Choosing the Right Folding Carton for Your Packaging Need


Folding carton packaging is an incredible choice that not only holds the product but offers several benefits for your business. It is a suitable way to communicate your messages to end-user and indicates the position of your product. Everything from food to pharma, from chemicals to toys, from beverages to cosmetics, etc., comes in folding carton packaging.

This article is created to explore basic points for Choosing the Right Folding Carton for Your Packaging Need.

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    1. A Folding Carton- A Great Packaging Option


    Many of you might wonder about the term ‘folding carton’ but let me tell you this packaging option is utilized in the packaging industry since the 19th century. The term ‘Folding Carton’ refers to a box that is created from paperboard.

    An aesthetically appealing prototypical folding carton offers a visionary alluring box of eatable, tissues or paintings. Folding carton helps hold the large retail products you see on a store's shelves.
    Before we discuss their characteristics and types- let’s talk about the great packaging options it offers.

    • Promotes Unique Packaging

    folding cartons with different shapes and sizes

    Folding cartons are highly versatile and can be molded into different shapes and sizes according to the company’s needs. The front side of the box can be used for graphic designing and printing the brand’s logo, thus giving the company an option to promote its product which will attract customers and increase sales.

    • Printable Display Options

    Printable cartons

    An innovative printable variety creates incredible product displaying options along with safety, easy transportation, and distribution to end-users. All types of paperboard or cardstock which is a heavy folding material can be flexibly cut, and formed into a stable folding carton to protect your goods with no stress.

    • Clever Structural  Designs

    box cartons

    The folding carton must be eye-catching and structurally pleasing! This should be designed in a way that compels the consumers to grab more quickly.

    Due to the high versatility of thin paperboard, you can manufacture multiple special designs into your folding cartons. Such as hot foil stamping, embossed art, or windowing. You can also process lamination, or mount labels during manufacturing.

    • Anti-Counterfeiting by E-Commerce


    Recently, anyone can sophisticatedly disguise you from the original products you look for! Roughly estimated 600 billion USD valued products are being counterfeited each year. Isn’t shocking? This problem not only puts you at high risk but the entire company, and affects the consumer’s trust.

    Don’t worry! Folding carton innovative packaging solutions are partnered with brands to generate an anti-counterfeit solution to maintain product integrity. Using the color-shifting technique, tamper-evident closures, holographic labels, water-marking, etc are the adopted solution against criminal branding.

    • Moisture and Shock Absorber

    Anti-Counterfeiting by E-Commerce(1)

    Folding cartons are ideal when it comes to the protection of your product!
    Medicines should be handled with extreme care as they are very delicate and would degrade if they come into contact with heat and water. Due to this, folding cartons are thermally insulated and prevent moisture absorption, making them water-resistant.

    • Product Synergy


    Whether in emails, online, or the shopping aisle, consumers must be targeted with consistent ideas and branding subconsciously. Such action hit the affinity and attention of consumers toward a particular brand. Folding cartons and their messages collaterals must be of premium quality.  To understand and achieve this, manufacturers must opt for durable folding cartons where decorative elements don’t fade during transportation or rough climatic conditions.

    2. Selection of Folding Carton- What Benefits It Must Offer?

    yellow cartons

    • Easy to Grab!
      medecine cartons

    There are several products that do not require special consideration before use. For instance, if you talk about medicines, you’ll find many products that are available over the counter requiring no prescriptions. You can just get it from the market while finding the display on the shelf! The folding carton made it easy for you to pick your required product without extra- effort.

    • Distinguish & Economical


    Distinguished and customized packaging is always helpful in making your product more compatible and unique from the competing brand.

    If your packaging is expensive it turns into high medicinal cost- that’s not your target!

    A folding carton offers affordability and reduces overall medicinal costs, they do not require much labor and their manufacturing cost is quite cheap. Furthermore, buying them in bulk reduces their cost price altogether.
    It makes it different from other brands so it is easy for a customer to try your product.

