What Is An Effervescent Tablet?

In daily life, the use of effervescent tablets is becoming more and more common. However, what is an effervescent tablet? Unlike tablets, effervescent tablets are tablets that are not swallowed directly. They are often dissolved in water and then taken.


Effervescent Tablet-sourced: zitomer

Effervescent tablets have a long history and have many benefits. It can be used both as a disease treatment and as a health supplement. This post will explain clearly about how to understand the effervescent tablets and how to make them. Let's learn together!

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    1.What Is An Effervescent Tablet?


    Effervescent Tablet-sourced: zitomer

    Effervescent tablets are tablets designed to be dissolved in water before being taken. It is an uncoated tablet that quickly decomposes and releases carbon dioxide substances after reacting with water to form a carbonated liquid, which is convenient for patients to take.

    Effervescent tablets usually contain reagents that can release carbon dioxide, including sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate, or reagents that can induce the release of carbon dioxide, including adipic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, ascorbic acid, fumaric acid, maleic acid, and succinic acid, or citric acid, etc.

    2.What Is Effervescent Tablet Used For?

    Effervescent tablets are used for a wide range of purposes. At present, effervescent tablets are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, health products, solid beverages, pet drugs and other fields.

    Pharmaceutical Industry


    Pharmaceutical Industry-sourced: meijer

    Effervescent tablets are often used for medicines formulated to be digested, medicines that cause gastric or esophageal irritation (such as aspirin), medicines that are sensitive to moisture or pH (such as antibiotics or large-molecule drugs), medicines in doses that cannot be swallowed, or medicines that cannot be swallowed.

    Common pharmaceutical effervescent tablets include cold and fever effervescent tablets, antiviral effervescent tablets, etc.

    Food Industry


    Food Industry-sourced: amazing grass

    Effervescent tablets are widely used in the food industry for solid beverage processing and as additives in cooking. Many solid beverages attract users in the form of effervescent tablets, including fruit and vegetable effervescent tablets, tea effervescent tablets, honey effervescent tablets, VC effervescent tablets, ginkgo effervescent tablets, etc.

    Health Supplement Industry


    Health Supplement Industry-sourced: heb

    There are many types of health care effervescent tablets with good effects, including vitamin C effervescent tablets, trace element supplement effervescent tablets, mineral effervescent tablets, super-food effervescent tablets, etc.

    Pet Drug Industry


    Pet Drug Industry-sourced: jingling

    Nowadays, more and more pet industries are adopting effervescent tablets, including pet disinfection effervescent tablets, pet mite removal effervescent tablets, pet nutrition effervescent tablets, pet calcium effervescent tablets, and pet probiotic effervescent tablets, etc.

    3.What Are The Forms And Types Of Effervescent Tablets?

    Currently, there are two main forms of effervescent tablets in the market: oral and external forms.

    Oral Forms:


    Oral Effervescent Tablets-sourced: sambucolusa

    Oral forms are mainly of two types: medicinal and health-care effervescent tablets. The medicinal type is mainly used to treat colds, infections and other conditions, such as aspirin effervescent tablets, acetaminophen effervescent tablets.

    Health supplements are mainly vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C effervescent tablets, multi-dimensional effervescent tablets, calcium supplement effervescent tablets, etc.

    External Forms:


    External Effervescent Tablets-sourced: Rotekt1740

    External effervescent tablets are mainly used to treat gynecological inflammation, such as diazoltide effervescent tablets, metronidazole vaginal effervescent tablets.

    Depends on the composition of the raw materials, effervescent tablets can be divided into four categories: tea effervescent tablets, fruit and vegetable effervescent tablets, vitamin effervescent tablets, and trace element supplement effervescent tablets:

    Tea Effervescent Tablets


    Tea Effervescent Tablets-sourced: 8greens

    Tea effervescent tablets refer to effervescent tablets made by mixing tea leaves with various Chinese herbal medicines. It can aid digestion, promote gastric juice secretion, promote food digestion, and improve gastrointestinal digestion.

    Fruit and Vegetable Effervescent Tablets


    Fruit and Vegetable Effervescent Tablets-sourced: 8greens

    Fruit and vegetable effervescent tablets are made by extracting natural ingredients from various vegetables and fruits. It can supplement various active enzymes for the human body, promote digestion, eliminate intestinal toxins, and dissolve and burn body fat.

    Vitamin Effervescent Tablets


    Vitamin Effervescent Tablets-sourced: richesm

    Vitamin effervescent tablets contain a large amount of vitamins, which can enhance human immunity and resistance, and are used to prevent and treat various acute and chronic infectious diseases or other diseases.

