Oscillating Granulator:The Complete Buying Guide In 2024

Are there any perfect solution for forming the required granules from moist power material with high standard and low price? Are you searching for the new type of oscillating granulator with high quality?


AIPAK Oscillating Granulator

When it comes to turn powders into granules in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical ceramics or related industries, the oscillating granulator is always your best choice. Following this guide, you may get the most detailed information about its type, working principle and application industries, etc. Let's get started now!

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    1.What Is Oscillating Granulator?


    Oscillating Granulator-sourced: wandamill

    The oscillating granulator, also called as sway granulator or swing granulator, is an type of wet granulation machine which is specially designed for forming your required granule sizes from moist powder material or for crushing dried block stock, sensitive powders, and granules in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

    This machine can make the dry powder into uniform and consistent granules. The oscillating granulator comes with an elastically adjustable wire screen mesh which is easy for you to assemble and disassemble.

    2.What Is The History And Evolution Of Oscillating Granulator?

    The history and evolution of the oscillating granulator are:

    History Of Oscillating Granulator


    History Of Oscillating Granulator-sourced: pharmainform

    The oscillating granulator was developed in the mid-1920s and is widely used in the your production of oral solid tablets. It is mainly used for wet de-agglomeration of blended ingredients before drying, and grade dry pharmaceutical compounds before tableting. This machine is capable of producing granules in the range of 10 mesh to 30 mesh.

    Evolution Of Oscillating Granulator


    Evolution Of Oscillating Granulator-sourced: welldone

    Early oscillating granulators relied mainly on the friction between oscillating rod and sizing screen, and operated by manipulating parameters of the screen size and your oscillation frequency or speed. As this equipment has continued to develop and improve, it has now developed to the point where the screen bar gap can be adjusted externally.

    3.What Are The Advantages Of Using An Oscillating Granulator?

    The oscillating granulators are designed to convert wet or dry materials into uniform granules of consistent size. It can benefit you:



    Versatility-sourced: jardins

    The oscillating granulators are widely used for homogenization, size reduction, grading and sieving of dry, sensitive powders and granules in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. In addition to playing an important role in the granulation process of tablet manufacturing, it can be used for both wet and dry granulation.

    Efficient Granulation


    Efficient Granulation-sourced: spicestationsilverlake

    By using oscillating rotor technology to achieve efficient and uniform granulation, the oscillating granulator can break down your materials into particles of the desired size and ensure you the consistent particle size distribution. It provides flexibility to achieve the desired particle size by adjusting the granulation parameters.

    Easy to Operate and Maintain


    Easy to Operate and Maintain-sourced: jinghumingtai

    The oscillating granulators have intuitive controls and a simple interface, allowing you to easily monitor and adjust granulation parameters. The components of the equipment can minimize downtime and optimize productivity. You can precisely control the rotor speed, sieve size and feed rate, etc.

    Sturdy Construction


    Sturdy Construction-sourced: etwinternational

    Made of high-quality materials for durability, the oscillating granulator is built to withstand the demands of the granulation process. The rugged design ensures long-lasting performance and reliability, helping you to achieve seamless granulation operations.

    Safe and Reliable


    Safe and Reliable-sourced: yindamachinery

    The oscillating granulator is designed with features including an interlock system, emergency stop mechanism, and overload protection to ensure you safe and reliable granulation operations. It enables efficient and precise granulation of your pharmaceutical and chemical products.

    4.What Industries Are Oscillating Granulator Suitable For?

    The oscillating granulators are able to provide versatile and efficient solutions for a variety of industries.

    Pharmaceutical Industry


    Pharmaceutical Industry-sourced: verywellhealth

    The oscillating granulators are widely applied in pharmaceutical industry to manufacture granules from dry powders for your tablet compression and encapsulation. It is also used for converting drug ingredients into granules for tablet and capsule production. It is ideal for granulating active ingredients, excipients, etc.

    Chemical Industry


    Chemical Industry-sourced: juridiconline

    The chemical industry can use oscillating granulators for your size reduction and granulation of various chemical compounds, such as talc, pigment, lime, industrial raw materials, feed, and so on, creating uniform-sized granules that are easy for you to handle and store. This makes it ideal for use in a variety of chemical applications.

    Food Industry


    Food Industry-sourced: hanningfield

    In the food industry, the oscillating granulator is used to create granules from ingredients for the snack food and nutritional supplements. It can also be used to granulate materials such as sugar, salt, spices, candy and sugar mixtures as well as barley dairy products for your use in food production.

    Cosmetics Industry


    Cosmetics Industry-sourced: alkotoegyetem

    You also apply the oscillating granulator to produce granules for your cosmetics, such as pressed powders, blushes, eye shadows, scented powder, talcum powder, itching powder, etc. In other industries, it can be used to granulate ceramic and plastic mixtures, etc. into shaped pellets.

