• Stable operation

  • Easy adjustment

  • Independent zipper unwind device

APK-280DS Full Automatic Easy Operation Nuts Chocolate Doypack Machine

Aipak APK-280DS doypack machine is a form-fill-seal function packaging machine which is widely used for food, beverage, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals packaging. This type of machine can make stand up pouch and then finish the packing process. The main packager can be integrated with various filling systems.

Aipak DS series doypack packing machine is suitable for all kinds of products, such as powder, small granule, liquid, viscous liquid, paste, tablet, candy, solid, stick, large solid and irregular products just you change the hopper.

Machine Details:

doypack machine details

Pouch Example:

product of doypack machine


1.Horizontal single axis driven easy for maintenance & clean.

2.PLC+Touch screen for convenient opeartions.

3.If pouch not full open, no fill, no seal.

4.With combination scale, auger filler, pump filler for various product, accuracy weighing scale filler, combination accuracy weighing, collect hopper for increase speed.

5.Servo driven powder filling, dust collector for proof powder.


Model APK-280DS
Pouch Width 90-180mm
Pouch Length 110-250mm
Filling Capacity 1000ml
Packaging Capacity 40-60ppm
Function DoyPack,Shape,Hanging Hole
Weight 2150kg
Power 9kw
Air Consumption 300 NL/min
Machine Dimension(L*W*H) 6093mmx1083mmx1908mm



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