Top 10 Challenges in Carton Packaging Production & How to Overcome Them

Carton Packaging

Three out of five industries are facing challenges in carton packaging production. Even though, many of them are unaware of how to avoid and deal with those problems. Having a greater experience in pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing, we’re here to discuss the current challenges and their urgency to manage. However, we closely and continuously evaluate the packaging challenges and our solution that will help you in achieving advanced goals.

Let’s take a closer look at ‘Top 10 Challenges In Carton Packaging Production & How To Overcome Them’, we will cover the mandatory steps you look for!

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    Challenge #1: Managing Greater Protection of Goods

    Managing Greater Protection of Goods

    Regarding breakable items which must be shipped, use a box with a higher level of strength than other packing. Delicate items must be shipped with consideration and protection. Keep them secured, so they won’t shift within the container and cause damage to the product. You also must consider the environmental impact of your product’s packaging. Reusable materials are always a better choice than single-use plastics and cardboard.

    Managing Greater Protection of Goods-1

    Challenge #2: Brand Recognition

    This is important for two reasons. First, if your product is easy to identify, it will likely be purchased more often. Second, if you have to read the product packaging, you likely have a smaller target audience. This is essential when you’re looking to grow your brand in new markets. Customers frequently purchase products based on their emotions, not logic. Therefore, it is crucial to deliver the right message.

    Challenge # 3: Carton Designing for Temperature-Sensitive Goods

    Carton Designing for Temperature-Sensitive Goods

    Shipment and transport of temperature-sensitive goods such as medication, food and beverage products can have a serious health risk when they are not transport at the requisite temperature. This happens because these items are vulnerable to temperature alterations which have significant effect on drug effectiveness, lower the expiry date, and facilitate the growth of microbes.

    • For controlling the temperature of heat prone substances, carton manufacturers use insulated coolers, water blankets, ice packs, and dry ice. These goods are packaged inside cardboard cartons since they work best for storing product with insulated box liners and gel packs. On the other hand, wooden boxes are used for packing frozen products with dry ice.
    • Additional, colour-changing orthermochromic ink is employed as a means for lending the support to temperature-sensitive packaging. This gives visual sign to the retailers indicating negligence to maintain required temperature during journey.
    • Beside this, temperature sensors are also employed for keeping the products at accurate temperature while shipment.

    Challenge # 4: Sustaining Product’s Quality & Freshness

    Sustaining Product’s Quality & Freshness

    In this pollution challenged world, there is an insistent need for sustainable packaging where advance raw material, light-weight substrates and more customized designing is required for cutting down packaging waste without comprising the quality and protection aspect of cartons.

    • Sustainability requires reducing carbon footprint as much as possible and this also necessities the reuse of packaging. This is the way of not only accommodating demands of today but also anticipating the packaging needs of the future.
    • Moreover, cartons that do not meet sustainability regulations usually fail to catch the eye of ecosystem-conscious consumers.
    • Nevertheless, a good sustainable packaging should be able to keep the inside product fresh throughout its expiration period. Sterility is essential in the pharmaceutical and food industry.

    Challenge #5: High Demand for Bespoke Carton Packaging

    High Demand for Bespoke Carton

    With the increase in competition and focus on customer experience, businesses are looking for ways to improve their offerings and stand out from the competition. Providing details and information on your packaging, such as the type of glue used, will help your customers better understand why your products are better than your competitors. Providing an experience, such as customized glue (varying according to different products) for your customer's needs, will help them feel like your business was built just for them.

    Challenge #6: One-Time Orders

    One-Time Orders

    One of the common challenges facing manufacturing industries is one-time orders. Many carton packages offer their consumers the option to place orders not lesser than a hundred or thousands of boxes. For manufacturers, customers are important as well as good relationships. So, it is of prime importance to value customers and have the possibility to accept orders with minimum quantity also. Small series carton packaging means you must have faster production capacity with a high changeover rate.

    • You must have a carton packaging machine adapted to folder glue in order to attain maximum speed and better efficiency.
    • For this you can consider horizontal mode that slides the boxes into cases and deal small to large runs devoid physical strain on operators.

    Challenge #7: Urgent and Last-Minute Orders

    Urgent and Last-Minute Orders

    Urgent and last-minute orders are the source of ever-growing tension for carton manufacturers. They understand the importance of urgent requests but also hate them. In most cases, these calls come at the end of the day when you are least expecting them- and you have to deliver the shipment in next morning.

    For handling these eleventh-hour orders and decreasing your stress level, you require a cartoning machine that is efficient, fast and has a high productivity rate. This increases your work capability to a level that the human workforce cannot achieve.

    Challenge #8: Low Production Cost & High Productivity

    Low Production Cost & High Productivity

    For decades, packaging manufacturers and brand owners are fighting the battle of cutting packaging costs. They want better quality tailor-made packages that offer topmost protection without spending more money. Lower expenses mean more profit mark-up which in turn translates into business growth and happy bosses. How can they reduce expenses while increasing productivity?

    The operational cost is significantly decreased by cutting down non-profitable procedures,

    • By increasing your equipment efficiency, by bringing down a number of workforce per shift, and last but not least by increasing your cartoning machine automation.
    • Partial or complete automation of cartoners drastically boosts your productivity by decreasing human supervision and error rate during packaging consequently this leads to higher business revenue.
    • Besides this, you can lower your expenses by redesigning your packaging boxes. This means decrease raw material usage and lower packaging material purchase expenses.
    • The use of light-weight packaging material will further drive down your transport and shipment

    Challenge #9: E-Commerce & Online Purchasing- Overabundance of Packaging

    Purchasing- Overabundance of Packaging

    An overabundance in the shipment of online orders is one of the major problem faced by consumers and manufacturers. Companies consider such a packaging format that limits excessive material waste and protects your product without requiring additional containers and packing material.

    Dealing with e-commerce shipment cartons must maintain the brand’s recognition without harming the product i.e., flowers, or fresh food products. Using packaging prototypes and format iterations helps in achieving the goal.

    Challenge #10: Battling in a Competitive Market

    Competitive Market

    The cartoning packaging distribution companies are considered the most competitive market worldwide because the distributors emerging day by day offer an affordable and easily accessible solution for your products. Besides cartoning, to remain active and successful in the digital world needs digital business solutions too. For this, one must consider flexible business operation, strong supply chain networking, online procurement, excellent inventory management, technological advancement, good cartoning equipment from reliable sources, and a maintained tracking record.


    There are myriad reasons why carton packaging is mandatory for a successful business. For good business, you must be aware of the above-mentioned challenges too. Companies should consider how to eliminate such issues because it possibly helps in elevating sales and giving you the best output. Aipak Pharmaceuticals is a one-stop solution offering carton packaging that lines up with the trends of today’s market. You can easily produce small to large batch production, unique and attractive boxes to catch the customers and escalate the sale. Message us Right Now for More Details.

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