Tips For You To Choose The Right Supplement Capsules

Thinking of choosing a capsule as the delivery method for your next nutritional supplement product?

As the different types of supplement you want to manufacture and who you want to sell them to,then decide whether to use a vegtarian capsule or a gelatin capsule will make all the difference!

Acutually,currently ,between the various mediciation format,like tablet or powders,capsules are one of the most popular delivery methods for dietary and nutritional supplements.

Why is that?

Let’s take a closer look at it:

Gelatin capsules vs.Vegetarian capsules key differences

First of alll,before finding the best capsule option for your dietary supplement product and your customers,you must get to know below details.

1.What are Gelatin capsules and what are they made of?

Gelatin capsules

Gelatin capsules are small shells made from gelatin that are used to enclose various medications and nutritional supplements.

Their main goal is to make it easier for people to swallow pills, particularly those that are large or might otherwise be dry and difficult to get down the throat.

Gelatin is typically very smooth and also resists reacting or mixing with other substances, so it’s a safe and usually quite inexpensive addition to many pills.

It can also help manufacturers get an accurate and uniform dose into each pill. Fluid-filled capsules are usually made of just one piece of continuous gelatin covering, though solids may include two interlocking pieces.

In either case, most capsules are made from “natural” gelatin, which often has its origins in pig, horse, and other animals’ bones and hooves.

Synthetic and vegetable-based options are available in some areas, but not always — and not always inexpensively, either.

2.What Gelatin is used in capsules?


The commercial sources are typically from a combination of beef (bovine) and pork (porcine) gelatins.

3.What is the advantages of gelatin capsules?


You wil get various advantages from gelatin capsules from below aspects:

Easy Digestion

Gelatin capsules are easily digested and dissolve within minutes of reaching the stomach.

This ensures that the medicine or supplement won't pass through the digestive system without being absorbed.

Increased Bioavailability

Using gelatin capsules can increase the bioavailability of poorly absorbed or poorly soluble nutrients.

Through stabilizing, solubilizing or other techniques, manufacturers can enhance the effectiveness of nutrients such as coenzyme Q10, carotenoids and certain herbal extracts.

Many of these methods are not possible with solid materials.

Hermetically Sealed


Unlike any other type of capsules, gelatin capsules are hermetically sealed and airtight.

This makes them tamper-evident, because any puncture on the surface would cause obvious damage.

In addition, the sealed capsule protects the active ingredients from oxygen, a benefit especially important for substances that tend to become rancid, such as fish oil and flaxseed oil.

If the capsule is opaque, it also protects the active ingredients from light, which deteriorates some substances.

Consuming the Capsule

Consuming the Capsule

Because they have a smooth texture, gelatin capsules are easier to swallow for some people than tablets, caplets and other capsules.

They also hide the unpleasant taste and odors of substances such as fish oil, which can be disagreeable to take by the teaspoon.

Gelatin Safety

Gelatin is generally harmless and safe to consume.

It is commonly derived from pork or beef and provides a tiny amount of protein and amino acids. However, if an individual is allergic to beef or pork, or does not want to ingest it, he can easily empty the contents of the capsule, which will not contain any gelatin, and pour it into water or juice.

4.Are there any drawbacks of gelatin capsules?

Yes,just like every goods ,gelatin capsules also have drawbacks,like:

  1. Gelatin capsules are available in a limited number of fixed sizes, whereas tablets are available in an extensive number of shapes and sizes.
  2. Consequently, there may be times where a single serving of a given product might fit in one tablet, but require two capsules to provide the same ingredients.

5.Are Gelatin Capsules Bad for You?

It is absolutely no,gelatin capsules will not be bad for you.

Gelatin capsules are made of a protein that you commonly consume in your diet - assuming you are not vegetarians.

Gelatin capsules are safe for your regular consumption.

6.What are Veggie Capsules and What are They Made of?

Veggie Capsules

Vegetable capsules provide a convenient alternative for those who cannot eat meat or meat products.