    Supplement Effervescent Tablets


    Supplement Effervescent Tablets-sourced: nuun

    Supplement effervescent tablets can supplement the human body's trace elements zinc, calcium, iron, selenium, etc., which can improve the body's resistance and enhance disease resistance. At the same time, it can also solve the symptoms of partial eclipse and anorexia in children.

    4.What Are The Benefits For Taking Effervescent Tablets?

    In addition to being able to replace normally used tablets and pills, effervescent tablets have many advantages over ordinary tablets:

    Suitable For Patients With Swallow Difficulty


    Suitable For Patients With Swallow Difficulty -sourced: topupnutrition

    Unlike ordinary tablets, effervescent tablets need to be mixed with an appropriate amount of water when used. Wait until the effervescent tablet is completely dissolved before taking it. Therefore, effervescent tablets are very suitable for patients with dysphagia or the elderly.

    Suitable For Children


    Suitable For Children-sourced: T&D

    Effervescent tablets will produce bubbles and emit a pleasant smell during use, which can attract children to take them and help the medicine enter the stomach faster, thereby being absorbed into the blood and ultimately exerting an effective effect.

    Increase Drug Bioavailability


    Increase Drug Bioavailability-sourced: wellbeingnutrition

    In the process of taking effervescent tablets, it helps to reduce the irritation of drugs such as aspirin on the lining of the stomach. Because the drug is diluted a lot before it enters the stomach, rather than being concentrated at a fixed point in the stomach like tablets and capsules.

    Gentle on the Stomach


    Gentle on the Stomach-sourced: getnourished

    Effervescent tablets come in a variety of flavors and are gentler on the patient’s stomach. Compared with other dosage forms, it has higher bioavailability, high patient compliance and fast onset of effect.

    Improve Absorption Rate

    Effervescent tablets deliver an accurate amount of drug into the gastrointestinal tract, and the carbon dioxide during the reaction increases the penetration of active substances into the paracellular pathway, thereby increasing their absorption rate.

    5.Are There AnyDrawbacks Of Effervescent Tablets?

    Effervescent tablets also have some drawbacks. You can decide whether to use effervescent tablets as your own treatment method based on your personal situation.

    Might Be Harmful to People With High Blood Pressure


    Might Be Harmful to People With High Blood Pressure-sourced: thumbor

    Effervescent tablets contain a large amount of alkaline salt (sodium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate) dissolved gas excipients, which may increase the patient's blood pressure. Therefore, patients with underlying diseases such as hypertension should use effervescent agents with caution.

    Not Suitable for Kidney Stone Patients


    Not Suitable for Kidney Stone Patients-sourced: onlymyhealth

    Because people with kidney stone disease have high levels of calcium in their blood, their urine contains many stones. The effervescent tablets contain a large amount of calcium, which is not suitable for patients with kidney stones.

    Easily Used As a Drink Substitute


    Easily Used As a Drink Substitute-sourced: batonrougeclinic

    After the effervescent tablets are dissolved, they form a delicious solution that is easy for people to use as a drink. It may cause patients to overdose on the medicine contained in the effervescent tablets, causing adverse effects on the body.

    Cannot Be Taken At the Same Time As Other Medicines


    Cannot Be Taken At the Same Time As Other Medicines-sourced: ncbi

    Fever-reducing effervescent tablets should not be used together with other paracetamol-containing medicines as this may lead to overdose.

    High Storage Environment Requirements

    Effervescent tablets need to be stored in a dry environment, so for tropical countries, the storage of effervescent tablets will increase technical means and costs. If effervescent tablets are stored improperly, chemical reactions may occur, reducing quality, and even causing harm due to moisture absorption.

    Might Cause Side Effects


    Might Cause Side Effects-sourced: epilepsyu

    Some effervescent tablets are rich in vitamin C and calcium. Excessive consumption can cause side effects such as diarrhea, kidney stones, constipation, nausea, and bone pain. Cause harm to the body.

    Complex and High Cost Production


    Complex and High Cost Production-sourced: quickbooks

    Effervescent tablets have the advantages of novel dosage forms, good taste, high bioavailability, and easy portability and transportation. But at the same time, its production process is complex, the cost is high, and the packaging requirements are strict.

    6.Can You Swallow Effervescent Tablets?

    Effervescent tablets often contain acidic substances, and carbonates or bicarbonates will quickly release carbon dioxide and improve API solubility and flavor when exposed to water.

    Therefore, the best way to use effervescent tablets is to dissolve the entire tablet or an appropriate amount in a glass of water and wait for the tablet to dissolve before use.

    Note: The effervescent tablet cannot be crushed or swallowed directly like other ordinary oral medications.

    Why you can not swallow effervescent tablets? Because:

    Easy To Be Stuck In Throat


    Easy To Be Stuck In Throat-sourced: consumerlab

    The shape of effervescent tablets is larger than ordinary tablets. If swallowed, the tablets can get stuck in the throat, causing life-threatening consequences.

