How To Choose the Right Packaging For Your Product

Don’t judge something from its appearance but your first understanding of a products comes from its packaging. Good packaging of products can help you attract the first attention of customers. And only attracted by the product, can customers get the next move, like to find out the content, efficiency and so on.

Products packaging has thus an important state. Present technology benefits packaging process and can make various package easier. But to make the real suitable and popular packaging, it isn’t a easy work.

What is the right products packaging? How many types of products packaging are there? And most important, how to choose the right packaging for your products? If you want to make a qualified and high-standard packaging, come on and have a read.

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     1.What Is Products Packaging?


    Various Packaged Products-Sourced:packagingcorp

    Product packaging is a process of material choosing, carton designing, crafting, information printing and part assembling. It protects your products, attracts your customers and benefits transportation.

    The lack of it will destroy its appearance, reduce its effect and may even cause the poisoning. Products packaging are mostly made of paper and box shape, but it has no restrict on material and shape. There are also plastic, metal, aluminum material for packaging use and bag, round or heterogeneous for packaging shape.

    All in all, the packaging suits the products features is the best one. The attracting and eye-catching packaging can help your products stand out in market and thus make more profits. Sometimes, the bright color or fascinating shape which suits your products can help much in sales.

    2.Common Types Of Products Packaging

    The choose of the right packaging types makes a great difference to your products. Products packaging can be divided as three layers: primary packaging and secondary packaging.

    Primary packaging

    Primary packaging is the smallest packaging parts which contact the products directly.

    • Corrugated Boxes

    Corrugated box

    Corrugated Box-Sourced:boxagency

    Corrugated box is usually made from paperboard. It’s widely used for their features like cheap, easy-folding and so on in product packaging.

    They can also make various types of cartons like corrugated cardboard boxes, custom folding cartons and rigid boxes besides the most formal boxes.

    The main difference lies in the thickness of cardboard. The corrugated boxes is the most sturdy among the all paper box types. Its triple layer and complex structure makes its strength and also the higher price.

    • Pouches and Bag


    Pouches and Bag-Sourced:postcrescent

    Pouches and Bag isn’t rare at the current packaging market. You must have seen the thin sheets of plastic for cloth or some food package.

    Present technology can make light, thin and stable pouches for food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and do many other use. It has the outstanding advantages in its flexible feature, but for more fragile products which need help in protecting, it is not feasible.

    • Jars and Bottles


    Jars and Bottles-Sourced:packagingstrategies

    Jars and Bottles can show the original feature of products. It is usually used in the liquid products.

    By using this kind of packaging, customers or users can have a more vivid understanding of the products. And for some beverage like juice or soda, the fascinating color coming from the bottles catches the eyes of customers.

    Though current craft dissolve the former disadvantage like breakable. Glass packaging can also easily get hurt in transportation. Their weight and different features need more efforts in transporting.

    • Metal Cans

    Metal cans

    Metal Cans-Sourced:globalsources

    Metal used for packaging lost its features like heavy and sharp. Steel or aluminum are the most common materials used for metal packaging.

    This packaging types can on one hand improve the looking of products, and on the other hand, served the special needs like light-avoiding, warm-keeping and vacuum preservation.

    • Wooden box

    Wooden Box

    Wooden Box-Sourced:lenderink

    Wooden box is relatively rare in the all kind of product packaging. It served mostly for the products with special need in design.

    Wood used for wooden package isn’t fragile or crispy. As having experienced special treatment, it can hold, support and pack the heavy staff.

    Secondary packaging

    After the primary layer, the secondary packaging is applied for the further protection of products in transportation. And for their responsibility in stable protection, two materials are mostly used.

    • Plastic crates and trays

    Plastic Crates And Trays

    Plastic Crates And Trays-Sourced:plastwellproducts

    Not like the plastic packaging of first layers, the secondary layer adopted thick plastic crates and trays.

    They are hard and firm for the improvement of technology and are recyclable. It is widely used in food, cloth and cosmetic industry for its cheap, strong and small footprint.

    • Wooden crates

    Wooden Crates

    Wooden Crates-Sourced:laweistore

    Wooden crates can stand much more press for its structure and can move more easily. You can see them in store room, factory and market. It can be applied to most industries. Its other features like recyclable and easy-repairing induce many manufacturers choose it in packaging.

    3.How To Choose The Right Packaging For Your Product?

    The right package can save you a lot in time and money while makes your expected products with good quality. You can choose your package according to the below suggestions.



    Your decision of your packaging should firstly give a full consideration of your budget and get a careful plan for the later development of your company.

    Choose the machine conform to your budget. There always exists the more excellent, versatile and attracting machine. But if it exceeds your current financial condition, it may block rather promote your business.

    Type of your products

    Various Products Packaging

    Various Products Packaging-Sourced:sbmarketingtools

    The products’ need should affect your decision on machine choice. Your products require which kind of cartoning method, vertical or horizontal? What kind of materials your packaging need, paper cardboard or plastic?

    Consider the features and requirements of your products packaging and choose the one fits it best.

    Floor area



    How big is your factory and your store room? This is also a consideration for your decision.

    Gauge your factory and prearrange the place for your machine. Your choice should follow this settled size. The one fits your producing capacity and factory size is the most ideal one.

    Good packaging machine quality



    You can’t know the quality of a packaging machine from its appearance.

