Successful Exploration of Solving Capsule Filling machine Hysteresis material and Stick capsule

With the rapid development of electronics and machinery industry,automatic capsule filling machine come to the world,make that capsule have a significant evolution from theory to manufacture.

It has been identified by most manufacturers and consumers as its such advantages as fast dispersion,good stability,cover up the bad gas of the drug taste and reduce the stimulant of the medicine,only second to the tablets and injection in the world's pharmacopoeia.

The widely application of capsule also promote the development of automatic capsule filling machine,which has a great improvement and process whether in structure form or production capacity.

However,due to capsule filling machine has relative strict requirements on the production environment temperature and humidity,it is hard to operate for manufacturers with weak wet and humidity ability.

It often hysteresis material or adhere to capsule, seriously affected the production speed, seriously damage capsule and powder,frequently needed to shutdown to clean up .

In response to this issue ,nowadays,through unremitting efforts of the engineering technicians,they have successfully transformed a model CFM-120 fully automatic capsule filling machine ,who can operate normally under humility 90%.

The result of this technical renovation achievements has also been greatly praised by most capsule filling manufacturers,who plan to adopt this program, make promotion after the material and the appearance have further improvement .

Now let’s introduce the technical reform principle and implementation method in detail.


Install a set of air blowing jig in the module cleaning station, when the module turns to this station, make strong purge to clear the hole of the mold under the use of compressed air (014MPa or so), and the powder from the purge will be collected back to the dust cover through the vacuum.When the module is transposed, stop purging to save energy .

For this purpose, we properly install a solenoid valve at the intake compressed air line, install an intermediate relay  in the capsule electric control cabinet,install a micro switch under the capsule pressing station module joint bearing.

Through above transformation, the capsule filling machine has been operate well up to now,never been stopped as the reason of hysteresis material or sticking capsule,but also greatly weakened the influence of temperature and humidity on surrounding environment.

The technician workers have also experimented many times in rainy days with relatively humility 90%,no hysteresis or sticking occur.After recognizing by the professionals,the new type of automatic capsule filling machine has reached up to 100% on product quality and materials consumption,is called “All-weather capsule filling machine”.

As we know,it is commonly exist in the whole country’s most pharmaceutical factories as the machine can’t operate normally for the reason of temperature and humility.

Some factories have to manually insert capsule when meet the powder is particularly sticky in rainy days,which is a serious waste of manpower and material resources,but also it is hard to control the product quality accord with GMP standards requirements,the worst is sometimes ,some may lost the market share as the the market urgently needed products supply interruption for production speed reduced.

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