Analysizing Pharmaceutical Machinery Design Development Deficiencies and Improvement Direction


Drugs are special commodities related to human health and safety, which need to go through a series of certification before market circulation, which also requires strict control in all aspects of drug production.

In the equipment link, the quality of drugs produced by pharmaceutical enterprises depends on the scientific and technological level of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment.

Therefore, the design and development of pharmaceutical machinery is particularly important.

In recent years, with the development of pharmaceutical machinery and the improvement of design level, it has effectively promoted the upgrading of China's pharmaceutical industry and brought good news for people's life and health.

But at present, there are still some deficiencies in the design and development of domestic pharmaceutical machinery. This paper makes a brief analysis of this.

Analysizing Pharmaceutical Machinery Design

First, security. The quality of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment is closely related to the safety of drugs.

In the process of drug production, if there are equipment failures or pollution problems, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment, and even affect the safety of patients.

In recent years, with the industry's stricter supervision, drug production safety problems have been exposed frequently, which has aroused great concern in the industry.

For drug machine designers, in the design and manufacturing of pharmaceutical machinery, drug production safety should be fully considered, so as to ensure the efficient application of mechanical equipment.

Analysizing Pharmaceutical Machinery Design 2

Second, to prevent cross contamination. The design of some pharmaceutical machinery often has shortcomings in cross contamination prevention and cleaning. For example, although the cleaning machine designed by a pharmaceutical machinery enterprise meets the requirements of on-line cleaning, on-line sterilization, on-line drying, automatic discharge and other functions in the macro design, the rotating parts of the cleaning machine are bound to cause pollution due to friction in the cleaning fluid.

In this regard, in the design process, researchers should pay attention to the problem of cross pollution, in-depth understanding of the knowledge structure, strengthen communication with users to avoid pollution.

Thirdly, in terms of equipment installation and debugging, many pharmaceutical machinery enterprises often make some small mistakes in the process of debugging and installation, resulting in rework of design, affecting the effect of equipment research and development, and delaying the production date of equipment.

Therefore, pharmaceutical machinery enterprises need to improve the pharmaceutical equipment installation process, which is of great significance to enhance the research and development efficiency of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment.

Fourthly, in terms of private customized services, pharmaceutical machinery enterprises can improve their profits and competitiveness by providing customized services for users, and create products that meet their own needs. But in the actual operation process, due to the different needs of different customers, equipment requirements are also different, such a customized mode will greatly reduce the production efficiency of pharmaceutical machinery design and development enterprises.

Analysizing Pharmaceutical Machinery Design 3

For this problem, the industry believes that enterprises need to strengthen communication with users, while meeting customer needs, take a series of measures to improve enterprise production efficiency, so as to enhance the common benefits of both sides.

Fifthly, in terms of intellectual property protection, intellectual property is the key for enterprises to ensure their own core technology and rights. As pharmaceutical machinery industry is a technology intensive industry, a large number of intellectual property issues are often involved in the design and development process, so enterprises need to attach great importance to intellectual property issues in the design and development stage.

At the present stage, the knowledge of intellectual property rights of pharmaceutical manufacturers is still insufficient. Due to the low market threshold and the difficulty of supervision, many bad manufacturers exploit loopholes and steal the intellectual achievements of others, which seriously hinders the overall development level of the industry.

Under the background of accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry and the growth of fixed asset investment, the pharmaceutical machinery industry is expected to usher in new opportunities and develop from the low end to the middle and high end. In this context, pharmaceutical machinery enterprises should pay more attention to the intellectual property protection of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment to safeguard their own interests.

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