Are Gummy Bears Good For Health?

Healthy, nutritional, scrumptious and enticing candies? Surprised, uh? Healthcare collaborated with Food industry to devise a good strategic approach in designing such a product which is beneficial and tasteful at the same time. Ranging from taking care of your supplementary dose of multivitamin’s, to treatment of distressing illnesses like acne, unhealthy hair, anxiety and few others GUMMIES CAN TAKE CARE OF ALL!  Your childhood might have spent wondering just how many more gummy bears or your favorite sour belts would your mom allow you to eat , despite of having a bag full of them right in front of your eyes!?

Now that you’re a grown-up or even if you’re a kid, you or your parents need not to think much. You can right away indulge into the full bag of goodies! But keeping in limits never harms anyone, you will definitely agree to this, otherwise it surely does. Won’t you agree?

Are Gummy Bears Good For Health? Without any further adieu, let’s get into this article and you’ll be fascinated to see how many wonderful benefits Gummies do hold!

Reading this article, you’ll get to know:

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    1.What Are Gummy Bear?

    Gummy Bear

    Gummies are a type of sweet treat made with Gelatin or Pectin, widely enjoyed by children and adults. They are not only famous as a confectionery product but also have developed with other industries such as pharmaceuticals. Other ingredients used in making gummies are Corn Syrup, water, Starch, Citric Acid, Flavouring agents and Colouring agents. Gummies were first produced in Germany by Hans Riegel (Haribo company).

    2.Nutritional Information About Gummy Bear

    Nutritional Facts About Gummies  
    Calories 110
    Total Sugars 4g
    Proteins 4g
    Sodium 70mg
    Total Carbohydrate 36g
    Dietary Fibre 9g

    Gummy bears contains 0 g of saturated fat and 0 g of cholesterol per serving. A diet that includes more than 3.5 servings per day of gummy bears would be considered unhealthy. But you can surely take some benefit from it, if you manage your cravings and stick to having few chewy bites only. Other than that, gummies intended for pharmaceutical purposes are highly appreciable.

    3.Gummy Bear For Your Health- VITAMINS

    Health- VITAMINS

    Gummy vitamins are digestible vitamins that have a feature and taste similar to gummy candies and come in a assortment of flavors, colors, and shapes. These vitamins appeal to children as well as adults who may not like swallowing pills.They may include several vitamins and minerals or just a countable picked nutrients, such as vitamin D and calcium.

    However the drawback for manufacturers is they might need to add more nutrients than mentioned on labels, because vitamins in the form of gummies do work but the hindrance comes with other additives and sugars that may lessen the effect of vitamins.If you’re someone who monitors your intake of added sugar in your diet, four grams on average in a serving of gummy vitamins isn’t going to disrupt your regimen.When searching for gummy vitamins, opt for those that have good levels of active ingredients and are as low in sugar as possible.

    Gummy Bear Supplements For Kids And Adults

    Gummy Bear Supplements

    Children or adults who face problems with pills in terms of swallowing or being forgetful to take, they may surely enjoy taking this attractive gummy . It also has higher bioavailability than non chewable vitamins. For instance, a study on vitamin D gummies concluded: “VitD3 gummies [have] greater bioavailability than tablets with higher vitD .

    Pre-Natal Supplements In The Form Of Gummies

    Pre-Natal Supplements

    Prenatal vitamins in the form of gummies are tastier and fun to eat than those conventional bad smelling vitamin capsules your doctor suggests you to take compulsorily. It includes all essential nutrients required for both the baby and the mother. Some combinations in the market contain iron and folic acid too, together with other vitamins and minerals.

    4.CBD Gummy Bear For Various Health Conditions

    Various Health Conditions

    Gummies that are infused with CBD are taken for same purpose as that other forms of CBD offers. CBD, Cannabidiol is one of the two components produced by the marijuana plant. It can also be derived from hemp plant. Cannabidiol is known to have effects such as in fighting sleeplessness, anxiety, pain, stress and more. Gummies containing CBD of course would taste better than oil and probably safer than vaping. But CBD Gummies can’t just be taken, you need to know about it’s dosage, best strength and when and how much to take. The number of CBD Gummies you’re consuming also depends on factors related to every individual (your health condition, your body’s weight etc).

    5.Miscellaneous Gummies

    Magnesium And Vitamin B12 Gummies

    Vitamin B12 Gummies

    Magnesium & Vitamin B12 gummies are those gummies that are infused with magnesium and Vit B12 respectively. They effectively provide relief from stress and anxiety in turn lessening the pain, and they have become much famous in recent years.

    Both type of nutrients in these products helps to reduce inflammation and promote relaxation. Moreover, the natural ingredients in these gummies  helps in betterment of mood and overall health.

    It is reported by patients that consuming  this nutrients infused gummies have helped them recover, living a much comfortable life than before, and also see a lot difference than conventional treatments.

    Sleep Gummies

    Sleep Gummies

    Sleeplessness can negatively affect your health and wellbeing,both physical and mental. Ingredients such as Melatonin, L-Theanine and CBD can be a great sleep aid, convenient and tasty, but they’re also packed with extra ingredients that help with relaxation.These ingredients include magnesium, passionflower, chamomile, lemon balm, and sleep terpenes to help you calm down at your sleeping time.

    Have you wondered why do you better feel drowsy or sleepy while the lights are turned off? That’s because of Melatonin. Melatonin is a natural hormone produced by our body at night time to induce sleep. It’s levels may be altered due to increasing age or other factors and thus can be given synthetically. While L-Theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves , playing the purpose of calming down anxiety and inducing sleep state. And CBD as discussed above comes from a plant also aiding with sleep.

