14 Questions To Answer Before Requesting A Gummy Making Machine

Gummy Making Machine

Are you searching for a gummy bear-making machine? Thinking to contact the supply vendor for a price quotation? Good, let’s discuss! Before making any contact, we recommend you take some time to make sure you have done withproviding necessary parameters relevant to your project?
Indeed, your manufacturer would have a bunch of questions related to your production line and production goals.

14-Questions to Answer Before Requesting a Gummy Making Machine is key to driving the purchasing journey of a gummy bear-making machine. This guide will introduce you to all the relevant questions and tips about the manufacturer’s aspect. So, let’s get started it!

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    1.What is your gummy made of? Gelatin or pectin?

    Gelatin and pectin are the most popular ingredients used in gummy formation to thicken and gel gummies. Each of these ingredients has its pros and cons. If you are in gummy manufacturing business, it is necessary to understand the difference between gelatin and pectin and what is their suitable use.


    It is an animal based ingredient, made from collagen protein found in animal bones, cartilage or ligament. Due to this, animal-based gummies are made from gelatin.



    • It has elastic and chewy texture.
    • Setting time of gelatin gummies is around 2-24 hours.
    • Remelting of gelatin is easy.
    • It is flavourless so used in combination of flavouring agents.
    • If temperature of environment is high then gelatin based gummies melt.


    This substance is made up of plant based polymers thus perfect thickening agent for vegan gummies. It is usually formed by apples and oranges.



    • It has more elastic consistency than gelatin.
    • It has softer taste than gelatin thus pectin is ideal choice for flavouring.
    • Temperature required for setting pectin is higher but it has short solidifying time around 30 minutes.
    • This substance has to go through drying processing after gelling.
    • It is not easily melted at higher temperature.
    • Pectin is rich in fibre.

    2.What is the weight /shape/dimension of your gummy? Do you have any special requirement?

    You should mention your required size and weight to your vendor as they know which machine is appropriate for your requirements.

    Generally, gummies are 0.8 inch in size having bear shape and weight of 2 grams. Largest gummy bear of world weighs about 5 pounds.

    special requirement

    Sizes and weight of gummy bears are given below:

    Name Weight Dimensions
    Party Gummy bear 26 pounds 17" x 10" x 5.5"
    Giant gummy bear 9.5 pounds 9.5" x 5.5" x 3.5"
    Big gummy bear 0.12 pounds 2.75" x 1.375" x 1"
    Original gummy bear 0.004 pounds 0.8"x0.39"x0.39"

    Shape of Gummies

    Gummies have variety of shapes like

    • Bears
    • Babies
    • Worms
    • Sharks
    • Fruits

    Shape of Gummies

    3.What colour is your gummy? Single colour, double colour or with filling?

    Colour is inherently important to gummy industry for making delicious snacks that attract eyes of all age group customers. Different flavours of gummies usually give gummies different colours. Originally, gummies were colourless but over the years much advancement has been made in colour of gummies. Now gummies are made from natural colours of plants. The most common colours of gummies are red, green, yellow, and orange.

    double colour

    Gummies have evolved from single colour confectionary to two or three colour candies and candies with fillings. Plan accordingly for colour specification of gummies before buying. For making gummies with double colour combinations, these instruments machine should be fitted with two hoppers or other specific parts.

    double colour-1

    4.What production capacity do you require?

    Calculation of production capacity of gummy making machine must be done before making the purchase and is defined as weight per hour. Production capacity of this equipment is depended upon your desired size and weight of gummies.

    If your gummy bears have a weight of 2.5 grams and height of 2 cm or 0.8 inch then your production capacity will be

    =2.5g x 50strokes/min x 10 x 2cavities x 60min

    =150kilogram per hour

    Machine’s automation and size also impact the production capacity. Large sized and fully automated will produce more gummy bears per hour than shorter sized semi-automated machines.

    5.Do you require any additive or vitamins?

    Gummies are more than fun confectionaries as wide range of additive or supplements can be added to gummies for delivering nutritional packed candies. In 1997, 1st vitamin gummy was introduced in market.

    Today, gummies are synthesized using dietary supplements for treating malnutrition and other health conditions. Some of these products are:

    Gummy supplementcontaining caffeine, vitamin C, fish oil etc

    Sleep gummieshaving melatonin

    Weed gummiescontaining cannabis and Tetrahydrocannabinol

    Weed gummies

    Plan in advance whether you want to add vitamin and minerals in your gummies as supplement or protein generally require special type of gummy making machine. These machines operate at certain temperature and pressure conditions which do not alter these nutritional chemicals.

    Weed gummies-1

    6.Do you require the gummy coated with sugar, sand, or spray with oil?

