• Double-press type&continuously automatic

  • Compatible with the GMP requirement

  • 304 Stainless steel or 316 stainless steel

ZP-13B Rotary tablet press machine

AIPAK  ZP-13B tablet press machine is suitable for the compression of large tablets with an outer diameter of about 48mm, and is very suitable for the compression of large tablets such as watercolor powder, art powder, and mothballs. It is an economical and affordable device for compressing large tablets.

The ZP-13B tablet press is a rotary tablet press newly developed and designed by our company, which is used to make granular materials into tablets of various shapes.

This machine adopts forced feeding method to ensure uniform feeding. In addition to pressing round pieces, it can also press special-shaped pieces, special pieces, double-layer pieces, circular pieces, etc., which can be customized according to your requirements.

When running at the same time, the noise is small, the pressure is high, and the machine stops under overpressure to avoid damage to the machine. It is suitable for pressing Chinese and Western medicine tablets, health care products tablets, bulk tablets, etc. At present, it is widely used in the pressing of watercolor powder and art powder. The ZP-13B tablet press is very popular among customers.


  1. The speed is adjustable by frequency conversion, which can be adjusted arbitrarily.
  2. It is convenient and quick to complete the test machine and adjust the work without stopping the machine.
  3. All controllers and operating parts have reasonable layout and easy operation.
  4. High pressure, stable rotation, stable performance, safety and accuracy, suitable for pressing various large tablets and difficult-to-form tablets.


greatest pressure

150 kN

Maximum tablet diameter


Maximum filling depth


Maximum tablet thickness


Turntable speed

10-25 rpm


7800-19500 pieces/hour

Motor Power

7.5kw 6 poles


1500 kg





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