15 Key Functional Parts of Tablet Press Machine You Must Know

A tablet press machine is one of the most complex machines used in the pharmaceutical environment.

Therefore,clearly defining the basic principle of tablet press machines is essential for you to have a successful run.

However,before going to that,you must learn the key parts to have a clear understanding of its specific functions and purpose of structural design.

Here, In this article,I will list the main key functional parts that you will find in any kind of  tablet press machine.

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    1.Tablet Compression Machine Hopper

    The tablet pressure cycle begins right from this place. It is now that you'll pour in  all of the  powder you are  planning to compress into the form of tablets.

    Tablet press containers or hoppers come in many different types of shapes and structures. It does not matter what will be the shape, the end goal  of all of this will be that the material can stream consistently into the tablet pressure chamber.

    Once more, since it is one of those parts of the machine that does come in direct contact with the items, it is made of steel that is stainless.

    It depends upon the way the machine is made or in other words depending upon the  tablet press machine, you can fill the powder physically or utilizing other auto frameworks.

    As a tablet press machine maker it is always kept in the mind, we set up each measure for you to guarantee there is a reliable flowing of the  powder from the hopper until the system where compression takes place.

    Here are significant worries that you have been highlighted here:

    Hopper may include ideal stream points to encourage stream, particularly where it is almost difficult to change formulation.

    Vibratory bars could be part of some of the hoppers. This has to be done attentively to upgrade flow of the material and to separate the product to the maximum level.

    At some random point, the plan of these tablet press machine parts intends to dispense with conceivable feeder starvation.

    2.Feeder System

    This one more basic piece of the tablet pressuring process. Keep in mind, at any random time, the plan of the framework should be with the end goal that it permits a precise and predictable amount of powder to stream to the punch and  bucket framework.

    There are two main sector into a Tablet press machine and these are:

    Feed Peddles

    A lot of fast rotational tablet press machines have feed paddles. The peddle of the feed guarantees predictable and exact material taking care of into the dying frameworks.

    If there is no feeding peddle, particularly if the machine is working at a rapid, there could be odds of certain die the bucket being filled midway. This may bring about tablets with shifting thickness or the level of compaction.

    Feeder Housing

    By using the feeder housing the material from the container or hopper will enter the dye framework . Any kind of issue may cause lots of problems and also affect the overall result of the process for that reason accuracy and consistency is important in the feeding system. If everything is in the right place the end product will be high quality.

    The feeder housing of the tablet press machine is made of hardened steel 316L since it comes in contact with the item. Additionally, the item must not be  sticking on the feeder house as it will result in irregularities during the process of feeding.

    3.Tablet Press Punches

    Out of all the parts of the tablet compression machine, this is one more vital part as well . Regularly, it depends upon you and  you may select from an easy to use to a complex  tablet press punches.

    Just like the previous part of the tablet press machine the plan and state of a press punch device configuration directly affect the tablet quality. A motivation behind is why here  we plan tablet press machines with incredible exactness and accuracy.

    Under the ordinary conditions, these tablet compression machine  parts might cause exposure under high pressure and sometimes also under the different weather conditions.  For that reason only they require good material and there is also a possibility that might require specific coating to avoid any kind of sickness.

    This is a tablet press machine tooling system

    This activity shows the activity of upper and lower punches.

    To deliver the ideal tablets, punches move with die, along these lines pressing powder into the ideal tablets.

    It does not matter at all what type of tablet press machine use you will always have these two frameworks:

    Lower punch framework

    The lower punches are on the lower part of the revolving arrangement of the tablet press machine. During the tablet pressure system, the lower punches stay inside the die bore  all through the whole cycle.

    Upper punch framework

    As the name proposes, the tablet press upper punches are on the upper part of the rotational framework. They move vertically, all through the die bore as it is seeable be obvious in the animation above. 

    4.Tablet Press Die System

    As you are clearly done with the first three most vital parts. It's time to tell you about the fourth part of the Tablet press machine which is the Tablet press die system. Regularly, at whatever point when some share their ideas about the tablet press punch then the following segment that comes as a primary concern is the die framework. As I had referenced before, the development of tablet press machine punches, happens inside the cavity or die bore.

    Along these lines, the die and punch machine must be machined together to guarantee the fitting of the system.

    This is the function of the die cavity hole that the powder is packed into wanted tablets of unmistakable thickness and size.

    Tablet Press Machine Die in Different Sizes

    Here are various sizes and shapes in tablet press machines dies.

    Both the thickness and size of a tablet is defined by the die cavity in the tablet press machine.

    As discussed earlier just like the punches, a die framework ought to have the accompanying key highlights:

    • Clean impact on each punch
    • Harming of tablets or Prevention chip
    • Have non-stick treatment
    • A resistant erosion prevention

    Other basic highlights you should consider at whatever point we are machining a tablet press die framework must contain of:

    Tightening point; this is a basic viewpoint since it permits extra air to get away, while limiting the tablet discharge power and frictional warmth.