    • Important Information

    After unique and affordability; folding carton benefits you by ensuring all relevant information is mentioned on it. Such as nutritional information, drug side effects, drug indications, dosage, product temperature requirements, manufacturing date, and expiry date, etc.

    • Product Quality Preserveness


    Having unique characteristics and information on the folding carton is not what you exactly get. You must keep in mind your packaging selection must offer a way to preserve your product against moisture, light, temperature, shock, air, etc., Yes, the folding carton must be benefitted by offering customized, good designed, and fresh products.

    • ECO- Friendly Folding Cartons

    ECO- Friendly Folding Cartons

    A folding carton is not only a printable high-quality box but also featured customized, reusable, and environmentally friendly since they are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. They do not lose their original properties and are more economical.
    Then why not opting this packaging option?

    You must play your professional part in protecting global warming by using recyclable cartons in your packaging lines. Thus, you can buy recycled folding cartons without any hesitation as they are cheaper and prevent wastage costs.

    • Easy Transportation & Distribution

    These boxes are really strong and provide cushion to the products they are carrying during shipping and handling especially delicate goods like medicines which need extreme care. This is an extremely important point since the medicines will be protected and will prevent them from any damage, thus saving the company from bearing any damage costs and ensuring a high-profit margin.

    They do not require much space when they are being transported from one place to another since they can be flattened out and can be stacked up together, reducing transportation costs.

    3. The Common Types & Styles of Folding Cartons- From Ordinary to Extra- Ordinary

    Common Types of Folding Cartons

    Common Types of Folding Cartons

    One can extensively categorize cartons into two broad types folding cartons and rigid cartons. However, a ‘folding carton’ is classified into:

    TYPE 1: Paperboard Folding Carton


    These folding cartons are formed from a single layer of paperboard. Paperboard folding cartons are used for packaging retail products. These are also known as cardstock boxes.

    TYPE 2: Corrugated Folding Carton


    These are created from a ridged layer of cardboard which is sandwiched between two layered cardboard papers. The ridged layer with air columns imparts increased strength to this carton type. A corrugated folding carton is made for shipping purposes.

    TYPE 3: Collapsible Rigid Carton


    They are also called foldable rigid boxes and are made from a greyboard or duplex board.

    Common Styles of Folding Cartons

    • Reverse Tuck End


    These are some of the most convenient and easy-to-use kinds of cartons. They have two closing panels, one on the front panel and the other on the rear panel. These boxes are provided by slit ends to hold the closing panels in place. They are ideal for light and medium-weight products and can be customized according to the company’s needs.

    • Straight Tuck End


    These cartons are similar to reverse tuck end ones with the exception that both the closing flaps are on the front panels. They are more aesthetically pleasing, hence are perfect to use for cosmetic and luxury products.

    • Lock Bottom Cartons


    Often referred to as 1-2-3 cartons, they’re ideal to use for heavy-weight items since they are provided with interlocked closing flaps on the base. Additional flaps can be added to the base on customization, making them stronger. However, they require more assembly than the tuck-end style ones.

    • Crash Bottom Cartons ( Auto Lock Bottom Cartons)


    These cartons have a pre-glued base which automatically closes when squeezed they can be quickly assembled in a few seconds. They have a really strong base to hold heavy items like electronics equipment etc. however they are relatively more expensive than the other types of cartons.

    • Top Tuck Cartons


    They have one opening from the top and a closing flap at the bottom. They do not require gluing and thus can be quickly assembled. They are ideal for cosmetics and food items like candies and cakes which require a distance of the product from the top to prevent their contact.

    • Five Panel Hanger Tab CartonsFive-Panel-Hanger-Tab-Cartons

    These cartons have five folding panels glued together and their main characteristic is the addition of a hanger at the top which can be used to hang the box anywhere. They are perfect to promote a brand and gain a customer’s attention.

