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Medium Speed Automatic Electronic Capsule/Tablet Counting Machine Line

Aipak APK-A100-12 medium-speed automatic electronic capsule/tablet counting machine line is made up of JAPC-A160 round bottle unscramble. APC-16 electronic counting machine, APC-C120 automatic desiccantinserter(cotton inserter or paper inserter ). APC-D902 automatic capping machine, APC-M2 induction sealer, APC-T1 round bottle side face labeler(coding machine),can be used for bottling and filling solid tablets, capsules (transparent or opaque hard capsules, soft capsules), pills, etc. The counting and packaging of boxes and bags meet the requirements of GMP, and are suitable for the production and packaging of scientific research institutions, hospitals, small and medium-sized pharmaceutical factories and health care products factories. According to your materials and production volume, we will individually customize a set of supporting programs that meet your needs. Bring you the best cost performance and the most assured after-sale protection.


1)The Most Complete Innovatice and Affordable Bottle Packaging Lines in the market
2)Production Output :90-150 bottles/ min on Counter.
3)Custom integration available to meet specific requirements by our customers.
4)No Change Parts Required--All contact parts can be dismantled without tools
5)Conformance to cGMP standard
6)3-Level Vibrating Trays for Feeding
7)2 Separate Vibratory Sections,2 Separate Hoppers on Channel Counter
8)Standard Dual Lane Sanitary Conveyor
9)Complete Onsite Integration ,Set-Up,Installation and Training available wordwide.
10) Warming lamp (optional)


Product Name Automatic electronic counting machine
Product model APK-A160-16
Filling Precision Accuracy ≥ 99.9%
Filling Materials Tablets, pills, capsules, other shaped particles
Applicable bottle type  round, square and shaped bottles
Machine output 50-90abottles / min
Rated voltage 220V 50HZ
Rated power 4.5kw
M3/min 1.0
Outline size 10000*2500mm



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