    Another special thing to incorporate  is height of the die in the tablet press machine die system chamber, bite the dust bore and pass on width.

    It is quite hard to close the chapter without talking about the  Tablet press turret.

    5.Tablet Press Turret

    Keeping the concern related to the development of the tablet press machine , there have been a ton of improvements in the last many recent years. Imagine a human without a heart , what do you consider it? Nothing.  Truly, turrets are the heart beat of tablet press tooling and without having it you actually skip the heat beat.

    The pivoting(turning) turrets have openings that have the system of die of a tablet making machine. They are decisively machined to the necessary measurements and rotational resilience.

    Each drag on its surface guarantees the punch and die are completely adjusted for ideal tablet making. Another thing to keep in the mind here is that little bit of the leniency in the system at that point can't be afforded.

    Once more, to ensure productivity and standardised quality, there is consistently need to take into consideration all required changes to the extent that the dynamisms in tablet press cycle are concerned. Other than that, it is thus that tablet press makers are moving from conventional turrets that were fundamentally  punches and die, to portioned turrets that have divided areas and punches too.

    A portioned rotating turret plan helps in  increasing the production level. In fact, it helps in increasing the production per day of the products, while limiting the processing  time or the taken by the production during the assembling cycle. Moreover, this new plan takes into consideration also assisting in increasing the number of the tablet compression station and quick part changeover.

    Keep in mind,  the number of the station in a  tablet press machine  is indeed defined by the turret. This assists with deciding the production limit in the machine for each total turning point of the turret.

    Once more, with an appropriately planned tablet tooling framework, you can undoubtedly consolidate the multiple tip punches. This thing is somewhat normal in the high limit tablet press machines.

    All through this plan, the tooling system must in any case adjust to either the Euro Standard (EU) or Tablet Specification Manual (TSM).  All things considered, you can likewise pick custom tablet press tooling frameworks too.

    6.Tablet Press Machine Cam Tracks 

    To make sure that you are having an on the track process as well as every tablet is going through a seemingness process, Cam tracks are other basic tablet pressure machine parts that assume to be guaranteeing that. The primary work of the cam tracks is to manage lower and upper punches in various stages in the tablet pressing cycle.

    Tablet Press Machine Cam Tracks

    As the rotation of the turret takes place, it is the cam trucks that  keep the things moving moving the punches here and there. This assists with controlling filling, pressing and discharge of effectively handled tablets.

    For instance, as the upper cam pulls out top punches from the die , powder streams in filling the pit or cavity.

    Then again, the lower cam track pushes the base punches upwards inside the die hole. This results in  the die to be stuffed by material, taking into consideration precise change of the die substance.

    Once more, to accomplish a most extreme pressure power, the lower cam changes the base punch and upper cam track runs the top punch.

    With the tablet packed to the ideal details, the upper cam pulls out top punches. Then again, the lower punches move upwards to remove the compacted tablets with the assistance of lower cam.

    So, you can recognize that upper and lower cam tracks assume to have a vital  function in the tablet press machine at each tablet compression stage.

    It is a basic cycle that must be decisively controlled to accomplish the ideal tablet size and weight. 

    7.Tablet Press Filling Station & Weight Control

    Having the assistance of various developments of the cam frameworks, material will stream into the  cavity of die relying upon the situation of the punches. As a rule, tablet press machine producers utilize servo engines to handle development of the cam track for precise dosing.

    Tablet Press Machine Flow Process

    In fact it is because of their high exactness and simplicity of incorporation to other electronic frameworks of other machine parts. 

    Tableting cycle

    This cycle shows the filling cycle, packing to tablet release. 

    A basic technique in this part of tablet pressure measure in the: 

    Weight control 

    By controlling the fill of the depth, the tableting machine can undoubtedly manage the substance inside its die cavity. Typically, with the assistance of a lower cam tracker, the base punch moves upwards to an already selected height.

    This guarantees the cavity is filled to a necessary deepness before any pressure cycle starts.

    On occasion, as the base punch climbs, the extra powder may flood out. Accordingly, to dodge wastage, the extra powder consequently moves to the following pit which is also called die cavity, which is going to be filled.

    To accomplish these, the wide range of various parts must organize easily for a consistent tableting process. 

    8.Compression Rollers

    The thought here is to guarantee just powder is compacted to the ideal size and shape of the tablet which is only possible through a tablet press machine. At some points, on some  occasion you may discover air inside the powder particles.

    To accomplish this, tablet pressure machines show many rollers that apply an adequate measure of power to pack the powder. By this, first of all remove the air from that even before the beginning of the process of compression.

    Most machines have two arrangements of rollers:

    A part from the tablet compression system

    These are the absolute first rollers in a rotating tablet press machine. Essentially, the pressure is being applied by these rollers and the amount of pressure is small upon the lower and upper punches of the machine.

    This in return gives the underlying enough pressure power. The point of this cycle is to eliminate air that could be in the pass on or powder particles.

    The powder or die cavity of any air  will clearly bring about bad quality tables and in any case quality can't be compromised. This cycle is essential for the explanation that any powder in the machine's container may have air between its particles. 

