How To Make Essential Oil Capsules?

Your sense of smell is bound to your memories and various emotions. An essential oil can relax your body and brain. Traditionally, an essential oil is one of the popular and versatile aromatherapies to obtain health benefits. They may stimulate your sense of smell and have therapeutic effects when absorbed.

Due to numerous health benefits, many people prefer taking essential oil capsules. For example, you can use them as an over-the-counter therapeutic agent for inhalation or topical applications.
This article explains all you need to learn how to make essential oil capsules.

Table of Contents

I.Essential Oils

II.How To Ingest Essential Oil Safely?

Ⅲ.Supplies Reqired For Making Essential Oil Capsules

Ⅳ.Capsule Size And Measurement Details

Ⅴ.How To Make Essential Oil Capsules?

Ⅵ.Essential Oil Dilution Chart

Ⅶ.Important Things To Keep In Mind When Using Essential Oil Capsule


Ⅰ.Essential Oils


Essential oil is a concentrated plant extract that includes the plant’s scent and essence. This essential oil gets its name from the plant source from which it originated. Such oils contain all essential constituents and essence that give a pleasant odor and flavor or ‘essence’. This oil is obtained via steam or water distillation or cold pressing method.

Ⅱ.How To Ingest Essential Oil Safely?

The practice of administering essential oil may seem controversial but using proper dosing and procedure can be safe.


 According to our expertise:

  • There is NO EVIDENCEbased on supporting the prohibition of essential oil ingestion.
  • A well-reputed professional aromatherapy organization and researchers support Aromatherapy
  • The FDAapproves those essential oils are safe as a flavoring ingredient.
  • As Culinary Doses, the diluted essential oils pose little to no harmful effects.
  • Essential oils have the ability to be pharmaceuticals, so be sure to consult a Physician or Pharmacist Before Ingestion in Heavy Doses.

Ⅲ.Supplies Reqired For Making Essential Oil Capsules

To make essential oil capsules, you will need the following stuff.

SIZE 00 Empty Gelatin Capsule

Size 00 empty gelatin capsules are required to keep up the essential oil. The gelatin capsules are a trusted medical delivery system. Most people are familiar with and prefer this way of dispensing.

Carrier Oil- Unrefined Oil

Carrier Oil- Unrefined Oil

You cannot use essential oil as a whole rather it is intended to dilute in a carrier oil. Avocado oil, Coconut oil, olive oil, and even honey are frequently used carrier oils. For this, there are no restrictions as their doses do not exert harmful effects.

Dropper Bottles

Dropper Bottles

The dropper bottle makes it easier to fill capsules with essential oil. This way is much more precise that prevents spilling things.In the laboratory, you can use a graduated pipette as it offers an accurate concentration of oil even taken in microliters.

Four - Five Drops of Essential Oils

Four - Five Drops of Essential Oils

The prime ingredient of this process is choosing suitable essential oils. Not all essential oils are recommended to ingest. Rather you must contact a pharmacist or physician before taking them. Similarly, must read the label whether you can ingest it as a dietary supplement or not.

Capsule Holder

Capsule Holder

Using a capsule holder makes the filling process easier. It is pretty good using a holder than manual holding. It is safe for users and has capsule quality.

Ⅳ.Capsule Size And Measurement Details



Before filling the capsule, you must consider the size and conversion details. There are various sized capsules available in the market. We suggest using the ‘size-0’ capsule because this is much easier to swallow. In case you need to use a larger size then you may get through the ‘size-00’ capsule.


Mentioned below are some measurement details that you must know:

  • Size 0 capsule= 20 drops
  • Size 00 capsule= 28 drops
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil= 100 drops

Ⅴ.How To Make Essential Oil Capsules?

Making essential oils capsules is simple that requires fewer steps:

STEP #1- Carrier Oil

Carrier Oil

Keep all your material open and ready to use. For the mixing of several essential oils, you just need to line up all of them. First add carrier oil (coconut, sunflower, castor, etc).

STEP#2- Removing the Capsule Caps

Removing the Capsule Caps

Remove the top of each capsule intended to be filled and keep them aligned in a capsule holder.

STEP #3- Adding Carrier Oil

Adding Carrier Oil

You can put the carrier oil in the body of the capsule and keep the smaller part capsule aside. Treat all capsules in the same manner.

STEP #4- Adding Essential Oil

Adding Essential Oil

Put a desirable concentration of essential oil(4-5 drops)  into the capsules and make up the volume with a carrier oil.

STEP # 5- Close the Capsule

Close the Capsule

After filling capsules, you can secure them by putting a capsule top on them.

STEP#6- Administration of Capsule

You can administer an essential oil capsule on empty stomach. The recommended time of usage is at least two weeks.

Ⅵ.Essential Oil Dilution Chart

The essential oil dilution guide chart below is based on relevant information obtained in Essential Oil Safety along with useful input from a clinical aromatherapist. These guidelines are not hard and fast rules. Also, 1% dilution or 1 drop in 1 TBS of carrier oil does not mean you can only use the fixed ratio. You can modulate as recommended by a certified person or any expert.

Mentioned below is the Essential oil safety dilution chart where you can find recommended dilution value for essential oils.

Dilution 1% 2% 3% 5% 10% 25%
Drops of Eos for 1 TBS or 5ml carrier oil 1 2 3 5 10 25
Drops of Eos for 2 TBS or 10ml carrier oil 2 4 6 10 20 50
Drops of Eos for 3 TBS or 15ml carrier oil 3 6 9 15 30 75
Drops of Eos for 4 TBS or 20ml carrier oil 4 8 12 20 40 100
Drops of Eos for 5 TBS or 25ml carrier oil 5 10 15 25 50 125
Drops of Eos for 6 TBS or 30ml carrier oil 6 12 18 30 60 150

Ⅶ.Important Things To Keep In Mind When Using Essential Oil Capsule


Dilution Of Essential Oil

Many people mix a few drops of EOs in the capsule and make up the volume with olive oil (any other regular oil). If you’re giving capsules to pregnant or nursing women, the best way is to give a little amount of oil with higher dilution. Also, keep in mind that some essential oils are not suggested for babies or young children.

Follow Warning Label

It is advisable to follow the warning label and may ask healthcare professionals before using an essential oil capsule. Furthermore, knowledge about the types of capsules is also mandatory for immediate or sustain releasing action.

Swallow Capsule Immediately After Filling

These capsules are designed to fill and swallow quickly after being treated with essential oils.


This is important to realize that many people take essential oils without knowing where they come from. Did you think about how you get food flavor from? Virtually anything that contains a natural flavor is essential oils. This is what FDA says in its official Code of Regulation (Title 21, Volume 6- Animal Food Labelling).
How to make essential oil capsules is no more a complicated job, if you’re a beginner we are recommending you get suggestions from experts. We are here to help you 24/7/365 - Just give minor details and get connected with us.

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