    Gummies For Code Red

    I’m sure you are aware of that “Code Red” which triggers you once a month, after every 28 days, aren’t you?! Well, those mood swings, cramps, nausea and weakness can be fought off delighting your taste buds with sweet candies. Amazed?

    Gummies For Code Red

    There are few brands that market such types of gummies that are specifically directed towards menstruating women. Ingredients include Vitamin C , which fights iron deficiency and works to repair the body tissues, Vitamin B6 , reduces your mood swings, Magnesium Sulphate , relieves anxiety and fights away your temperament issues, Passion Flower extract , keeps a check on body temperature and soothes your muscles, Milk thistle extract , reduces PMS related acne, Chasteberry extract , relieves painful cramps.

    Gummies For Weight Loss

    Gummies For Weight Loss

    You might want to try weight loss gummies which sounds miraculous right? Loosing weight is a matter of hard work, dedication and time. However there are few good gummies that might help you out in your task. Weight loss gummies contain such ingredients as Fiber, which improves your digestive health, Collagen,Pro-biotics and Apple cider, work together to reduce your appetite and calories intake, Caffeine , which can increase metabolism and helps in reducing your weight.

    Collagen Gummies

    Collagen Gummies

    Collagen is a type of protein which is essential to your body for healthy skin and joints. Collagen supplement in the form of gummies can help your skin be hydrated and elastic,thick hairs and healthy nails, mild pain reliever for people with osteoarthritis.

    Vitamin C Gummies

    Vitamin C Gummies

    Vitamin C supplement in the form of gummies can act as immunity boosters as they strengthen the body’s natural defense system. It helps to tackle high blood pressure and thereby reduce the risk of cardio diseases. It may also reduce uric acid levels on blood hindering gouty attack and also helps to prevent iron deficiency.

    Gummies For Cholesterol Lowering

    Gummies For Cholesterol Lowering

    Plant sterols are doctor’s approved natural ingredient that is identified to lower cholesterol. They work by blocking the body’s absorption of cholesterol. According to the National Institutes of Health, plant sterols can reduce cholesterol* by 5-15% within several weeks, although individual results can vary.

    6.Homemade Gummy Bear For Impressive Health Benefits

    Impressive Health Benefits

    You might be aware that gummies available in the markets have more amount of sugars and other additives which makes it somehow less beneficial. Even though , there are sugar free jellies out too but what a homemade recipe can provide you with will definitely sound astonishing to you! Let’s jump into it!

    • For example: It is known to curb your appetite and cut down your excessive need for timeless snacks! The homemade magnesium gummy bear makes you feel relaxed, and applecider vinegar  gummy bear energizes you.
    • The sugar free gummy bear helps you to reduce sugar cravings. It also helps you to lose weight and tighten your sagging skin.
    • These gummies play a role in revitalizing your hair, skin, and nails.
    • Gummy bears improve gut health when probiotics are added to supplements.

    7.Nutritional Science Behind GUMMICEUTICALS

    Nutritional Science Behind GUMMICEUTICALS

    On industrial scale, gummiceuticals supplements have a vast range of essential minerals, vitamins, prebiotics, probiotics, superfoods, and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), manufactured to high health standards.

    Of course! making home-based gummies is merely good as a hobby; while professionally you can rely on state- of- art machinery, balanced nutrition, optimized formulations,  and agile solutions offered by the industrial sector.

    A manufactured gummy by trusted procedures and equipment under strict monitoring convinces consumers that it contains exact amount of APIs as claimed.

    Gummiceutical supplements:

    • Can help you in maintain everyday nutrition
    • Strengthen heart health, vision, brain, and cell growth
    • Supports a positive mood and mind.

    8.Healthy Ingredients Used in Industrial Based Gummy Bears

    Mentioned below is the list ingredients frequently used in the making of gummy bears. What health benefits they offer? Let’s have a look!

    Industrial Based Gummy Bears


    It is obtained from animal source by boiling their tissues (skin, bones and ligaments) with water. It is appeared as jelly like flavourless and colourless substance. It is added to make gummies bouncy and rubbery.

    Benefits: Gelatin is a protein with antioxidant property. It is good for keeping skin, bones, and digestive system healthy.


    Pectin (vegan):  It is also used in the manufacturing of gummies especially for vegetarian as it is plant-based. Citrus peel, apple and sugar beet have been mostly used by manyfacturer.
    Benefits: People use it for baking and cooking. It is a fiber protein it is good for heart conditions including high cholesterol.


    Sugar: The main known source of sugar is sugarcane. It is used for many purposes in food and medicine as well. Gummy bear has an extra coating of sugar to make its look tastier.
    Benefits:For adding sweet taste to gummy bear it is mostly used. Though now people are more prone to have sugar-less gummies.


    Syrup:A corn syrup is the best source of starch syrup. While wheat and potato may also be used for getting glucose syrup.

    Benefits: it is used as sweetener in gummy bear. Adding this prevents these from shrinkage even at room temperature.

    Active Ingredients

    Active Ingredients

    Calcium, vitamin D, B12, C, E, folic acid, biotin and many other substances may be incorporated in gummy bears to reduce the uneasiness of taking the large-sized pill. Many people use gummy bear hair supplements.

    Conclusion:Are Gummy Bears Good For Health?

    Gummies are tasty, delicious, chewy, and healthy. Overloaded with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals gummy bears are the first choice of consumers who are facing difficulty in swallowing bitter medications. Are Gummy Bears Good For Health? Indeed, this is an excellent solution to indulge gummies burst with rich healthy nutrients.

    Whether your gummy bear is meant for sustaining health or sweet treat: Aipak pharmaceutical provides you with manufacturing machines that fit like a glove.
    Get in touch with us!  Our consultation team is right there to make your business successful.

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