How to Realize Automatic Management of Pharmaceutical Equipment?

automatic management of pharmaceutical equipment

In recent years, with the development of pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutical manufacturers are facing more and more challenges.

It is necessary to improve the production efficiency to adapt to the pace of social development. And to improve the production efficiency, it is necessary to apply the automatic control technology in the production equipment.

It can be found that in the Pharmaceutical Workshop of modern pharmaceutical enterprises in China, a series of automatic pharmaceutical equipment, including dry / wet granulating machine and rotary tablet press machine, are gradually replacing labor, which greatly reduces labor cost, reduces the rate of artificial error, and also improves productivity, helps enterprises to improve competitiveness and avoid being eliminated by the times.

But what we need to see is that although some automation equipment has gradually entered the pharmaceutical plant and carried out the automatic production of drugs, how to realize the automation management of pharmaceutical equipment and ensure the stable and reliable operation of the equipment is a new task faced by pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers.

automatic management of pharmaceutical equipment 2

Compared with traditional pharmaceutical equipment, automation equipment is more efficient, requires less labor and lower labor cost, but also requires higher requirements for operators, and traditional equipment management methods such as equipment inspection, equipment maintenance and equipment maintenance can not meet the needs of automatic equipment management.

The industry believes that the automation and high efficiency of pharmaceutical equipment production, the transformation and upgrading of technology cannot be separated from the auxiliary of industrial Internet of things technology.

The so-called industrial Internet of things is to integrate various acquisition, control sensors or controllers with perception and monitoring capabilities, as well as mobile communication and intelligent analysis into all links of industrial production process, so as to greatly improve manufacturing efficiency, improve product quality, reduce product cost and resource consumption, and realize the upgrading of traditional industry to a new stage of intelligent.

It is understood that the widely used automation technology in pharmaceutical enterprises in China is PLC technology, that is, programmable controller.

automatic management of pharmaceutical equipment 3

This technology can not only control analog quantity, but also control switch quantity, so as to facilitate the operation of staff. PLC technology plays an important role in promoting the development of pharmaceutical enterprises.

In pharmaceutical field, PLC technology can be applied to dispensing equipment. By setting up drug formula in the system in advance, dispensing equipment can automatically take, distribute and package according to the formula, reduce labor force, and greatly improve the dispensing efficiency. In addition, the technology is also widely used in coating equipment, drug filling and packaging equipment.

Through the industrial Internet of things, pharmaceutical equipment can collect data on one hand and promote the upgrading of products; On the other hand, it can also carry out remote monitoring and debugging of equipment, improve the efficiency of equipment management, reduce the cost of manual maintenance of equipment, and bring better service to users.

According to the relevant departments' forecast, the global industrial Internet of things market is expected to be close to US $1119.4 billion by 2028, and CAGR from 2021 to 2028 will increase by 17%, which shows a broad market prospect.

But it is worth mentioning that the industrial Internet of things is still lack of standardization, and data security is also a major problem in the industry. Only by solving these bottlenecks can pharmaceutical equipment industry be further promoted.

In addition, some industry pointed out that under the new situation, pharmaceutical equipment enterprises need to further enhance the functions of equipment information upload and release and Internet connection, realize the automation and flexible batch control and batch management of the whole process of pharmaceutical production, so as to form the ability of network communication, self-awareness, analytical reasoning decision-making and execution Intelligent pharmaceutical equipment with the characteristics of adaptive and optimization capability can help realize automatic management of pharmaceutical equipment.


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