• Automatic Rotary

  • High Quality Speed

  • GMP Standard

ZP25 effervescent rotary tablet press machine for Pharmacy

ZP25 effervescent rotary tablet press machine is a latest rotary tablet press developed by our company,used to press granular raw materials into tablets.It is the only professional effervescent tablet press in china.It is mainly used for tablet production of effervescent tablets,aromatic tablets,washing blocks and other tablets with difficult mold release.


  1. The peripheral housing is fully closed.The peripherals and internal tablet surface are made of 304 stainless steel to maintain luster on the surface and avoid cross contamination,conforming to GMP requirements.
  2. The tablet punching machine working chamber is fully closed by organic glass.The transparent protective covers enable the machine operation status to be clearly observed.In addition,they can be opened to make cleaning and maintenance easy.
  3. With mechanical and electrical integration,variable frequency speed adjustment is adopted.
  4. The machine is provided with a dust collector to thoroughly collect the dust in the tablet pressing chamber.





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