• Auto Film-aligning System

  • Accurate filling,less deviation

  • Servo pouch-pulling system

APK-220 Automatic Vertical single lane sugar stick packing machine

AIPAK APK-220 single lane stick packing machine is available in 1 lane and 2 lanes,depending one the customer required speed and bag width.The machine can automatically complete the multi column quantitative measurement,automatic filling,automatic bag making,sealing,cutting,printing production rate and others functions.

The servo motor of this stick packing machine drives the heat sealing film,it is stable and reliable,high precise.Adopts the high sensitivity automatic electric eye tracking display temperature control and packaging materials packaging color,the stick packing machine can obtain the complete logo of customer products.

With imported PID digital idsplay temperature control,its sealing temperature deviates ±2℃.

With the PLC control,it is easy for you to set on the touch screen panel and adjust the packaging paremeters.With visual display of production information,and fault alarm,self stop,self disgnosis,it is safe and easy to use and maintain.

Machine Details


Pouch Examples:

stick packing machine pouch exmaple


  1. Controlled by PLC system, using servo electronic control for filling, step driving.
  2. It completes bag making, filling, sealing, coding and cutting at the same time.
  3. Vertical sealing and horizontal sealing is smooth, clear and strong.
  4. Customized round corner bags, special-shaped bags, etc.


Model APK-220
Poudh Width 20-70mm
Pouch Length 50- 180mm
Flling Capacity 100ml
Packaging Capacity 25-40ppm
Weight 400kg
Film width 220mm
Lanes No 1
Seed(Bag/min) 40
Machine Dimensions(L*W*H) 815x 1155x 2285mm



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