• Evan spout seal with good appearance

  • High spout seal strength,no leakage

  • Stable pouch avance with less deviation

APK-240S Liquid Laundry Detergent Doypack Machine

AIPAK APK-240S doypack machine can meet the requirement of packing big pouch in high quality. With 2 filling nozzles, which can fill two different materials at the same time, it can pack fast and is suitable for powder, granule, liquid, sauce, blocks etc. This machine is film-form-seal type which can make the 3or 4 side seal sachets or pouches , which lower the cost and improve the production efficiency.


It can be used to pack liquid product ,sauce products ,powder products , granules products etc.by changing filling devices up to 1000ml.The machine can automatic finish stand up / doypack bag forming, filling , sealing,easy tear notch making, print date, finished bag discharged. nitrogen flushing, unique bag shape, hole and round corner punching are optional.

Working Principle:

working principle

Pouch Example:

product of doypack machine 2  product of doypack machine 2product of doypack machine 3


1). PLC control , English and man-machine interface, operating easy and simple maintain .
2). Advanced photoelectric sensor tracking system and servo motor pull for precise bag width and position of film.
3). Versatile machine could make doy pack bag with zipper , unique bag shape could be designed according to requirement .
4). Independent digital temperature controller for vertical and horizontal sealing, intuitive and accurate.
5). Easy and fast adjustment of change over, the machine has strength extensibility, could fill two or even more products into one bag by added filling device .
6). Smooth performance and low noise, perfect package appearance, Sensible safety device and no pollution during production to get Friendly working environment.


Modle APK-240S
Pouch Size 100*120mm(Min) 240*320mm(Max)
measuring method liquid filler /auger filler /weigher
Filling capacity 2000ml
Packing capacity 30-50ppm
Powder 10kw
Air consumption 300NL/min
Machine Dimensions 7500mm(L)1250mm(W)1550mm(H)
Weight 2800kg
Function Doypack,Shape,Hanging Hole,Zipper



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