    Primary pressure roller

    Primary pressure rollers apply an already decided amount of power (last pressure power) for the development of tablets. The pressure power at this stage is higher than the pre-pressure power.

    It is significant that the rollers stay stable with no vibration during the whole cycle. This is to guarantee consistency of the tablets' thickness and size. 

    9.Tablet Press Ejection Cam

    Once again, just behind one of the major parts of the tablet press machine which is a compression roller you can find the ejection cam. Like the other cam tracks which are the essence of the machine. Ejection cam is the vital part of the machine.

    Without having them, it is extremely unlikely you'll get to any type of the processed tablets.

    Keep in mind, after applying the pressure which is compression. The tablet is constantly fixed inside the die frameworks that is the space among lower and upper punches.

    Section of Ejection Cam

    Anyway, what's the specific function of the discharge ir ejection cams?

    The discharge cams consistently and gradually pushes the lower punch upwards. Simultaneously, the top cams go up.

    Thus, the completely packed tablets leave the die cavity or pit, for example the packed tablet stays exactly at the highest point in the die. 

    10.Take –off blade

    The part above the feeder housing is take off blade. Just like an airplane they also help in taking off. Their principal job is to redirect the completely compacted tablets into the release chute.

    Completely compacted tablets are now ready and  should be prepared for bundling.

    The release chute, at that point guides the tablets to an assortment container. 

    I trust this article has been valuable, particularly in case, if you need to know the different pieces or parts of tablet press machines and how they work.

    11.Discharge Chute

    The release or discharge chute, at that point guides the tablets to the collector.  This is the place where the tablet goes through for assortment after coming from the take off the blade.

    12.Touch Screen Control Panel

    As you’ve seen in the 3D and technical drawings at the beginning of this article, a tablet press machine is basically an assembly of different parts. It is an electromechanical machine whose parts coordinate to perform a desired function – compress tablets.

    In this section, I will give a general overview of additional parts of tableting machines. They include: 

    It is from the touchscreen HMI system that the machine operators can control every aspect of the tablet making process. This HMI can either be attached to the main machine or exist separately.

    Quite a number of tablet compression machines that are available in the market use SIEMENS or Allen-Bradley PLC systems. However, here at SaintyCo, you mainly use SIEMENS PLC.

    Therefore, the control panel forms an integral part of these integrated computerized systems that monitor every aspect of the tableting process.

    The sealing system provides advanced dust handling capability. This isolation reduces the need to clean the machine regularly and possible cross contamination.

    13.Electric Motors, Gears and Belts

    The compression rollers, punches, dies, turret, etc. are all moving parts. This implies that the machine uses a prime mover (s).

    In this case, depending on the kind of motion we intend to create for you, we can opt for a servo motor or an induction motor.

    For example, a servo motor is a perfect choice for the filing system. This is because it is easy to control servo-motors to meet the highest degree of precision such as 0.01mm.

    However, for the pre-compression and compression stages, synchronous motors offer a better speed and control.

    Motor and Gear system of Tablet Press Machine

    Furthermore, to transmit this motion to other sections, you may use a combination of both gears and belts.

    Every tablet press machine design is such that it can accurately compensate any load variations. Even the motor can accurately start this machine, whether under maximum load or with no load.

    In short, to achieve a desired motion, you need to incorporate mechanical, hydraulic and electrical systems. Frankly, you may not go into intricate details about these systems since they are available in the technical manual of the tablet press machine.

    14.Lubrication System

    Moving parts structure indispensable segments of tablet press machine parts. Thus, to stay away from any kind of issuance or destruction because of rubbing, you need to grease up moving parts.

    Lubrication System of Tablet Press Machine

    • Lubrication framework for a press tableting machine
    • Tablet press oil framework

    A lot of tablet press machines include a focal grease framework. The machines consequently grease up moving segments. All you have to keep on doing from time to time to keep on checking that it does have the enough greasing material in the machine.

    15.Hydraulic Pump Unit

    A proficient water driven pump motor unit will help keep up the required pre pressure and also the primary weight afterwards too. The tableting process's surety of accurateness is decided because of that smoothness which it does have.

    Once more, to stay away from conceivable harm that may happen on the tablet press tooling framework, these machines are outfitted with an over-burdening defensive unit. Overloading or over burdening could be another possible reasoning of the harm. This naturally stops the machine if there should arise an occurrence of over-burden.

    Different pieces of the machine incorporate strong structure, elastic wheels (contingent upon the size of a machine), switches, LED light pointers, lockable polycarbonate bureau and cooling framework, among other little parts.


    As you  should  have noticed all above and now it obvious, there are a lot of tablet press machine parts and their plans shift depending upon the sort of machine. For example, if a tablet press machine has the more parts in that it directly affects the capacity of the machine. More parts implies the more capacity when it is compared with the less part tablet press machine used in the R&D.

    For further study about tablet press machine open this tablet press machine buying guide:  https://www.icapsulepack.com/tablet-press-machine/


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