    Difficult to Dissolve


    Difficult to Dissolve-sourced: lifevisionhealthcare

    Effervescent tablets contain ingredients such as sodium. If the patient takes the effervescent tablet directly, the sodium organophosphate may not be completely dissolved, which affects the intestinal absorption of the drug ingredients in the effervescent tablet and is not conducive to the patient's absorption of the active ingredients.

    Affect Lung Function

    Effervescent tablets contain ingredients such as bicarbonate. If you swallow the effervescent tablet directly, the bicarbonate may directly dissolve in the mouth, increasing the gas content in the mouth and easily affecting the lung ventilation function.

    Affect the Activity of Effective Substances


    Affect the Activity of Effective Substances-sourced: making

    The design principle of effervescent tablets is to release active ingredients by reacting with water. If swallowed directly, it will affect the release of the active ingredients in the effervescent tablet.

    Irritating the Mouth

    After oral administration of effervescent tablets, gas may be produced in the human oral cavity, irritating the oral mucosal tissue and easily causing damage to the oral mucosal tissue cells, causing pain, redness and other symptoms.

    7.Who Should Not Take Effervescent Tablets?

    Even though effervescent tablets can bring great convenience and efficacy to patients, it should also be noted that not many people can take effervescent tablets. Some people who should avoid using effervescent tablets include:

    Hypertensive Patients


    Hypertensive Patients-sourced: hospitalpharmacyeurope

    Effervescent tablets usually contain a large amount of sodium, which can increase the patient's blood pressure and are not suitable for patients with hypertension. Moreover, excessive consumption of effervescent tablets may increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

    Kidney Stone Patients


    Kidney Stone Patients-sourced: metropolisindia

    Effervescent tablets contain organic acids and sodium bicarbonate, which are acidic substances. Long-term overdose may increase the metabolic burden on the liver and kidneys, causing liver and kidney damage and chronic liver disease. , or risks such as kidney stones.



    Diabetics-sourced: assets

    Effervescent vitamin tablets contain a large amount of sucrose, which may cause blood sugar to rise in people with diabetes.

    Children Under 6 Years Old

    Children under 6 years old are not suitable to use effervescent tablets. Children's gastrointestinal tract is not fully developed, and effervescent tablets contain acid enzymes, which will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid after dissolution, thereby affecting gastrointestinal function.

    People With Bad Teeth


    People With Bad Teeth-sourced: encrypted

    When effervescent tablets dissolve, they will produce bubbles and acidic substances, which can easily irritate gums and damage teeth.

    8.What Are The Differences Between Effervescent Tablets And Tablets?

    There are very clear differences and boundaries between effervescent tablets and tablets. In daily life, you can choose the same effect if you choose. Refer to the table below to understand how you should choose between effervescent tablets and tablets with the same efficacy:

    Effervescent Tablets Tablets
    Meaning l A tablet designed to be dissolved in water before being taken; l The oral solid unit dosage form as medication;
    Administration l Needs to be dissolved in water before being taken; l Just swallow it directly;
    Element l Contains effervescent disintegrants and acidic substances such as carbonates or bicarbonates; l Mainly made of starch, sugar, etc;
    Function l Relieves indigestion, supplement vitamins and minerals, replenish electrolytes;

    l Improves body immunity;

    l Supplements nutrition, promoting digestion, relieving constipation;

    l Assists in the treatment of diseases, and promoting metabolism;

    Disintegration l Quickly disintegrate when placed in water before oral administration, releasing a large amount of carbon dioxide gas. The general disintegration time limit is about 1-5 minutes; l After oral administration, the drug is released after slow disintegration and dissolution in the gastrointestinal tract. The disintegration time is about 15-60 minutes;
    Effectiveness l Reduces the residence time and irritation of drugs in the gastrointestinal tract;

    l Facilitates drug absorption and utilization;

    l Residence time in the gastrointestinal tract is relatively long;
    Absorption l Disintegrated and dissolved in vitro.

    l After oral administration, the liquid is distributed over a large area in the gastrointestinal tract and is absorbed into the bloodstream through the gastrointestinal tract in about 10-30 minutes;

    l After oral administration, it disintegrates in the stomach, and the drug slowly dissolves;

    l Absorbed into the blood through the gastrointestinal tract. It takes 2-3 hours to reach effective blood concentration;

    Onset Speed l Few side effects;

    l Has quick and efficient effects;

    l Has a certain impact on the gastrointestinal tract;

    l Has a slow onset of action;

    Adverse Reactions l Relatively mild; l May irritate the gastrointestinal tract;

    l Cause adverse reactions such as abdominal pain and stomachache;

    Features l Has rapid onset of action, good taste and high bioavailability;

    l Improve clinical efficacy;

    l Can be taken orally directly;

    l Easy to carry, transport and store;

    Shortcoming l Can be taken only after it is dissolved and cannot be swallowed directly; l Some tablet types cannot be broken and taken;

    9.Why Choose An Effervescent Tablet Over A pill?