    Gummy coating such as sugar, sand, oil spray enhances the texture and flavours of these goodies. These coatings also improve moisture level and reduce adhesiveness of gummies and increases customer preference.

    Discuss with your dealer about preference of gummy coating since each type of coating encompasses different procedures which in turn are performed by variety of equipments.


    7.What voltage do you require?

    You need to have knowledge about the voltage rating powering your equipments. Usually 240V, 400, 480, or 600 VAC is needed from stations.

    Tell your manufacturer about electric rating transmitted to your factory as they can design gummy making machine for easy installation in your plant without configuring voltage regulation of machine.


    8.What is your factory layout?

    Your factory layout determines the size of your manufacturing plant and type of machinery you have. Every manufacturing line whether small sized or large scale has its specific manufacturing needs.

    Consult with your vendor when buying gummy making machines, as they can suggest you the most appropriate model according to your factory layout and size.

    If you are small business then save your resources and choose semi-automatic or manual gummy making machines as these occupy less space and will be in range of your financial resources.

    factory layout

    9.Which mould do you require? 2D or 3D?

    Sizes and shapes of gummies depend upon various kinds of mouldings. The liquid gelatin or pectin solution is poured in moulding and upon solidifying, the solution acquire the shape of moulding.

    Previously 2D moulds were used to make gummy bears but with the evolution of 3D technology, gummy bears are also formed in 3D moulds.

    2D Moulds

    These are the simplest moulds. Gummies produced by these moulds are plain and unadorned having minimal details. You can make many gummies with these moulds in less time. These moulds are inexpensive.

    2D Moulds

    3D Moulds

    With the help of 3D moulds, you can create complex shaped gummies having decorative details. 3D moulds comprise of 3D printing and can be used to make great variety of gummy designs. But these moulds are pricey.

    3D Moulds

    10.What is the room temperature and humidity should be when making gummies?

    Temperature and humidity can dramatically influence gummy making process. Proper room temperature and humidity are essential in maintaining sugar-water balance and decreasing the chances of stickiness or hardness of gummies respectively.

    Room temperature should be 20-24 °C and humidity must be 35-40% during gummy formation.


    11.How long does it take to dry the gummies? Which temperature and humidity does it require?

    It is essential that you must know the accurate time duration, humidity, and temperature for drying gummies as it helps in lowering product wastage. Drying of gummies normally occurs in drying room.

    The facts about gummy drying hold for every production range whether small or large scale.



    Gelatin based gummy candies generally need low temperature of 18-25 °C for optimal drying while pectin based gummies require 30-35 °C.


    Humidity for drying is 25-40%. Too high humidity will cause sticky gummies while low humidity results in hardness of gummies. Hardness of gummies occurs when exterior dries quickly while interior remains liquid.


    Time Duration

    Drying time is affected by moisture content of gummies. The drying period is 20-24 hours. Prior to drying, reduce moisture content of gummies from 18% to 13%.

    12.What is the temperature for the cooling tunnel?

    Cooling tunnel and its temperature are vital in ensuring accurate final appearance of gummy. Temperature of cooling tunnel varies from type of coating and coating equipment.

    Typically, the cooling tunnel has controlled setting for achieving ideal cooling of gummies and temperature of this unit is about 5-10°C.

    Time Duration

    13.How about the cooling of semi-automatic gummy making machine?

    Semi-automatic gummy manufacturing machine does not require special cooling device, it lowers the temperature of gummies gradually.

    Gelatin based solution require 8 minutes to cool down while other adhesive solution need 5 minutes to turn cold.

    14.How can I clean the gummy oil spraying machine or sugar-coating machine?

    Cleaning is essential for efficient performance of machine. It also reduces your repair cost and downtimes. Cleaning also decreases the risk of contamination and gets rid of waste residues while ensuring quality and safety of next batch.

    sugar-coating machine

    Some cleaning tips for gummy oil spraying machine or sugar-coating machine are as follows:

    • Sugar coating and gummy oil spraying machines are cleaned daily before and after work. Microbes especially bacteria can contaminate machine.
    • Buffers comprising of 0.2% nitric acid, 0.2% sodium hydroxide and alkaline water are used for cleaning these machine before start-up and at shut down. The temperature of water should be around 50-60 °C.
    • Special cleaning procedures require pressurized gun.
    • After cleaning, these equipments should be dried with dry air or hot air blowers.


    Planning to procure new gummy making machine for your production? 14 Questions to Answer Before Requesting a Gummy Making Machine has all the answers to queries that might be asked by your vendor. If you have additional concern, you can freely contact us at anytime and we will assist you in any way possible.

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