    5.What Are The Types Of Oscillating Granulator?

    The classification of the oscillating granulator is very simple. According to the appearance design, it mainly includes:

    Floor-type Oscillating Granulator


    AIPAK Floor-type Oscillating Granulator

    The floor-type oscillating granulator has a simple structure. It is mainly grounded through a base, and then the granulation chamber is connected to the side of the electric room.

    Its advantages are small footprint and convenient for your manual standing operation. Its granulation motion can help you produce products with uniform particle size with adjustable operational speed and oscillating angle.

    Table-type Oscillating Granulator


    Table-type Oscillating Granulator-sourced: cosmec

    The table-type oscillating granulator is designed on the plane of the table. There are rollers below for your easy movement. The electric box and operation panel are at the lower right corner.

    The sieve can be removed and remounted easily, with adjustable tension, easy operation and low noise. The driving mechanism, lubrication system and mechanical components are enclosed in the machine body, ensuring your machine long service life.

    6.What Are The Key Components Of Oscillating Granulator?


    Key Components Of Oscillating Granulator

    The oscillating granulator mainly consists of the following parts:


    The hopper is mainly used to help you load powder or granules into oscillating granulator, and then screen or crush them without wasting materials. It is the feed port of the whole equipment. Not only acts as a storage, the hopper also transports powder or granules to the granulation chamber.


    The rotor is the rotating axis of the oscillating granulator. It mainly consists of a 5-edge arm-like structure, which can provide you with an oscillating mode of rotation, thereby guiding the arm to apply crushing force to the powder or granules. Used to provide stirring force, it can effectively break the material into smaller particles.

    Granulation Chamber

    The granulation chamber is a whole closed structure. It is the main component of the granulator and provides you a closed and clean place for the main material screening or crushing. With a sturdy structure, it can be used for grinding and screening materials of various sizes, shapes, sizes and hardness.


    The sieve is a semi-circular design and installed around the rotor arm in the granulation chamber. By choosing sieves with different mesh sizes, you can sieve granules or powders of different mesh sizes. Particles not sieved successfully will continue to return to the previous step until they are sieved to the predetermined size.

    Discharge Chute

    The discharge chute is installed on the lower side of the oscillating granulator which can help you collect the sieved or crushed materials.

    Mechanical Room

    The mechanical room is usually located on the back of the granulator. It is equipped with mechanical parts such as gearboxes, chains, motors, etc. for your stable and safe operation.

    Electric Room

    The electrical room contains the wires, consumables and other operating buttons of the oscillating granulator. Its drive mechanism can transmit the rotational power to the blades in the processing chamber.

    7.What Is The Working Principle Of Oscillating Granulator?

    Working Principle Of Oscillating Granulator-sourced:

    The working principle of the oscillating granulator is simple and specific:

    Firstly, you need to load the wet or dry powder materials thatneeds into the hopper.

    Then, materials in the hopper will enter the cylindrical screen. Depending on the size of the cylindrical screen you choose, the material will be fed into the high-speed rotating rotor.

    As the rotor rotates, the blades will push the material against the screen wall.

    Due to the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the rotor, your material will be forced through the perforations.

    This step mainly helps you break the material into smaller particles or particles.

    After that, you can control the size of the particles by adjusting the speed of the rotor and the size of the perforations in the screen.

    Therefore, the material that passes through the screen is collected, while the larger particles continue to circulate in the machine until their size is small enough.

    Finally, these successfully screened materials will be further processed into tablet or capsule granules.

    8.What Is The Wet Granulation And Dry Granulation Of Oscillating Granulator?

    Oscillating Granulator For Wet Granulation and Dry Granulation-sourced: lodhainternational

    The wet granulation and dry granulation are two common granulation processes that you can use binders or compression to combine fine powders into larger granules. Oscillating granulators can be used for both wet and dry granulation.

    Wet Granulation

    The wet granulation refers to a process where a liquid solution is added to the powder, and then some dry powder particles are mixed together by the granulation liquid for your operation. These liquids consist of volatile solvents that can be easily removed by drying.

    Dry Granulation

    Dry granulation is a powder agglomeration method used by the pharmaceutical industry to improve the flowability of your granules by improving the material size (particles). The process of this operation can be performed with the help of roller compactors, with some configurations and different types of equipment designs.

    9.Can You Integrate An Oscillating Granulator Into An Existing Production Line?


    Integrate An Oscillating Granulator Into An Existing Production Line-sourced: incareer

    The oscillating granulator can be easily integrated into your existing production lines. Before integration, you need to:

    Evaluate Your Production Line

    Before integrating the oscillating granulator with your production line, you need to determine your space availability, material transfer factors and other parameters. And, make sure your production line has enough space for oscillating granulator layout, materials can be transferred safely and cleanly, etc.

