vitamin supplements; l Common form of vitamin and nutrient supplements in the form of capsules;
    Administration l Just chew; l Need to swallow with water;
    Absorption l After chewing in the mouth, it is digested and broken down in the stomach; l Most vitamin capsules break down in the digestive tract and then the nutrients are absorbed into the blood;
    Nutrients l Contains fewer vitamins and minerals than ordinary capsule vitamins; l Contains sufficient nutrients and is easily absorbed by the body;
    Flavor l Tastes sweet and like a snack;

    l Easier to swallow, tastes better without odor;

    l Contains no additives or artificial sweeteners;

    l May contain a stronger metallic and medicinal taste;

    Efficacy l Gummy vitamins are less effective than capsule vitamins of the same dose; l Compared with gummy vitamins, capsules vitamins are more effective;
    Suitable for People l Suitable for children and the elderly with impaired swallowing function; l Suitable for adults with normal swallowing function;
    Advantages l Various shapes, flavors and sizes, more choices;

    l A better vitamin supplement experience for children and adults;

    l Absorbed and broken down faster than gummy vitamins;

    l Nutrients in the capsule shell are directly distributed into the blood for absorption;

    l Any number of vitamins can be encapsulated in capsules to make fresh batches;

    Disadvantages: l Limited shelf life. Efficacy decreases over time;

    l Contains a lot of sweeteners, which can easily damage your dental health;

    l Sugar alcohols in gummy vitamins may easily cause digestive problems such as nausea, bloating and diarrhea;

    l Added with a lot of refined sugar, it can easily lead to chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure;

    l Easily lead to vitamin poisoning, including difficulty sleeping, digestive problems, fatigue, hair loss, nerve damage, etc.;

    l If the wrong size is selected, the capsule may be difficult to swallow;

    l Not suitable for children and the elderly;

    l It will cause patients to have "pill fatigue";

    4.What Are The Types Of Gummy Vitamins And Capsule Vitamins?

    There are multiple types of gummy vitamins and capsule vitamins. Different types of gummy vitamins and capsule vitamins have their own characteristics.

    Based on the suitable population, types of gummy vitamins are:

    Images Description
    Gummy Vitamins For Kids Gummy-Vitamins-For-Kids

    Gummy Vitamins For Kids-sourced: walmartimages

    l The kids gummy vitamins are perfect for children ages 4 to 18. The formula is made with premium ingredients and sugars without sugar and additives sweeteners.
    Gummy Vitamins For Adults Gummy-Vitamins-For-Adults

    Gummy Vitamins For Adults-sourced: Centrum

    l Adult gummy vitamins are perfect way for you to support your everyday health with essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, C, E, B-6, B-12, Zinc, etc.
    Gummy Vitamins For Seniors Gummy-Vitamins-For-Seniors

    Gummy Vitamins For Seniors-sourced: vitafusion

    l Gummy vitamins for seniors are a delicious multivitamin supplement that keeps up with specific needs of men and women over 50. It includes essential nutrients D3, E, B6, B12 and biotin, etc.

    In terms of functionality, types of gummy vitamins are:

    Images Description
    Vitamin C Gummies Vitamin-C-Gummies

    Vitamin C Gummies-sourced: lovelunakai

    l The vitamin C gummies can help your body absorb iron and protects cells from damage that can lead to conditions like diabetes and heart disease.
    Vitamin D Gummies Vitamin-D-Gummies

    Vitamin D Gummies-sourced: vitafusion

    l The vitamin D gummies can help you get enough calcium to help maintain your bone health and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
    Vitamin E Gummies Vitamin-E-Gummies

    Vitamin E Gummies-sourced: springvalley

    l Vitamin E is a high-quality antioxidant. The vitamin E gummies can support your immune system and metabolic processes.
    Vitamin B6 Gummies Vitamin-B6-Gummies

    Vitamin B6 Gummies-sourced: hotabio

    l Vitamin B6 gummies help support a variety of body functions, such as supporting normal nerve function, making hemoglobin, and breaking down proteins.
    Vitamin B12 Gummies Vitamin-B12-Gummies

    Vitamin B12 Gummies-sourced: lovelunakai

    l When you can't get enough vitamin B12 from food, vitamin B12 gummies can help support the health of your nerves and blood cells, and help the body produce DNA.
    Multivitamin Gummies Multivitamin-Gummies

    Multivitamin Gummies-sourced: feelgreatvitamins

    l The daily multivitamin gummies contain 16 vitamins and minerals that formulated for women and men to help support your body while enhancing.

    According to the type of capsule shell, the types of capsule vitamins are:

    Images Description
    Hard Gelatin Capsule Vitamins Hard-Gelatin-Capsule-Vitamins

    Hard Gelatin Capsule Vitamins-sourced: gelita

    l It mainly uses gelatin to make the capsule shell. It is the most commonly used and economical type of capsule. And it has a variety of sizes, from 000 to 5.
    Soft Gelatin Capsule Vitamins Soft-Gelatin-Capsule-Vitamins

    Soft Gelatin Capsule Vitamins-sourced: gelita

    l The capsule shell is very soft. It mainly used for filling and containing the Vitamin E oils and liquids.
    Fish Gelatin Capsule Vitamins Fish-Gelatin-Capsule-Vitamins

    Fish Gelatin Capsule Vitamins-sourced: imimg

    l It mainly uses fish gelatin to make the capsule shell. It is the first choice for filling marine supplements (such as EPA-rich fish oil).
    Starch Capsule Vitamins Starch-Capsule-Vitamins

    Starch Capsule Vitamins-sourced: gaohuacapsule

    l It is mainly made of potato starch, with a water content of 12–14% by weight. It is suitable for filling all vitamin nutrients.
    HPMC Capsule Vitamins HPMC-Capsule-Vitamins

    HPMC Capsule Vitamins-sourced: capsuline

    l It is very suitable for filling moisture-sensitive and hygroscopic vitamins and nutrients. And, it is a vegetarian capsule that is often used in nutritional supplements, dietary supplements and herbal products.
    Liquid-Filled Hard Capsule Vitamins Liquid-Filled-Hard-Capsule-Vitamins

    Liquid-Filled Hard Capsule Vitamins-sourced: rodpub

    l It is a soft, spherical gelatin shell. Perfect for filling liquid vitamins.

