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APCP-1 Semi-auto Bottle Unscrambler

APCP-1 Semi-auto Bottle Unscrambler is easy to operate,no need to change parts when change the bottles,just simply adjust.
It has strong applicability, suitable for round, square and flat square bottles made of all kinds of materials, especially good for big size bottles.
It has small area occupation and convenient for maintenance.


  1. Machine is made by good quality stainless steel.
  2. Fast output bottles,stable performance and high pass rate,greatly reduce labor costs. 
  3. Simple operation, easy to grasp. 
  4. Bottle unscrambler has function of automatic stopping when full of bottles,automatic starting when lacking bottles.
  5. Machine body is made of stainless steel,completely meets GMP requirements.


Main technical parameters
Type Name Output Power supply Net dimensions  Weight
APCP-1 Semi-auto Bottle Unscrambler 20-80 220V/50HZ/0.1kw 900*900*1000 95



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