    Compatibility Between Equipment

    You need to check whether the machine is compatible with the equipment in your production system to ensure streamlined operation, electrical and mechanical integration, such as air supply, control system, power supply and easy installation of mechanical accessories.

    Compliance With Safety Regulations

    You need to check the safety of the entire system. Through testing and calibration, you would better test the system under different operating conditions and calibrate the system to avoid the risk of accidents, etc.

    10.What Are The Common Issues And Troubleshooting For Oscillating Granulator?


    Common Issues of Oscillating Granulator-sourced: tomlaforce

    Although the oscillating granulator is a very efficient device, there are some common problems during operation:

    Common Issues May Reasons Troubleshooting


    Inconsistent Particle Size

    l The screen may be clogged or damaged;

    l Uneven feed or incorrect blade settings;

    l Check the screen and replace it with a new one;

    l Check the feed inlet and feed the material evenly;

    l Set the blade or replace it with a new one;

    Particle Clogged l The gap between the screen and the knife edge becomes larger;

    l Causes larger pieces of low-loose recycled material to accumulate on top of the screen;

    l Screens should be cleaned, inspected and rotated regularly;

    l Prevents material build-up and ensures even screen wear;

    Excessive Noise and Vibration l May be parts are misaligned or worn;

    l Some parts have fallen off or been damaged;

    l Check the oscillating granulator for loose parts and tighten them as necessary;

    l Regular maintenance and lubrication of equipment parts;

    11.What Are The Maintenance And Cleaning Of Oscillating Granulator?


    Maintenance Of Oscillating Granulator-sourced: desc

    Although with a long service life, regular maintenance and cleaning of the oscillating granulator are essential for your operation. The maintenance of oscillating granulator is:

    Regular Lubrication Reason Steps
    1 l Regular lubrication of oscillating granulator is essential to extend its service life; l First, constantly check whether there are loose nuts or screws before, during and after the oscillating granulator is running;
    2 l Parts that are not properly oiled may cause the oscillating granulator to seize and cause major problems in the future; l After cleaning the machine, make sure the parts are dry;

    l Use an appropriate amount of lubricant to lubricate joints of all parts;

    Regular Inspection Reason Steps
    1 l Able to prevent and maintain the stable production of oscillating granulator; l Regularly inspect all parts for wear or abnormalities, including scrapers, nozzles, and expanded steel mesh;
    2 l May ensure the smooth production of equipment;

    l Adjust the gap between the rotating and fixed knives according to the operation recommendations;

    l Make sure all cables and connectors are securely connected and all safety switches and emergency stops are functioning properly;


    Cleaning Of Oscillating Granulator-sourced: cdc

    It is very necessary to disassemble and clean your oscillating granulator regularly, and clean the hopper, rotor, and screen after each use to prevent contamination and accumulation.

    Step 1:

    Use a bag-less vacuum to remove any residue from the outside of the oscillating granulator;

    Step 2:

    Open the hopper cover and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of the hopper to remove all residue;

    Step 3:

    Remove the mesh screen and clean the inside of the hopper with a clean cloth, drinking water and detergent;

    Step 4:

    Dry the inside of the hopper with a clean cloth, and clean the swing rotor and handwheel lever with a clean cloth, drinking water and detergent;

    Step 5:

    Clean the disassembled screen with detergent and air dry;

    Step 6:

    Reinstall the screen into the oscillating granulator and disinfect the inside of the hopper, oscillating rotor, handwheel lever and screen;

    12.What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing An Oscillating Granulator?


    What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing An Oscillating Granulator-sourced: desc

    Choosing an oscillating granulator according to the following criteria will greatly improve your production efficiency.

    Material Properties


    Material Properties-sourced: ilkesport

    The material properties, such as size, shape, and hardness, may affect the performance of the your oscillating granulator. It is critical to choose an oscillating granulator that can effectively handle a specific material.

    Production Capacity

    The production capacity determines the size of the oscillating granulator you needed. Also, the required output capacity is also a key factor. The granulator you choose shall meet your production needs.

    Granulator Blades and Rotor Design


    Granulator Blades and Rotor Design-sourced: researchgate

    The blade and rotor design would affect the material cutting efficiency and particle formation. You are better to choose an oscillating granulator that can improve the performance of the granulator with the best blade design and a high-quality rotor.

    Screen Size and Shape


    Screen Size and Shape-sourced: junzhuo

    The choice of screen size and shape determines the final particle size of your material. If the correct screen configuration is selected, this ensures the material size and uniformity you need.

    Dust Collection

    The need for a dust collection system should be considered, especially in the pharmaceutical industry for your materials processing.


    Oscillating granulator plays an important part in the process of granulation in all kinds of tablets in different industries. To have a better understanding through this complete buying guide of oscillating granulator would greatly improve your business and tablet manufacturing. Want to have a deeper understanding of oscillating granulator? Come to us now!

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