    4. Your Goals for Folding Carton Packaging

    Folding Carton Packaging

    As a starting, you must assess what kind of packaging and style you need. For this, you should look at the formulation that you’re selling. After understanding, you can decide kind of packaging for instance, for nutritional bars the best approach is to opt for display cartons.

    Therefore you must ask yourself below following questions that will help you in achieving the best production goals.

    • Type of product- Fragile, Liquid, Powdered?
    • Are you producing perishable products?
    • Do you have multiple types in your production line? What should be the size and shape of the packaging?
    • Do you run a small or large production line? If yes, keep considering different packaging styles, sizes, and designs.
    • What should be the material of the packaging line?
    • Do you have specific printing, varnishing, and lamination in mind?

    Besides the following factors, you must keep rates and volume capacity to achieve packaging goals for better sale outcomes.

    5. Your Budget- Get Premium Packaging at Reduced Cost

    Budget- Get Premium Packaging in Reduced Cost
    Product packaging enhances the appearance of your products and aids in catching the eye of consumers. Striking and attractive packaging plays a significant role in consumer buying decisions. Nevertheless, decreasing cost should not translate into comprising product quality.

    There are various cost-effective ways to manufacture superior quality packaging which builds your brand name and fulfills your customer demands.
    Some ways are discussed for your understanding.

    • Packaging Materials

    Packaging Materials

    Finding the optimal raw materials and structure for your personalized brand cartons ensures your merchandise success. This boosts your product appearance and creates a unique identity for your brand.

    Minimizing your carton dimensions so that they are the right fit for your smallest-sized merchandise will not only save you money but also ensure product safety.

    • Folding Boxes- A Way to Create Cost-effective Box


    When you want to manufacture premium packaging but do not have enough money for it then go for folding boxes. These cartons are made of paperboard which is fairly priced and also this material is best for printing. This is the way to create the premium packaging that you desire.

    These folding cartons help in building a positive image of your product without burdening your purse.

    • Printing Budget

    Printing Budget

    You can save money on printing depending upon the number of your ordered cartons.

    Two printing types- offset and digital printing- are budget-friendly options over one.

    For a small batch of cartons digital printing is your safest bet but if you are producing a larger volume of cartons then go for offset printing. This is the mean of keeping printing expenses low while maintaining good packaging quality.

    • Selecting the Right Manufacturing Company

    Selecting Right Manufacturing Company

    Making the right choice in manufacturer selection goes a long way in decreasing your budget. A good producer has credibility, skills, and certification when it comes to designing cartons.

    Investing in the right cartons makes your purchase worthwhile as these cartons appeal to customers and protect your products.

    Furthermore, if you choose a domestic manufacturer then you do not have to spend much on the shipment of your order.

    6. What Is Your Packaging Product- Is Folding Carton Suitable for Sensitive Products?


    Yes, absolutely folding cartons are suitable for packing sensitive products. With the advancement in technology, Brand owners are using new materials for packaging pharmaceutical, beauty, and personal care products.

    Now double wall construction and cushioning flaps in cartons are used for protecting the product against shock, impact, and vibration. These are excellent for the packaging of liquid vials and sterile glass ampoules in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Furthermore, for the packaging of sensitive powders and granules such as organic seeds, herbicides, and antibiotic powders, folding boxes with integrated layers are used. These provide complete protection against moisture, oxidative stress, odor, and light.


    We know it is not possible to find a folding carton box that has all properties you need. Maybe you want a straight tuck with a five-panel hanger with some cuts, coated or laminated, etc., The Good News! We offer endless folding cartons styles and know the way to create. In this article, you’ve learned simple and basic types from scratch.  Yes, we know the solution! Our team of experts is always available to support you and offers free consultations on the types of equipment involved in creating folding cartons in your budget. It's time to grow your business with us. All you need to get in touch with us by sending us a short message. It’s time to Discover Now!

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