Gummy Vitamins- Are They Healthy or Candies In Disguise?

Gummy Vitamins

Parents always make mindful efforts to furnish a nutritious and well-balanced diet to their children.

Vitamin gummies are handy supplements for children, there is often a debate about whether Gummy Vitamins- Are they healthy or candies in disguise? This is because many gummies available in the market are full of sugar, artificial flavors, preservatives and undesirable ingredients, and they also have a lower nutrition ratio. Some people prefer gummy vitamins over pills because they’re simpler to consume, taste better, and don’t have an unusual smell.

As convenient as they may be, gummy vitamins have several disadvantages. They owe their flavor to sugar, erythritol, mannitol, isomalt, and other sweeteners. Some manufacturers market their gummy vitamins as sugar-free, having replaced this sweetener with citric acid.

Reading this article you’ll get to know:

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    1.Nutritional Value Of Gummy Vitamins Vs Nutritional Value Of Candies

    A gummy enriched with vitamins and other essential nutrients , along with added sugar and carbs contain about 22kcal for an adult’s dose of nutritional intake. According to an estimation these values are calculated to be present in 2 slices of gummy servings.

    Nutritional Value Of Gummy Vitamins  
    Calories 22kCal
    Total Carbs 5g
    Sugar 4g
    Protein -
    Fat -
    Sodium 3mg
    Zinc 7.5mg
    Selenium 35mcg
    Folate 400mcg
    Vitamin A 750mcg
    Vitamin B3 10mg
    Vitamin B6 2mg
    Vitamin B12 6mcg
    Vitamin C 30mg
    Vitamin D 10mcg
    Vitamin E 10.1mg

    The below shown table represents nutritional value of per pack serving (62g) of Skittle Original bite sized candies. Most of the candies do not contain Vitamins or minerals and so they are termed as “Empty Calorie” food products.

    However for health freaks like people who are very observant about their diet, there are categories of candies as per their levels of calories they provide; Low level calories, moderate level calories and high level calories.

    Nutritional value of Candies(Skittles)  
    Calories 251kCal
    Fat 2.7g
    Sodium 9.3mg
    Potassium 7.4mg
    Total Carbs 56g
    Sugars 47g
    Protein 0.1g
    Vitamin C 69%

    If you want to enjoy both a sweet and healthy treat, then gummy vitamins might be the option for you. But it’s mandatory to consult your dietitian or nutritionist before taking any supplementary nutrients in any sort of forms!

    2.Pros Of Gummy Vitamins

    Gummy Vitamins-1

    The advantages of taking gummy vitamins are they’re convenient. No need to drink water. Just pop a gummy in your mouth and chew.

    • Many people be drawn towards gummy vitamins because they’ve got a great flavor.
    • Gummy vitamins taste good and are leisurely to take, people are more likely willing to take them every day. This beats skipping vitamins because you simply forgot to take them.
    • For people who don’t consistently eat a nutritive, well-balanced diet, gummy vitamins may help accommodate those missing nutrients.
    • They are less likely to origin  heartburn and upset stomachs.
    • Gummy vitamin appeals to children because it contains bright colors, shape and flavor. This tricks children to think they are eating food or candy and not a vitamin.

    3.Sugar Coated Nutrients?

    Gummy Vitamins-2

    As sweet as it may sound, it’s however true that the modern time’s Vitamins transformed into the shape and flavours of a gummy has extraordinarily sugar-coated the nutritional components of the vitamin supplement.

    But wait, does it mean the marketed products and their respective companies aren’t taking care of their consumer’s health? Not really. It was a clever strategy to design such a vitamin supplement that may be easy to intake specifically by that population that faces problems like difficulty in swallowing or who has pill fatigue (stressed by taking multiple sort of pills), i.e, Geriatrics and kids.

    Follow what your doctor has instructed you, for eg: to stick with two gummies per day only. No matter how much the sweet colourful gummies gravitate you, do not skip reading the nutritional value chart given for your convenience.

    Now it depends on you, whether you take care of the saying “anything that is too little or too much is not good for you” or not.

    Gummy Vitamins-3

    4.Are Gummy Vitamins Better Than Pills?

    Gummy vitamins come in variety of flavors. They are easy to chew and swallow. They taste good too. Gummy vitamins taste better because they are essentially gummy candies with vitamins added. Gummies may have just one vitamin like, vitamin D or C, or they may be a multivitamin. Gummy vitamins are easily obtainable and they cost about the same as vitamin pills.

    Gummy Vitamins-4

    There are some key differences in these supplements.

    As for gummies, they are soft and chewable. They are created to look like gummy candy, and they are most definitely the best-tasting supplement on the market. But that good taste can come at a price. In many cases, gummy vitamins contain synthetic colors and sugars, and they also contain a lower concentration of the active ingredient of the vitamin they claim to deliver.

    Pills are a form of supplements that is more no-nonsense. They don’t often contain many filler ingredients, and they are an effective way to get the nutrients that your body needs in your everyday routine. Even though they are not flavored and a bit boring, they get the job done.

