Medicine Carton Design

You buy medicine according to your needs for healing and caring. Facing so many different types of medicine with the same effects, which one you would pick? You must pick the most appealing and cost-effective one with the same effect, I believe.

Medicine carton design of course plays an important role in your product sales. The appetizing carton design of food and beverages will make your mouth water and induce you to get it. The attractive carton design of the cloth will stimulate your buying desire.

The appealing, nice-looking, and protective medicine cartons can benefit you a lot in an all-around way. But do you know how to type of medicine carton design, do you know how to make great medicine carton design? Check this post, you can get what you want in medicine carton design.

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    1. What Is Medicine Carton Design?

    Medicine Carton

    Medicine Carton-Sourced:cartonservice

    Medicine carton design is to design a carton, especially for pharmaceutical and medical use. As there is a higher standard in the pharmaceutical and medical industry compared with other industries, you should take extra care with its carton design.

    Medicine carton design takes much responsibility in product sales. It is the first channel your customers know your products and make their purchase decisions.

    2. The Usage Of Medicine Carton Design

    You can of course make your medicine cartons with no design, but your products with no design will experience much trouble in their later distribution and sale. Medicine carton design can have a big use on your products. Making full use of it will benefit you a lot.

    Protect products

    Medicine protecting

    Medicine Protecting-Sourced:freerbarar

    Protection is the most basic use of medicine carton design. Some medicines have no stand for moisture or light. A stable and protective medicine carton is thus essential for your product's storage and transportation.

    Appeal customers

    Appealing medicine cartons

    Appealing Medicine Cartons-Sourced:penji

    A nice medicine carton design can not only play the serving role but it can also be used as an efficient appealing tool. The shape, feature, color and so such things relative to your medicine carton appearance help your products get the first sight of customers.

    Inform customers

    Medicine carton informing

    Medicine Carton Informing-Sourced:wikipedia

    Medicine carton design includes the instruct information on cartons. The words on the medicine carton give direct instructions and tell your customers the name of the medicine, its treating range, and relative precautions to take. It also helps the selecting and deciding of your customers.

    Demonstrate your attitude

    Medicine cartons with caring

    Medicine Cartons With

    The nice medicine carton design can merge the philosophy and attitude of the manufacturer. You can be judged as more reliable and kind by adopting this and your customers are of course tend to choose the kinder manufacturer.

    Children protection

    Child Protective Medicine Carton

    Child Protective Medicine Carton-Sourced:webpackaging

    Some medicines are prohibited totally for children. You can do some things to prevent the wrong taking of medicine. The medicine carton design can help by making the special design of your medicine carton’s appearance and features, and also the carton shape.

    Promote treatment compliance

    Carton Promote treatment compliance

    Carton Promote Treatment Compliance-Sourced:westrock

    Good medicine carton design can encourage your customers to be patient and adhere to treatment. The care revealed from the package can show you reliability and kindness. The good quality shown in these aspects can persuade and comfort your customers a lot.


    anti-counterfeit medicine carton2

    Anti-Counterfeit Medicine Carton-Sourced:pharmaceuticalmanufacturer

    The current technology can make your medicine carton good anti-counterfeit methods. By adopting anti-counterfeit methods like embossing, stamping and so such methods in your medicine carton design, both your patients and you can save a lot of time, energy, and money.

    3. Types Of Medicine Carton Design

    Medicine cartons serve different kinds of products ranging from tablets to vials, the medicine carton designs of it thus must vary accordingly.

    Blister packs carton design

    Blister packs carton

    Blister Packs Carton-Sourced:stock.adobe

    Blister packs are usually packed tablets, capsules, and lozenges in different types of polymers. Medicine carton design can help in dust prevention and distribution. The blister pack changes its shape from the capsule size and number, and the carton changes size with it too.

    Sachets carton design

    Sachets carton design

    Sachets Carton Design-Sourced:shutterstock

    A sachet is a plastic bag with granules or particles. It usually fills in the carton as a group which has the smaller stick packs and bigger sachets. The unfitting of the medicine carton design can damage your medicine. You’d better make it just fit the carton size, but not stick too much.

    Suppository carton design

    Suppository carton designSuppository Carton Design-Sourced:unither-pharma

    A suppository is a small cone-shaped object which put into your body to make the effect. It gets the first package just like blister packs by plastic. It is usually packaged as two packs a carton, so you can have a relatively smaller medicine carton design for its package.

