• High speed motion mode

  • Intelligent packing speed setting

  • Independent temperature controller

APK-240DS fruit juice Irregular Shaped Sachet doypack machine

Aipak APK-240DS irregular shaped sachet doypack machine is used for packing liquid or Paste, like shampoo, honey jelly, juice, sauce, ketchup, flavor oil, etc with Irregularly-shaped Bag.It can automatically finish the processes of pouch forming, filling, sealing, cutting, date printing for pillow pouch packaging.

Pouch Example:

product of doypack machine


1.High speed (max. 160 bags per minute).

2.Easy and simple to put bags in the bag slot, equipped with automatic bag pressing device;

3.No filling, no sealing;

4.The machine is of SS304 appearance. Carbon steel frame and some parts are acid- resistant, salt-resistant anti-corrosion layer processed.

5.Most parts are fabricated by mold production; the main material is 304 stainless and alumina.

6.PLC + touch screen control system


Model APK-240DS
Pouch Width 60-130mm
Pouch Length 80-190mm
Filling Capacity 350ml
Packaging Capacity 35-45ppm
Function Doypack,shape
Weight 2150kg
Power 6kw
Air Consumption 300NL/min
Machine Dimension(L*W*H) 4720mmx1125mmx1550mm



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