They offer all the benefits of a typical capsule without the issues associated with dietary restrictions.

Vegetable capsules are similar to gelatin capsules with a few main differences related to their composition.

Vegetarian capsules are typically made of vegetable cellulose.

There are several different types of vegetable cellulose that make up vegetable capsules.

One of these materials is hypromellose. This type of cellulose comes from softwood trees, such as pine, spruce and fir trees.

In particular, such trees are grown in the Northern Hemisphere in temperate climates.

However, they can grow in both cold and warm environments with sufficient water and quality soil.

Manufacturers use hypromellose in many commercial products.

It functions as a popular alternative to animal gelatin. In addition to its use in vegetable capsules, it functions as a binder or coating in tablets.

Because of its composition, hypromellose is a suitable substance for capsules.

It can delay the release of active ingredient into the digestive tract.

7.What is the advantages of Veggie Capsules?

Veggie Capsules

Vegetable capsules are the perfect vegetarian alternative to regular capsules.

They provide all of the quality that comes from the gelatin tablet without the animal products.

Vegetable capsules are also tasteless. It’s hard to tell the difference between a vegetarian and a gelatin capsule.

Anyone who cannot eat gelatin made from animal products because of environmental, health or dietary restrictions should consider vegetable capsules.

Like gelatin capsules, vegetable capsules are perfect for digestion and can slowly release the active ingredients in a capsule as need.

In addition, many people use vegetable capsules in both powdered and gel forms. There are no clear limitations in terms of usage.

The capsules are generally Kosher and Halal certified. Therefore, those with religious dietary restrictions prefer them.

The capsules come in many different sizes and colors.

8.Are there any disadvantages of Veggie Capsules?

Veggie capsules have the same disadvantages as gelatin capsules.

In addition, gelatin capsules are more broadly used than vegetarian capsules because their cost of production is lower.

9.Are there any similarities Between Veggie and Gelatin Capsules?

Veggie and Gelatin Capsules

There are clear differences between gelatin and vegetable capsules in terms of how they are made.

However, there are still some similarities between these two types of capsules.

You may also consider both types of capsules in comparison to tablets. Many people prefer capsules over tablets because they are easy to swallow.

Capsules keep for a significant amount of time without going bad. Both gelatin and vegetarian capsules store easily for long periods of time.

In addition, both of these capsules are odorless and even tasteless. There is no need to worry about medication or supplements with an unpleasant taste or smell.

Finally, both vegetable and gelatin capsules dissolve easily in the digestive system. They are much easier to swallow than tablets.

Given these similarities and differences, it’s important for each person to consider which type of capsule is better for them.

Then it is time coming to how to Choose the Right Supplement Capsule for Your Product

Typically, when it comes to choosing the right capsule type for your dietary supplement product there are a number of different factors worth considering.

Among which there are two points have been concluded as below:

Thinking of Your Customers

That is ,who you're looking to market and sell your product should be one of the top factors when it comes to making the decision between veggie and gelatin capsules.

In today's increasingly pro-veggie world, a growing number of consumers are looking for vegetarian and vegan foods and nutritional supplements.

That being acknowledged, not every consumer out there is actively seeking vegetarian or vegan products.

At the end of the day, it comes down to knowing who your customers are and knowing what they want.

Thinking of Your Formula

Thinking of Your Formula

While both capsules have their advantages, each type does come with its own set of limitations. While both capsule types tend to work well with powdered formulations – neither variety is particularly well suited for liquid formulations (although, some veggie capsules can handle certain semi-solid and gel formulations).

So far as formula-based limitations are concerned, your contract manufacturer or production specialist should have no problem guiding you to the best capsule type for your formulation.


Capsules, whether gelatin or veggie-based, are well-received by consumers and represent a viable option as a dosage form for dietary supplements.

Certainly, it is important to consider if your formulation is a good candidate for capsules, and if your customer is likely to prefer a specific capsule type.

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