Top 5 Tablet Coating Machine Manufacturers in UK

Tablet coating is an essential and last step in a tablet manufacturing process where coating material is applied to the material. It protects the drug and has a variety of applications. It also protects the stomach lining against the acidic action of the drug.

In a world where the pharmaceutical industry has emerged as the leading industry, tablet coating manufacturers are also growing at a rapid pace.It  reported 739 million USD in 2020 and expects to reach 969 million USD at the end of 2025 with a CAGR of 5.6%.

The UK has also one of the leading tablet coating manufacturers in the world and has a variety of options available. Now this report will help you get complete information regarding the top 5 tablet coating machine manufacturers in the UK and their services to the global market.

1 Coating System International United Kingdom
2 SWISHTech United Kingdom
3 SILVERSON United Kingdom
4 CADAR United Kingdom
5 AIPAK China


Headquarter: United Kingdom

Company Background & Information


Coating System Internationals are one of the pioneers and experts in producing tablet manufacturers and tablet spray guns. They started their business in 1996 by supplying these tablets coating to the global pharmaceutical companies. As they deal in these products only, this is why they are more popular due to their customer and product satisfaction.

Key products

Tablet Coating Machine-1

  • Technicota® Lab
  • CSI Mark 3
  • Technicota® 200/400
  • Vessels
  • FilmTech2

Recommend Reason

  • The company offers easy availability of spare parts around the globe.
  • Highly experienced staff provides on-site pieces of training to their customers.
  • Their support remains till the Installation and commissioning of machines.
  • CSI also gives complete lifetime maintenance contracts.

Headquarter: United Kingdom

Company Background & Information


Swish Tech has experience of over 20 years in providing services of clean rooms, pharmaceutical equipment, tablet coating machines, and ventilation sleeves. They hold distinguishing achievements in providing these facilities to global industries with their vast experience and highly motivated staff.

Key products

Nicomac pharmaceutical coating equipment

This provides the processes like

Tablet Coating Machine-2

  • Eudragit NE 30 D pellet coating
  • Eudragit L30 D55 enteric coating
  • Eudragit RL control release
  • Opadry
  • Sepic
  • Hhpm606 for tablet sugar coating
  • Automatic powder dosing
  • Powder layering for coating

Recommend Reason

  • Configuration of machines is in such ways that fewer utilities are consumed and a lot of energy is saved.
  • Machines are highly reliable for the production of any shape of capsule or tablet; No matter their shape and size.
  • Production machines are incorporated with Low Environmental Impact (LEI)
  • Highly automatic systems are user-friendly and an operator can easily understand its working procedures.

Headquarter: United Kingdom

Company Background & Information


Starting from the production of shear mixers, Silverson is now one of the most experienced pharmaceutical services providers with an experience of over 70 years. Its network is spread in around 150 countries and provide a machine for the food, pharmaceutical, process, and chemical industry. Their diverse options are now available with 50 customer care offices in different parts of the world.

Key products

Tablet Coating Machine-3

Tablet Coating Machine-4

Tablet Coating Machine-5

Tablet Coating Machine-6

Tablet Coating Machine-7

  • High Shear Batch Mixers
  • High Shear In-line Mixers
  • High Shear Bottom Entry Mixers
  • Silverson Flash mix
  • Silverson Ultramix

Recommend Reason

  • The company offers on-site testing facilities to its customers.
  • 100% customer satisfaction relation is maintained for a lifetime.
  • Products are designed and manufactured upon customer requirements and needs.
  • They provide high-quality services and customer care in every corner of the world.
  • Machines are designed in a manner that minimum maintenance is required.

Headquarter: United Kingdom

Company Background & Information


Cadar provides pharmaceutical and chemical services for around 37 years now. They are both the manufacturer and suppliers of these systems. They produce high-quality products and machines with diverse applications. Their support staff provides outstanding services to global customers and is spreading worldwide at a rapid pace.

Key products

Tablet Coating Machine-8

Tablet Coating Machine-9

  • Filter Nozzle
  • Spray Nozzle
  • Tablet Coating

Recommend Reason

  • Easily to operate as machines are with high automation functions.
  • Highly reliable machines during production.
  • No complex machines are manufactured that low space is consumed.
  • 100% customer satisfaction record.

Headquarter: China

Company Background & Information

A leading pharmaceutical products manufacturer that has an experience of 15 years of in this field. Aipak is globally recognized for its Capsule Filling Machine, Tablet Counting Line, Blister Packing Machine, Tube Filling Machine, etc., They are versatile in producing all these products and machines.  The company always guarantees a stable and timely support services across the globe. The entire equipment are manufactured under a strict conformation to cGMP and CE norms. Today, they are effectively collaborated with more than 500+ reputable pharmaceutical organization. This is all because of their cost-effective, user- friendly, high-quality, and bespoke coating machinery designs.

Key Products

Tablet Coating Machine-7

Tablet Coating Machine-15

Tablet Film Coating Machine

  • BG-40 Series High-efficient Film Coating Machine
  • BG-80 High Efficiency Tablet Film Coating Machine
  • BG-150 Pharma Tablet Coating Machine with Air Filter
  • BG-400 Pharmaceutical Tablet Film Sugar Coating Machine

Recommend Reason

  • The staff is highly experienced in their fields and provide better consultancy.
  • Long-lasting machines with low maintenance requirements.
  • The coat applied from these machines is of high quality and with 100% strength.
  • Coating machines offered by Aipak are easy to operate with low energy consumption.


The pharmaceutical industry is growing at a rapid pace as the world population and types of diseases are increasing. During all these conditions capsules and tablet manufacturers are globally present and are providing their services. Tablets are coated to protect them from the environment and also to avoid the mixture changing its form. This article helps you to get guidance regarding the top 5 tablet coating machine manufacturers in UK. It will guide you to get information regarding these companies and select the best as per your requirements.

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