Top 4 Tube Filling Machine Suppliers In Canada

Are you looking for top tube filling machine suppliers in Canada? For those who are looking for specialists in tube filling machines in the field of pharmaceutical equipment, we have enlisted below the leading vendors who will benefit and satisfy you with their innovative technologies in a cost-effective way.

1 JDA Progress Ontario
2 BellatRx Quebec
4 AIPAK Pharmaceutical Equipment China


Headquarter: Ontario

Company Background & Information

JDA Progress is a well-reputed family-owned firm that supplies filling and packaging solutions. JDA progress is established in 1988. Their automation is found in every region of the world, providing top speed and boost to your manufacturing plant. These machines are fulfilling the packaging demands of many industries including the food, beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries.

Their technology is well regarded in the world for its simplicity and ease of use. Some robust and high-end products of JDA progress are tube fillers, liquid fillers, bottle labelers, bottle cappers, and counting machines. This firm owns its workshop and showroom where it keeps excess spare parts.

They aim to impress their customers with their quality products. Each of their machines is tailor-made according to the suggestion of the customers. They provide quality testing, demonstration of the machining process, and hands-on coaching before shipping the machine. They also offer post-sales free of charge consultation services to their clients.

Key Products

Tube Filling Machine-1

JDA progress tube filler is equipped with footswitch filling of materials in the tubes. Tube filler by JDA progress is given below:


Recommend Reason

  • Simple and interactive touch screen display
  • Sensor to detect empty tubes
  • Temperature control regulation
  • Sealing of tubes by the heating unit
  • Stainless steel components and the main body
  • Safety doors for operator protection

Headquarter: Quebec

Company Background & Information


BellatRx, a top manufacturer of superior quality and cutting-edge packaging products was founded in 2002. BellatRx can be your go-to source if you need packaging or filling machinery.  This firm designs complete turnkey lines by paying special attention to the engineering and technology components of the machines.

Their flexible innovations are utilized in major industrial sectors like pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical, food, cannabis, chemical, and nutraceutical industries. Their mission is to design top-notch automation that is furbished to keep up with the needs of modern production lines. They develop their products by considering the requirements of manufacturing units like speed and efficiency.

BellatRx assists their customer beyond their expectations by providing them high-class quality customer services. They keep in touch with their clients and support them at every step of their purchasing process. They build long-lasting relationships by building dedicated teams that provide endless support to clients. They value professional integrity and candour in all of their dealings.

Key Products

Tube Filling Machine-2

Tube Filling Machine-3

BellatRx tube filling machine can handle aluminium as well as plastic (polyethylene) tubes.  You can review this product by clicking on the link given below:


Recommend Reason

  • Mechanical stacking of tubes in the carousel
  • Viscous paste and creams are filled in the tube by volumetric filling
  • Durable stainless-steel frame
  • Tubes are sealed by heating or crimping
  • Servo driven pumps
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.

Headquarter: Quebec

Company Background & Information


PallayPack came into the business in 2001. For over 19 years, this firm is focused on supplying one of the best packaging solutions to various regions of the world. They are committed to serving the pharmaceutical, health care, confectionery, food, and nutraceutical industries.

PallayPack not only manufactures liquid fillers and tablet counters but also distributes pharmaceutical machinery from European manufacturers like Rota, Tofflon, TGM Techno machines, and OMAG. They build machines from scratch and optimize existing solutions as per international standards.

Customer care is integrated into every aspect of their innovations from planning to design, assembly to programming. They help their customers to achieve after-sale peace. They provide training, spare parts, and consultation services. PallyPack tests their innovations before delivery as they believe in providing lead solutions for their patrons.

Key Products

Tube Filling Machine-4

Tube Filling Machine-5

PallayPack supplies TGM tube filler. This tube filler is efficient and rapid. The link is given below for your information.

  • Automatic tube filling machine

Recommend Reason

  • Simple operation and upkeep
  • This machine can fill all kinds of tubes whether these are plastic or laminated.
  • Rapid product changeover
  • Durable and equipped with safety overload protection
  • The machine has FDA safety compliance

Headquarter: China

Company Background & Information

AIPAK Pharmaceutical Machinery is a One-Stop-Solution of pharmaceutical filling and packaging lines for over 15 years of industrial experience. AIPAK machinery features and designs are based on high-tech expertise from a Team of Professionals.

AIPAK successful profile is comprised of more than 500 satisfactory customers, fulfilled 800+ projects out of which 200+ are repeated one. The company is hooked to more than 50 employees under production and management team. In a very shot time, AIPAK services are awarded with ‘National High-Tech Enterprise’ by Chinese government.

Key Products

Tube Filling Machine-6

Tube Filling Machine-7

Tube Filling Machine-8

AIPAK innovative tube filling machines are:

  • NF-30 semi-automatic tube filling machine
  • NF-60 Automatic Plastic/Laminated Tube Filling Machine
  • NF-80 Automatic Al Aluminum/Plastic Soft Tube Filling Machine
  • NF-100 Cream Soft Tube Filling Machine
  • NF-120 Fully automatic Plastic tube and aluminum tube filling machine

Recommend Reason

  • Automatic Controlled Feeding System
  • 99% Accurate With ≤±1% Filling Precision.
  • Compact Structure, Stainless-Steel Housing.
  • High Capacity and Convenient Operation
  • Automatic Benchmarking
  • No Tube-No Filling
  • Customized Sealing Mode
  • Standard Ultrasonic Frequency.


Want to buy tube filling machine in Canada? Want to get best tube filling machine consultation? AIPAK understands the prime needs of your production line. If you’re a newbie or running a business, AIPAK’s High-Tech tube filling machines are designed with state-of-art always help you to skyrocket your business. What machinery you should buy? Want to estimate the cost and right choice of tube filling machine? Please contact HERE to get Free consultation Right Now.

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