Top 10 Tablet Coating Machine Manufacturers in Canada

Are you looking for the finest pharmaceutical tablet coating machines for your industry? Or do you want to avail best-featured tablet coating machine manufactured in Canada?

This article will help you know about the competitive pharmaceutical firms in Canada that provide excellent and precise solutions for tablet coating. Their machines have been made with quality material that gives you high output.

If you want to know about the top 10 tablet coating machines manufacturer in Canada, take a look at this article.

1 York Metal Canada
2 Royce Metal Canada
3 O’Hara Technology Canada
4 GEA Canada
5 Aipak China
6 GFR Pharma Canada
7 Pillar 5 Pharma Canada
8 Abbvie Canada
9 Accord Canada
10 Amgen Canada


Headquarter: Canada

Company Background & Information


York Metal Company was established in 1948. The company is famous for making complex complicated technical problems with easier solutions. York metal is the only company in Canada that cover a large area of production. Their contributions are not fixed to one field rather they are serving in engineering, metal fabrication, architecture, pharmaceutical, food along with other industries. For more than 25 years York Metal is supplying excellent pharmaceutical equipment that prominently includes tablet coating pans with mixing bowls, and trays for multiple applications.

Key Products

Tablet Coating Machine-1

Tablet Coating Machine-2

Tablet Coating Machine-3

  • Spec Steel Coating Pans
  • Tablet coating stand
  • Stainless trays for drying

Recommend Reason

  • Their standard pans are available in sizes from 38” to 48”.
  • Their machines have the capacity to even coat the tablets with double or triple layers in a short time.
  • They have also available custom-size pans.
  • Coating machines, bowls, and pans are made with durable stainless steel.

Headquarter: Canada

Company Background & Information


Royce Metal is a full-scale coating pan manufacturer that originated in 1926, in Canada. The company produces fine stainless steel coating pans for tablet coating and sugar coating. Their coating pans are functional, easy to operate, and adaptable. Their coating pans have multiple shapes of apple, onion, and pear. Since its inception, the company is supplying its various coating pans to the pharmaceutical, food, and confection industries. Their pans have fitted temperature controlling features with rotational speed and high volume.

Key Products

Tablet Coating Machine-4

  • Pharma Coating drum
  • Sugar Coating Drum
  • Industrial Coating Pan

Recommend Reason

  • Coating pans have been made with pure copper and stainless steel that are easy to clean.
  • Thir manufactured products accurately cover the whole tablet with good flavors to mask their bad taste.
  • Pans have a hygienic base with a quick approach to the door.
  • You can shape your own film coating pans with up to 16”- 48” size.

Headquarter: Canada

Company Background & Information


O’Hara is the leading supplier of processing equipment for pharma coating with advanced innovative technology. The company was established in 1976 and has been recognized worldwide. Producing high-quality equipment they provide you with an amazing stock of coating machines that are variously used in pharmaceutical industries. These machines do not perform a specific task rather they cover the whole process of tablet mixing, processing, coating, and drying.

Key Products

Tablet Coating Machine-5

Tablet Coating Machine-6

Tablet Coating Machine-7

  • Conventional Coating Pans
  • Fastcoat interchangeable pan for tablet coating
  • Labcoat Tablet Coating Machine

Recommend Reason

  • With the fitted emergency button you can stop the process immediately.
  • Their coating pans are available in different sizes that range from 24” to 60”.
  • An amazing dust removal system is present in pans that collect dust to keep it away from tablets ensuring you a safe outcome.

Headquarter: Canada

Company Background & Information


GEA emerged as the international manufacturer of pharmaceutical equipment in 1881. Providing machines for food, dairy, chemical, medical and beverage industries are included in their portfolio. They are working dedicatedly to reduce the use of plastics, and food waste in order to maintain a healthy environment. GEA's primary aim is to work for sustainable growth with the slogan of “Engineering for a better world”. Today the Company has five business units in 62 countries that are supported by 18,000 intelligent employees. 

Key Products

Tablet Coating Machine-9

Tablet Coating Machine-10

Tablet Coating Machine-11

  • Air Connect Fluid Bed Processor & Coater
  • ConsiGma Tablet Coating Modules
  • FlexStream Tablet Coating Processor

Recommend Reason

  • Air Connect is capable of processing batches from 200g to 10kg.
  • ConsiGma works continuously with high power and fast tablet coating performance.
  • It prevents the process from the occurrence of the common defect.
  • ConsiGma is specifically designed for coating a small number of tablets with a continuous granulation process.

Headquarter: china

Company Background & Information

Aipak is an international provider of pharmaceutical equipment since 2008. They cover the comprehensive line of manufacturing machinery for the pharmaceutical industry. These machines are used for capsule filling, packaging, counting, mixing, tablet coating, and drying. Their special coating services are being enjoyed by the food industry, cosmetic, agricultural, and pharmaceutical industries. All of their machines have been prepared with high-quality material imported from Germany, USA, and Japan. With more than 10 years of successful

experience, Aipak has 100 plants installed in different states worldwide.

