How to Melt Gummy Bears?

Gummy bears are delicious gelatinous fruity candies with soft and fluffy textures. They are available in the attractive shape of a bear. Recently, to melt gummies for ice-cream topping, shakes, topping, and cakes. This guidance review will enlighten you on how to melt gummy bears.

Table of Contents

I. How To Melt Gummy Bears?

II.Which Liquid Do You Need To Melt Gummy Bears?

Ⅲ.What Materials Do You Need To Melt Gummy Bears?

Ⅳ.How Long Does It Take To Melt Gummy Bears?

Ⅴ.How To Prevent Mixing Of Color And Flavor during Melting Of Gummy Bears?

Ⅵ.What Are The Precautions You Must Require When Melting Gummy Bears?

Ⅶ.Which Problems Will You Encounter During Melting Gummy Bears?

Ⅷ.Can You Reshape After Melting Gummy Bears?

Ⅸ.Does Melting Affect the Potency of Gummy Bears?


Ⅰ.How To Melt Gummy Bears?

Gummy bears are often melted, dissolved, or liquefied to make colorful topping. Usually, gummies are melted at a high temperature of 90-95°F or these candies are dissolved in various liquids.

Easy steps for dissolving gummies are discussed below:

Melt Gummy Bear

Step1: Preparatory Phase

  • First you should calculate the number of gummies bears you want to melt. This depends upon how much liquid gummies do you need.
  • Second find the right sized container for placing gummies.
  • Find all the materials like salt and sugar for melting gummies.

Step 2: Preparation of Dissolving Solvents

  • For preparing melting solvents, you should take different solvents like water, acetone, and vinegar.
  • Pour their same amount in separate breaker or container.
  • Add one tablespoon of salt and sugar in separate glasses of water.

Step 3: Adding Gummies in Container

  • Now add gummies preferably of same size in each container.
  • Allow them to stay in dissolving solvents for few hours.
  • Note the time duration with the help of stopwatch.

Step 4: Checking on Gummies

  • Calculate the number of melted gummies after every 12 hours.
  • Measure the size of gummy with the help of ruler.
  • It takes about 72 hours to melt the gummies.

Checking on Gummies

Ⅱ.Which Liquid Do You Need To Melt Gummy Bears?

Different Liquids for Gummy Melting

Gummy bears are dissolved in various liquids. These are gelatinous candies and gelatin is water soluble. But this solubility is affected by temperature.

  • Hot water is more suitable for melting gummy bears.
  • Solution of salt and sugar in water can also melt gummy bears. High amount of salt and sugar in water decreases the volume and size of gummy, thus dissolving them completely.
  • Low pH organic solvents like acetone, vinegar, and toluene can be used for melting of gummy bears.
  • You can also use solution of baking soda for dissolving gummies.

Different Liquids for Gummy Melting

Solvents that Cause Rapid Melting of Gummies

If you want to increase the rate at which gummies melts, then:

  • You can put them in water containing pepsin. Pepsin is a meat tenderizer and breaks down gelatin protein causing them to dissolve in water.
  • Fresh pineapples solution can also be utilized for melting of gummies. Pineapple contains bromelain which digest collagen of gelatin resulting in disintegration of protein chains and turning gummies to gel.

Ⅲ.What Materials Do You Need To Melt Gummy Bears?

When you are melting gummy bear, you should have these supplies at hand.



Solvents like hot water, toluene, and vinegar should be poured in same sized containers for breaking apart gelatin in gummies.



Use same quantities for example one tablespoon of salt, sugar, and baking soda for liquefying gummies.

Paper Napkins

Paper Napkins

Paper napkins are necessary for cleaning any liquid that spill over.



Rulers are used for measuring the size of gummies.

Weighing Scale

Weighing Scale

These are used to measure the exact quantities of liquids for liquidizing gummies.

Stop Watch

Stop Watch

This is essential in measuring the time elapse since gummies are placed in various solutions and are used for determining time period for completely melting gummies.

Ⅳ.How Long Does It Take To Melt Gummy Bears?

Time Duration for Liquidizing Gummies

Amount of time for deliquescing gummies generally depends upon a number of factors such as:

Type of Liquid

Various kinds of liquids dissolve gummies in different time duration depending upon the interaction of molecules of liquids and gummy gelatin.

Quantity of Gummy Bears

The amount of gummy bear is a determining factor in their melting. The amount in turn is depended upon the size of gummies. Larger the size of gummies more time duration required for their melting and vice versa.

Ⅴ.How To Prevent Mixing Of Color And Flavor During Melting Of Gummy Bears?

Color and Flavor during Melting of Gummy Bear

Prevention of Mixing of Colors and Flavors

It is quite insipid and unpleasant when various colours and flavours of gummies are mixed together. You cannot see these melted results let alone taste them. You can simply avoid this mixing by:

  • First sorting the gummy bears by colour and flavour.
  • Next placing different coloured gummies in separate containers for melting.

Ⅵ.What Are The Precautions You Must Require When Melting Gummy Bears?

Precaution of Melting Gummy Bears

Precaution of Melting Gummy Bears

When you are melting gummy bears, you should consider your safety first and take following precautions.

  • Always conduct dissolution of gummies in open space for airing of unpleasant smells.
  • Clean counter with sanitary cloth before and after melting gummy bears.
  • Immediately wash equipment after melting gummies with soapy water as these solidify and stick to containers.
  • Wear protective goggles and gloves to avoid contact with injurious chemical.
  • Lab coats or overalls are must for preventing spills on clothing.

Ⅶ.Which Problems Will You Encounter During Melting Gummy Bears?

encounter during Melting Gummy Bear

Problems that Occur During Melting of Gummies

There are several issues that arise during liquefaction of gummies such as

  • Gummy bears become sticky mess on melting which is quite difficult to remove. So, use nonstick dishes or instruments for melting gummies.
  • Sometimes gummies do not melt but swell in size, when gelatin of gummies absorbs water.  Place them in salty water to reduce their size.

Ⅷ.Can You Reshape After Melting Gummy Bears?

After Melting Gummy Bears

Reshaping of Gummies after Melting

If you want to reshape gummies, then you can do so after melting. The gummies become solid after some time so you can pour melted solution in bear shaped mold and allow it to set for few temperatures in fridge.

After 1 hour or so you got yourself a gummy bear.

Ⅸ.Does Melting Affect The Potency Of Gummy Bears?

Potency of Gummy Bears

Potency of Melted Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are most preferred choice of eating infused cannabis. But sometimes you notice that gummy bears are melted if you store them in warm place.

Potency or strength of gummies remains the same on melting as vaporization temperature of cannabis is far more than the melting temperature of gummies. The effect of temperature on potency of gummy bears varies on type of active ingredients in it. For instance:

  • About 300° F temperature is required to evaporate cannabis. So, amount of infused THC is unaffected on melting on gummies. If several gummies have melted together, you will face issues of inconsistent dosage.
  • In addition to affecting the nutraceutical gummies, a high temperature can cause vitamins B and C and other water-soluble vitamins to disintegrate and losing its potency.


Gummy bears are squishy delicious snack liked equally by both adults and children. These are melted by high temperature as well as by placing them in various solvents like water, vinegar, acetone to form attractive topping. By reading this guide, you have learnt about various solutions that can be used to dissolve gummy bears, different materials required for melting gummies, ways to encounter problems that arise during gummy melting.

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