    For the right choice, you should have the comprehensive knowledge of the mechanical materials, technical assistance and after-sales service. The quality is hided in every details.

    Brand choosing


    AIPAK Different Packaging Machine

    The nice brand ensures quality, efficiency and after service of the packaging machine. So in the process of selecting, you should have a in-depth knowledge of the various brands and choose the most reliable one.

    Having served so many different manufacturers and get much good comments, AIPAK is absolutely a good choice for you packaging.

    4.The Importance Of Choosing The Right Packaging For Your Products

    Packaging is a dispensable clothing for the products. It affects the comment or judge of your customers in their first contact with your products and also decide the fate of your products.

    Appealing appearance

    Package Appearance

    Package Appearance-Sourced:smashingmagazine

    Packaging is dispensable as it shows the attitude of producer and quality of products. Customers tend to conclude the products with suitable and smooth packaging are created with great efforts.

    And for human nature of pursuing beauty and harmony, customers tend to choose the products with prettier appearance in two products though the efficiency is same.

    Transportation requirement



    The transportation of you products is unpredictable and different every time. Your packaging must be stable and qualified to deal with the different transporting condition to protect products and display your products in their best state.

    For delicate, bulky or products with long shelf-life, they needs extract consideration. And to benefit transportation, your packaging design should be easy holding, carrying and transporting.

    Detailed labeling

    Labeling on packaging plays it informing and publicizing roles.



    It provides the important information like company, product type, relative data, standard, content and so on. You can’t put your products without any label or information. The blank of labeling makes your products uncertain and unreliable.

    Reliable quality

    Right packaging shows the quality of your products and protect your products.



    The firm and solid packaging protects your products in their distribution. Their nice packaging material can avoid light, dust and damp, and thus insure the good condition of your products.

    The unqualified packaging may save your money in packaging parts, but for the long run, you will lost more as it won’t accomplish its job in products protecting and may even make damage.

    Longer shelf life

    Products On Shelf

    Products On Shelf-Sourced:repsly

    The shelf life is also a big point. The protection of packaging from the infection or attachment with dust, damp and such thing is the most basic. Besides, the durability of packaging should also not be neglected.

    The sustainability of packaging can protect your products for a long time and show the shopper its nice condition.

    5.What Characteristics A Good Packaging Required?

    Packaging faces various test from transportation, customers, time and so on. To pass test and be a qualified packaging, there are several characteristics it should contain.

    Good protection



    The packaging makes no use in protecting is a waste for packaging work. The prime work of packaging lies on the protecting of products. Without the protective feature, products can get broke or deteriorated easily.

    For products don’t get protected well, it will also attract your customers attention. But not the admiring one, they will pass it to get the one in better state.

    Eye-catching products packaging

    Eye-catching packaging

    Eye-catching packaging-Sourced:smartpouches

    Your packaging would better be attractive either in color, shape, design or materials to competing with so many other products. Though with high quality and great efficiency, the unattractive products is valueless if it can’t get the chance to get into the sight range of customers.

    Eco-friendly packaging material

    A good packaging should use eco-friendly and degradable material.

    Eco Friendly Packaging

    Eco Friendly Packaging-Sourced:meyers

    It will reduce the footprint and protect the environment. And it also makes more profits as eco-friendly materials have the features like renewable. Its second use is cost-effective.

    Besides, the eco-friendly products are now get more favors. People are tend to get such products. The good use of it can improve your sales in some way.

    Great package design

    Proper design on your products can help your products stand out in market.

    Package Design

    Package Design-Sourced:qualtrics

    Products with no design on shape, label and information are easily be judged as disorder and careless. Thus you should make the nice design for your products.

    And be careful, keep it harmonious and good-looking, do not pile all things up. Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme.

    Easy to use

    Easy To Use

    Easy To Use-Sourced:freepik

    Products are made to serve people. Its packaging is thus must be easy to hold, open and transport.

    People-oriented packaging benefits customers and transfer care and responsibility of your products to them.

    6.What Else You Should Care About In Packaging Products?

    Products packaging is not complex project but it also not simple process. For a good package, there are some other points you may neglect.

    Customers need

    Customer Need

    Customer Need-Sourced:answerfirst

    There is no absolutely perfect product packaging on the world, as it suits different products and various customer need. But the good packaging always stick to one principle: take customers need in first consideration,

    To fulfill your customer need, you should firstly have a in-depth knowledge of your customer. These will tell you the trend of your products. Small package, big package, package with handle, or package without, which one suits the trend most? The convenience it takes to customers can promote your sales.

    Material choose

    Packaging material

    Packaging material-Sourced:leamancontainer

    As having talked before, there are various packaging material and their different features can make different impact to products.Choose the suitable material with less waste can reduce cost, protect environment and promote sales.

    Storage consideration



    How big is your storing room? Your packaging production should consider the size of the storing ability of your factory as well as the size of your products.

    For the purpose of reducing waste, you are recommended to set the packaging with cloth wrap except the special condition in which extract measures should be taken to protect the fragile products from damage.

    Cost estimation



    Before producing, you should have a clear plan for your budget. And the cost in package producing involves many parts. Material purchase is the most basic. Packaging also needs the cost in designing, cartoning, transporting and so on.

    The advanced planing can distribute the cost rationally and prevent the impulse purchase.


    How to choose the right packaging for your product? After reading this whole passage, you must have your own understanding and planning. Come on and produce the suitable and attracting package for your products! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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