    5.What Are The Concerns About Taking Gummy Vitamins And Capsule Vitamins?

    Taking gummy vitamins without professional medical guidance may have some concerns, including:

    Too Much Sugar


    Too Much Sugar-sourced: pulse

    In order to cover up the taste of heavy metals and powder in gummy vitamins, a large amount of artificial colors and sweeteners will be added into. This may lead to your weight gain, heart disease and diabetes.

    Vitamin Toxicity


    Vitamin Toxicity-sourced: shiimperial

    Gummy vitamins taste good with bright colors, and are easy to control the dosage. Taking too much may lead to vitamin or mineral poisoning, such as difficulty sleeping, digestive problems, fatigue, hair loss and nerve damage.

    Other Additives


    Other Additives-sourced: hiyahealth

    By adding other additives, the flavor of gummy vitamins may be increased. However, excessive additives can cause digestive problems such as nausea, bloating and diarrhea.

    Low Level of Nutrients


    Low Level of Nutrients-sourced: Keto

    Since dietary supplements are not reviewed and restricted by the FDA, many businesses will falsely advertise the types and dosages of nutrients in the products. Some irregular products may not contain important minerals such as iron.


    Shorter Shelf Life


    Shorter Shelf Life-sourced: 27fchileanway

    Compared with capsule vitamins, gummy vitamins have a shorter shelf life, and their effectiveness will gradually weaken over time with improper storage methods.

    The concerns about taking capsule vitamins are:

    Not Suitable for People with Swallowing Difficulties


    Not Suitable for People with Swallowing Difficulties-sourced: heidelberg

    Capsule vitamins are not suitable for everyone. Young children and elderly people with swallowing problems have difficulty taking capsule vitamins and are more resistant to it.

    Possible Allergic Reactions


    Possible Allergic Reactions-sourced: renuerx

    The nutrients in capsule vitamins are precisely dosed. If accidentally overdosed, it can lead to severe vitamin toxicity or allergic reactions, such as hives, difficulty breathing, or swelling of the face, tongue, lips, or throat.

    6.What What Are The Factors To Consider When You Are Choosing Gummy Vitamins And Capsule Vitamins?

    When choosing gummy vitamins and capsules, you may consider:

    Shelf Life


    Shelf Life-sourced: ctfassets

    Capsule vitamins have a longer shelf life than gummy vitamins. And the effectiveness of gummy vitamins will decrease over time. If other factors are not considered, you can choose capsule vitamins with a longer shelf life.



    Tastes-sourced: provacan

    Gummy vitamins have a richer and more delicious taste and flavor. If you want to improve the experience of vitamin supplements, you can choose gummy vitamins instead of capsule vitamins.

    Swallow Preferences


    Swallow Preferences-sourced: hometownhero

    Different people have different acceptance of swallowing pills. Some patients may have a strong reflex to swallowing, so chewable gummy vitamins are more suitable for them.



    Ingredients-sourced: vaping360

    With the same dose, vitamins and other nutrients in gummies are lower than those in capsule vitamins. If you simply want to supplement enough vitamins in appropriate doses, capsule vitamins are more suitable for you.

    7.What Are The Equipment You Can Apply For Making Gummy Vitamins And Capsule Vitamins?

    If you want to have the gummy vitamins and capsule vitamins, you can apply the equipment below:

    Vitamin Gummy Manufacturing Line


    AIPAK Vitamin Gummy Manufacturing Line

    The gummy manufacturing line is widely used for one or two colors of CBD, THC and vitamin gummies made of gelatin or pectin. This line mainly integrates cooking, pouring, oil spraying, cooling and de-moulding, and can be controlled by a touch screen. It can produce a variety of gummy products such as gummy bears, gummy worms, fruit gummies and other novel shapes.

    Capsule Filling Machine

    AIPAK Capsule Filling Machine

    AIPAK Capsule Filling Machine

    The capsule filling machine can mix various drug ingredients and vitamin elements into empty capsules for your convenience. It can provide you with large-scale and efficient filling and production of vitamin capsules. Compared with vitamin gummies, the absorption rate of nutrients in vitamin capsules is higher.

    Soft-gel Encapsulation Machine


    ALLPACK Soft-gel Encapsulation Machine

    Softgel encapsulation machine is mainly applied for making soft-gel capsules by filling semi-solid, liquid or suspension into hermetically sealed gelatin. It is also widely used for making liquid or oil vitamin capsules in pharmaceutical industry, dietary supplement industry, food industry, cosmetics industry, etc.


    Capsules and gummies are both common forms of nutritional supplements and vitamins. With gummy vitamins and capsule vitamins, you can safely take in the nutrients your body needs. Are gummy vitamins better than capsules? Not really. If there are more you want to know, contact us now!

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