    Vial and ampoule carton design

    Vial and ampoule carton design

    Vial And Ampoule Carton Design-Sourced:lovepik

    The vial and ampoule are fragile and breakable. It needs a plastic holder to prove it is safe to transport in a carton. The medicine carton design thus needs higher stability and support. Your carton should also change its size according to the number and size of the medicine.

    Bottle carton design

    Bottle carton design-

    Bottle Carton Design-Sourced:vecteezy

    The medicine in the bottle can be liquid or solid. The liquid one is heavier for it usually adopts glasses while the solid is mostly plastic as serving light tablets and capsules. The medicine carton design is thus according to the feature, size, material of bottles, and medicine needs.

    Pre-filled syringe carton design

    Pre-filled syringes carton design

    Pre-Filled Syringes Carton Design-Sourced:alamy

    Pre-filled syringes are used for injection. It contains supporting parts and requires a wider space for its fix. Your medicine carton design thus should be bigger and have other fixed parts for it.

    4. What Material Medicine Carton Design Is Mostly Adopted?

    You can see the various prime packages like bottles, metal, and aluminum in the pharmaceutical and medical industries. But the cartons are mainly made of paperboard for its cheap, light, and stable features.

    Paperboard of medicine cartons

    • Solid bleached sulfate paperboard

    Solid Bleached Sulfate Carton

    Solid Bleached Sulfate Carton-Sourced:indiamart

    Solid bleached sulfate(SBS) is a virgin fiber grade of paperboard. It has a clay mineral coated on its top surface though it’s made mainly from the bleached wooden pulp.

    It is easy for printing on colors and easy for cutting, creasing, stamping, and embossing. Thus widely welcomed in medicine carton usage.

    • Solid unbleached sulfate paperboard

    Solid Unbleached Sulfate Carton

    Solid Unbleached Sulfate Carton-Sourced:customcartonsinc

    Solid unbleached sulfate(SUS), with its features like rigidity and stability,  is rather suitable for carrying medicine products with little weight and fragile, like ampoules, vials, and so on.

    • Clay coated news back paperboard

    Clay Coated News Back Carton

    Clay Coated News Back Carton-Sourced:unicopacking

    Clay coated news back(CCNB) has two different sheets, one is natural, and the other is paper with clay coating. It's cheap and recyclable. And most importantly, it can stand the moisture and tear.

    • Kraft paperboard

    Kraft paperboard CartonKraft paperboard Carton-Sourced:refinepackaging

    Kraft paperboard is 100% recyclable material for its main components are all recyclable. It usually shows the most natural feature but it can also be printed and tinted. It is cost-effective and can save your energy on product sustainability.

    Cardboard of medicine carton

    • Corrugated cardboard

    Corrugated cardboard carton

    Corrugated cardboard carton-Sourced:smurfitkappa

    Corrugated cardboard is made of several layers of corrugated paper, it's thus more strong and can make products more stable. Its features like cheap, high-quality, and strong made it widely welcomed in the packaging market.

    5. How To Make Great Medicine Carton Design?

    In the current competitive medicine market, you can stand out by making good products and designing nice medicine cartons. To make a suitable medicine carton, some points may help you.

    Medicine feature

    Different Kinds Of Medicine CartonsDifferent Kinds Of Medicine Cartons-Sourced:medium

    You should first take your medicine features, like shape and fragility into consideration before designing your cartons to make them suitable ones. The unknown transporting and storing of your products needs you a nice and real suitable carton for product protection.

    Customer requirement

    Medicine carton for childMedicine Carton For Child-Sourced:packagingoftheworld

    Your carton can benefit customer according to their different requirements. The most important one is age. If you are serving children, you should make cartons not that easily open to prevent the unconscious mistake. Besides, you should also be aware of the needs of the disabled, weak, and old.

    Brand design

    Medicine brand on cartonMedicine Brand On Carton-Sourced:lildrugstore

    Your medicine carton design should take your brand propaganda into its project. A nice established brand can bring you profits and save you a lot of energy in sales and product maintenance. You should place your brand in a catching place so that people can remember your brand slowly.

    Visual design

    Medicine carton design

    Medicine Carton Design-Sourced:ipackdesign

    Your visual design of the cartons can give customers a deep impression of this brand and also affect their ranking of your brand in their minds. The professional and relieving medicine carton design is more trusted.

    The nice choice or placement of color, shape, instruction place, and word readability are all features you should care about in your carton visual design.

