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BZLX-120B Full-Automatic Packing Production Line

BZLX-120B fully automatic packaging production line by DPP-260H2 fast plastic aluminum (aluminum) bubble cap packing machine, BPS full-automatic high speed pillow type packing machine for DZP-250D multifunctional, WZH-120 automatic horizontal loading box machine and weighing machine, production line equipment in the independent PLC control system of flexible adjustment, stable and reliable performance, and with the United States Bonner visual detection system, real-time monitoring of the material filling and filling of incomplete and defective material drug version and eliminated, the pillow bag 1-3 edition package at any time to adjust, loading machine box packaging, real-time monitoring and equipped with weighing machine strictly monitor the qualified rate of the packaged goods.


  1. The production line adopts an independent control system, with operation and maintenance flexibility.
  2. Equipment set of mechanical and electrical, gas, light integration of high tech products, to ensure the product pass rate of 100%.
  3. Hardware, software design of human nature, the whole line of automatic adjustment of production, saving waste of resources, improve production efficiency.
  4. Device transition using soft connection, the production workshop space flexible layout, the effective use of space.
  5. Equipment split packaging, transport, and more conductive to the use of the field of transport and installation.


Cartoning speed


Carton box

Quality requirement 

300-350g/m2 (base on carton size)

Dimension range

(L x W xH)




Quality requirement


Unfolded leaflet specification

(80-250)x (90-170)mm

Fold range (L X W)

1-4 fold

Compressed air

Working pressure

≥ 0.6 mpa

Air consumption

120-160 L/min


220v, 50Hz

Overall dimensions



About 1600kg



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