    In this context, merits little consideration favors gummy vitamin as it has a compliant and alluring presentation than pills that gravitate entrants more toward chewing gummy vitamin supplements.

    5.What Is The Recommended Dose Of Gummies Vitamin?

    For a 200mcg of Gummy Vitamin, the recommended dose is once daily or as directed by your doctor.

    Although, according to dietitians you must keep in mind these Gummies do possess “added sugars” , so of you’re a diabetic patient or anyhow predisposed to it, then avoid consuming without the need and advice of your healthcare provider.

    6.Gummies Vitamins required for Balanced Life

    Gummy Vitamins-5

    Vitamins are vital for good health, but needed in much smaller amounts than macro-nutrients, like carbs and fats. They’re important for many daily bodily functions, such as cell reproduction and growth, but most importantly for the processing of energy in cells.

    You need gummy vitamin D for strong bones, muscles and overall health. You can get it from sunlight and what you eat. If you don’t get enough of it, you may get aches, cramps and pain in your muscles and your bones may become soft and break more easily.

    Gummy Vitamin E  is an antioxidant that protects red blood cells, muscle cells, and prevent oxidative stress, an issue that increases the risk of widespread inflammation and unsaturated fatty acids from oxidation.

    Gummy Vitamin K is needed to make prothrombin, important for blood clotting. Vitamin K works with vitamin A to keep bones and teeth healthy.

    Gummy Vitamin B5 is necessary for producing energy and hormones. Vitamin B6 is vital for the formation of red blood cells.

    Gummy Vitamin C contributes to collagen production, wound healing, and bone formation. It also strengthens blood vessels, supports the immune system, helps the body absorb iron, and acts as an antioxidant.

    7.Does Gummies Vitamins Cause Overdosing?

    Gummy Vitamins-6

    In old age, individuals require vitamin supplements as their body doesn’t impart in synthesis or absorption of necessary nutritional content from food alone. In fact, little children who are more active unaware of nutritional deficiencies so they consumed supplements in OTC doses. Now the trend has changed, vitamin gummies have filled the room over traditional vitamin supplements. However, beware of overdosing especially in the case of children and pregnant ladies.
    While the majority of people think you can’t have too much of a good thing, it’s feasible to consume too much of certain. However eating too many gummy vitamins may source diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, headaches, or other potential side effects.

    8.Are Gummies Vitamins OTC Medication?

    Gummy Vitamins-7

    Whether they’re multivitamin’s supplements or any form of such medication which can be easily available at the Pharmacy counter, or at any supermarket are termed as those products that are OTC (Over-the-counter). OTC drugs are those which do not require a physician’s prescription and can be conveniently obtained.

    As discussed above, even though vitamin supplements do not require a prescription for you to purchase them but don’t get enticed by the gummies’ appearance that appeals you to have them. Adults too surely have cravings for sweet treats, but don’t imitate kids and pregnant patients in this aspect, intake only as per what you’re directed about the dose by your physician and pharmacist.

    9.Gummy Vitamin & Nutritional Diet: Is this combo safe?

    Gummy Vitamins-8

    Vitamin Supplements are so prevalent around the world that they’re thought of as an essential part of people’s health regimen. Concerning the dietary needs of the public , doctors would advise to additional consume any nutrients if those are lacking in people resulting in deficiencies. Now the question arises whether these nutritional supplements are safe or unsafe if taken along with a proper healthy diet? The answer is No. As said earlier anything that’s too much concerns the health negatively!

    Even though the label behind the bottle of  your vitamins tells you how much is acceptable for you, the general practice goes against the instructions usually.

    10.Difference between Gummy Vitamins VS Candies

    Gummy Vitamins-9

    Gummy vitamins are commonly made from gelatin, corn starch, water, sugar, and added colorings.

    Gummy vitamins are chewable vitamins that have a texture and taste similar to gummy candies and come in a variety of flavors, colors, and shapes. It’s rare to have to push anyone into eating candy.

    Gummy vitamins may provide beneficial nutrients, have a desirable taste, and are easy to chew.

    Candy is made by dissolving sugar in water or milk. Candy, also called confectionery , the main constituent of which generally is sugar. Candies and other sweet products can have positive effects on your health and metabolism, but if you indulge in them on regular basis, problems can arise.

    Gummy vitamins and gummy candies have the same amount of sugar. Much like candy, you are more likely to eat too many.

    Candies usually don’t contain any fiber even though there are many gummy vitamins that  give your kids a full serving of fruits and vegetables. Your kids might love to take gummy vitamins, but a chewable multivitamin might be a better option if you have a picky eater that doesn’t eat many iron-rich foods.

    Conclusion:Gummy vitamins – Are they healthy or candy in disguise?

    Yes, gummy vitamins are healthful and not candies-in-disguise as long as you buy them from a trustworthy and authentic brand. Further, you need to carefully monitor daily recommended dose mentioned on packaging is legit or not.
    We are a team of experts in formulating gummy vitamins PLUS we’ve got a one-stop solution for manufacturing gummy equipment. Message us for further guidance or product quotation- You’ll be contacted very soon!

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