    6. What You Should Care About In Medicine Carton Designing?

    You can make neither fish nor fowl if you care too much about medicine carton design. But if you care too little, you can also do no qualified products. Here are some tips you must care about in designing the medicine cartons.

    Simple design

    Simply designed carton

    Simply Designed Carton-Sourced:stanbranding

    Too much is as bad as too little. And the piling of every factor is a tragedy for your products. The simple, clean, and minimalist is forever applicable to your medicine carton design.

    Over-decoration confuses your customers and makes them feel stressed or unreliable for your products. Too much decoration on a carton can also lead your customers to misunderstand the instructions or effect. The mistake thus made is horrible.


    Eco designed carton

    Eco-Designed Carton-Sourced:thepacklion

    Your medicine carton design should take eco-friendly principles into designing a plan. The eco-friendly material is cost-effective and more welcomed in the market. Your carton can also designed for other uses, like a pen holder or storage box to save sources and benefit customers.

    Besides, for manufacturers or brands that take environmental protection in sincere care, customers tend to consider them more responsible and more reliable.

    Safe design

    Safely designed carton

    Safely Designed Carton-Sourced:rondopak

    The prime work of medicine carton design isn’t beautiful or appealing, it’s safe. The real great cartons should be safe and friendly to users and products. The strangely shaped or strangely designed carton, though catches the eyes of customers quickly, can cause hidden trouble in later use.

    The terrible buying experience it gives customers will head off your brand development.

    7. How Medicine Cartons Are Manufactured?

    Medicine has a high standard on hygiene and packaging, and all its needs can be fulfilled in a carton machine that can make clean, standard, and qualified cartons. There are two types of cartons for medicines cartoning.

    Horizontal cartoner

    Horizontal cartonerHorizontal Cartoner -Sourced:zhpackagingmachine

    The horizontal cartoner has the products get in from horizontal loading. It suits most products and you can see the working horizontal machine in many industrial factories.

    Horizontal cartoner can handle most products in the medical industry and make beautiful and qualified cartons for case packing. Your blisters, pills, or tablets can all get its well packaging by a horizontal cartoner machine.

    Vertical cartoner

    Vertical cartoner

     Vertical Cartoner-Sourced:antaipacking

    Compared with horizontal cartoner, vertical cartoner has the advantage of dealing with fragile products like ampoules, vials, or glass bottles. Its vertical loading way reduces the damage to products greatly and the relatively gentle way is good for many medicines.

    Vertical cartoner can handle all products in the medical industry and package your fragile bottles or vials well. It’s so versatile and can fulfill your varied needs.

    8. What Can Medicine Carton Design Benefit You?

    Medicines can benefit your products a lot. The nice design of the medicine carton can make you a lot of profits.

    Effect protection

    Protective Carton

    Protective Carton-Sourced:koerber-pharma

    Medicine cartons make a shell for the inner medical products. Products which is easy to get effects changed or spoiled need the shell to protect themselves. A suitable medical carton design can have effects on preventing oxygen, moisture, and dampness.

    Product safety

    Carton assure safetyCarton Assure Safety-Sourced:koerber-pharma

    Your products, to get distributed and go to the market all over the world, need strong protection to deal with the emergency on the road or shelf. The medicine carton design can give it further protection and benefit the carrying, placing, and storing on the transportation and storing condition.

    Attractive display

    Appealing medicine carton

    Appealing Carton Design-Sourced:designerpeople

    Cartons play an important displaying role. While on the market shelf, your customers are always attracted by the most catching one. The nice medicine carton design can have a better effect in propaganda and attract more customers, thus improving your sales.


    Anti-counterfeit medicine cartonAnti-Counterfeit Medicine Carton-Sourced:packagingstrategies

    The carton can also affect anti-counterfeit. As the different tech adopted in making anti-counterfeit marks and embossing are widely adopted in medicine carton designing and processing, patients can get the real products. It saves your energy in cracking down on the fake.

    Information provide

    Information on carton

    Information On Carton-Sourced:packagingboxespro

    Your medicine cartons, besides taking the role of a nice container for transport, storage, and protection, also play an irreplaceable role in the information provided.

    Your customers can get the main components, effects, taking periods, and precautions easily and quickly from your great medicine carton design. The information it provides leads customers to find the one that suits them best and also reflects your profession and reliability.


    Taking a serious and careful consideration of your medicine carton design will give you many benefits. Your carton design reflects the quality, profession, and reliability of your products and manufacturer. If you have any questions on medicine carton design, contact us.

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