Key Products

Tablet Coating Machine-12

Tablet Coating Machine-13

Tablet Coating Machine-8

  • BG-150 Pharma Tablet Coating Machine
  • Tablet Coating Chamber
  • Coating Pan Machine

Recommend Reason

  • Their machines are not only used for coating tablets but also can be used for coating sugar candies and seeds.
  • Due to their high-quality coating, the drugs become water-resistant ensuring extending shelf life.
  • Drying the tablet after coating saves your time by taking a very short time to process.
  • It makes cosmetic pills more eye-catching due to stable color addition.

Headquarter: Canada

Company Background & Information


GFR Pharma was founded in 1998 by Richard Pierce in Canada. The company is playing an eminent role in providing high-quality equipment for the coating, packaging, and formulation of tablets. They deliver their services to many industries related to food and medicine. Due to its highly innovative products the company has been praised with many international certifications. It is also a member of “CHFA”, a proud organization for natural health. They provide you with the latest machinery quite safe for drug processing.

Key Products

Tablet Coating Machine-14

Tablet Coating Machine-15

Tablet Coating Machine-16

  • Film Coating Machine
  • Sugar Coating pan
  • Tablet Coating Machine

Recommend Reason

  • The essential characteristic of the GFR coating system is that they assure enteric coating that allows the tablet to be broken down in the Small intestine rather than the stomach.
  • They keep the tablet coating process delayed until absorption of the layers takes place.
  • Their machines have diverse features of identification, coloring, and shaping the size of tablets while coating.
  • It improves the digestion process and prevents bad taste.

7. Pillar5 Pharma

Pillar 5 Pharma

Headquarter: Canada

Company Background & Information


Pillar5 pharma was established in 2009 in Canada. The company professionally manufactures equipment for solid doses. Pillar5 is well known for its speedy and flexible machinery that has prepared with exceptional quality materials. The company has been contributing to the microbiological and medical field through its scale-up, Sterile Ophthalmic Packaging, and solid dose equipment with technical support. The company always welcomes their customers to present their humble demands and the company would give them shape in form of innovative technology.

Key Products

Tablet Coating Machine-17

Tablet Coating Machine-18

Tablet Coating Machine-19

  • Uhlmann UPS 1030/C2205 thermoformer
  • 48” Acella Cota Coating Pan
  • Quadro YTron Liquid Mixer

Recommend Reason

  • The company is an expert in managing batch sizes from 100 to 700 kg.
  • Their coating machines are covered with a safe mirror to prevent undergoing process from outer temperature.
  • Shear granulation can be found with a fitted automatic system.
  • The company offers you tablet coating machines for aqueous mixture, producing ease for ingestion.

Headquarter: Canada

Company Background & Information


Abbvie is a global manufacturer of drugs and equipment for preparing drugs. The company started its activities in 2013. In the coating area, they use produce machines for coating tablets, spray, and particles while packaging machines for blisters, bottles, syringes, and sachets. All of their machines are designed with distinctive features that control temperature and utilize melt extrusion for solid processing. Abbvie has installed plants in the USA, Italy, Ireland, Germany, and North America with over 500 employees in Canada. They are constantly doing their efforts to promote the healthy life of human beings.

Key Products


Tablet Coating Machine-20

Tablet Coating Machine-21

  • Spray drying machine
  • Particle coating machine for tablet
  • Fluid bed granulation

Recommend Reason

  • Their machines have powerful storage (<1µg/m3) and a high manufacturing rate.
  • Utilizes melt extrusion for tasks that are difficult to operate.
  • Extensive control of temperature keeps the formulation of tablet coating smooth.
  • Acceleration of speed option is also available.

Headquarter: Canada

Company Background & Information


Accord is a biopharmaceutical producer since 2009. The company is highly ambitious to generate the resources for making quality medicines with the best results. The continuously evolving Accord has a production list consisting of injectables and oral solids.  The company is also supporting "Patient Support Programs (PSPs)" under which they ensure to give timely treatment to patients. Accord also played a major role in providing excellent free treatment during COVID-19.

Key Products

Tablet Coating Machine-22

  • ACH-Finasteride
  • ACH-Imatinib
  • ACH-Rosuvastatin

Recommend Reason

  • They provide sustainable coated solid dosage drugs.
  • The company ensures the best treatment through the effective use of medicines.
  • They produce medicine for low range as1mg to high dose up to 50mg and over this.

Headquarter: Canada

Company Background & Information


Amgen is the leading supplier of medicines with innovative technology founded in 1980. The company is in a constant struggle for discovering new ideas and gives them shape in form of medicines. With over 40 years of successful experience, Amgen has invented new medicines to cure serious illnesses. Today the company has a presence in 100 countries all over the world.

Key Products

Tablet Coating Machine-23

Tablet Coating Machine-24

Tablet Coating Machine-25


Recommend Reason

  • Show full-time support for your patients.
  • BLINCYTO has been given to patients who have detachable cancer symptoms after therapy.
  • EPOGEN is ideal for patients on dialysis with anemia.
  • IMLYGIC is used to cure skin cancer melanoma.


After a deep analysis, all of the above-mentioned Top 10 Tablet Coating Machine Manufacturers in Canada offer you high-quality film coating machines made with stainless steel and pure copper that work sustainably and are long-lasting. If you want to get more information or guidelines you may Contact Us.

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