    Still wondering whether to use effervescent tablets or tablets? Let us summarize why effervescent tablets are more popular:

    High Patient Compliance

    Effervescent tablets allow the administration of larger doses than traditional tablets. No swallowing is required, thus improving compliance in elderly and pediatric patients.

    Fast Absorption


    Fast Absorption-sourced: ncbi

    Effervescent tablets begin to dissolve by the time they reach the stomach, so they can be absorbed more efficiently.

    Good Taste


    Good Taste-sourced: abs

    Effervescent tablets will produce bubbles and acidic substances after dissolving, which can well cover up the bitter taste of the medicine, making it easier for patients to accept it.

    Essential Hydration


    Essential Hydration-sourced: Essential Elements

    Dissolving the effervescent tablets in water before taking them can replenish the body's water well and help increase the patient's fluid intake.

    Convenient For Patients Who Cannot Swallow

    For patients who are unable to swallow or have dysphagia, dissolving effervescent tablets in water before taking them is a good alternative.

    Get Rid of Pill Fatigue


    Get Rid Of Pill Fatigue-sourced: assets

    When you take too many medications, you may experience "pill fatigue." Children and the elderly, in particular, will be resistant to taking medication. The choice of effervescent tablets can help them enjoy "taking medicine" while drinking water.

    Fixed Dosage

    Before taking effervescent tablets, dissolve them in water to obtain a fixed dose. This makes it easier for patients to control the dosage of medication. This avoids overdosing.

    10.How To Make Effervescent Tablets?

    The production process of effervescent tablets is more complicated than that of ordinary tablets. The principle of its production process is to mix powdered raw materials and carefully moisten the mixture with solvent, then granulate and dry it.

    Its manufacturing process requires strict control of ambient temperature and humidity to prevent the raw materials from absorbing moisture, thereby triggering an effervescent reaction.

    Ingredients For Preparing Effervescent Tablets


    Ingredients For Preparing Effervescent Tablets-sourced: biocaro

    Acids: Citric acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, adipic acid and fumaric acid, etc.;

    Alkali: Sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, trisodium bicarbonate, etc.;

    Sweeteners: Mannitol, aspartame, sucrose.

    Binder: Starch paste

    Others: Lubricants, flavors, fillers;

    Make Effervescent Tablets By Hand:


    Make Effervescent Tablets By Hand-sourced: manufacturingchemist

    Raw and Auxiliary Materials Crushing

    Tools will be used to crush the raw materials and auxiliary materials. This step can increase the final disintegration speed of the product;


    Crush the raw materials and auxiliary materials and then screen them to remove impurities and larger particles to obtain fine raw materials and auxiliary materials;


    Use tools or a mixer to mix all crushed and sieved materials evenly;

    Dosage Form Determination

    Use experiments to optimize formulas and determine the best effervescent tablet formula;

    Lubricant Selection

    Check and constantly adjust the effect of the lubricant, choose the most suitable lubricant to observe the effect of pressure;

    Tablet Pressing

    After uniformly mixing the determined raw materials and excipient formula, press into tablets; (pour into a silicone mold and compact, then let it sit for about 5 hours)

    Make Effervescent Tablets With Effervescent Tablet Press Machine: 


    Effervescent Tablet Press Machine

    The most common and widely used machine for making effervescent tablets is effervescent tablet press machine. This machine can press granular raw materials into tablets. It is mainly used for tablet production of effervescent tablets, aromatic tablets, washing blocks and other tablets with difficult mold release.

    Working Principle of Effervescent Tablet Press Machine:


    Working Principle of Effervescent Tablet Press Machine-sourced: natoli

    • Loading the powder or raw martial into the hopper;
    • The materials will go from the hopper into the die cavity;
    • The adjustment of lower punch is done to measure the accurate volume of powder;
    • After the powder is being measured, the scrapper is used to get rid of excess material;
    • The removal pressure force is raised by the upper punch;
    • The lower punch will is moved upward to eject the tablet which is moved to discharge chute, and moved downward to next cycle;
    • After the powder being pressed into the tablets, they will be ejected;


    Effervescent tablets now become a great alternative to regular tablets in our lives. Through this what is an effervescent tablet post, you can learn about the pros and cons of various effervescent tablets. Are you considering which effervescent tablets manufacturing and packaging equipment to use? Don't hesitate to contact us now!

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