Empty Gelatin Capsules:the Ultimate Buying Guide in 2024

Have you ever heard of empty gelatin being classified as “food”,not considered a food additive?

It is gelatin derived from natural resources and obtained through partial hydrolysis of collagen contained in animal skins and bones.

As a pure and high quality protein coming from by-products of the meat industry, gelatin also helps to minimize wastage.

So,now if you are someone looking for a truly natural or sustainable product,this guide is here right for you.

Spending a few minutes reading through,you will get some of the most important points purchasing the best gelatin capsules.

Let’s get started directly.

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    1.What are Empty Gelatin Capsules?

    Empty gelatin capsules are actually capsules with nothing in it. Empty gelatin capsules are strong measurement structures in which the dosage of medication is encased in a little shell.

    Empty gelatin capsules are used as saving drugs, vitamins, minerals, and other healthy ingredients. These are suitable to use as they because they are not harmful for the body.

    And enable high consumer compliance. Other things that can be used are in the form of powder, liquids and paste formulations but empty gelatin capsules are more reliable and easier to use.

    Gelatin is a colorless dry powder. This capsule has been used for centuries as a food or in pharmaceutical products.

    It is advantageous as it easily gets dissolved in body fluids at normal body temperature. This trait makes gelatin an ideal ingredient.

    Gelatin protects the active drug inside it from oxygen, light moisture and dust at the same time being swallowed. Moreover, the color and size of the empty gelatin capsule helps the consumers to identify and differentiate between different drugs containing empty gelatin capsules.

    Gelatin is the primary ingredient used in making the gelatin empty gelatin capsules. Gelatin from bovine and porcine sources is used in the making of these empty gelatin capsules.

    Two basic type of gelatin capsules are available in market:

    1)Hard empty gelatin capsules or also called hard caps

    2) Soft empty gelatin capsules or also called soft gels

    Two cylindrical shells make up a hard empty gelatin capsule. The upper part of the cap has greater diameter while the lower one is smaller and called body. These two parts together make a closed water proof unit.

    These hard caps are manufactured separately before filling of actual ingredients. After that, in the second step, the drug is then filled in the empty hard empty gelatin capsules.

    Soft Empty gelatin capsules are manufactured as a single sealed piece. The ingredient is filled in the soft caps during the manufacturing of the empty gelatin capsule itself.

    2.What is the Size of Empty Gelatin Capsules? 

    The weight relies upon the amount of the powder you are utilizing. A few powders are a lot denser than others. It additionally relies upon the fineness of the powder.

    The best way to be certain is to check the heaviness of every individual material. On a scale exact to inside one-10th of a gram or even to one-10th of an ounce or even to a gram, you can gauge 24 void cases and afterward contrast and the weight when full.

    On the off chance that you just need a limited quantity of dynamic fixing, at that point you can blend in with a material, for example, milk powder or rice powder as a filler.

    Capsule Size
    Volume (ml) 1.37 0.93 0.68 0.50 0.37
    Locked Length

    +_ 0.7mm

    26.14 23.6 21.3 19.2 17.5
    Capsule Capacity



































    That way you can utilize "0" or "00" size containers with different loads of dynamic fixings.

    000" holds around 1000 mg., "00" holds around 735 mg., "0" size holds around 500 mg., #1 holds around 400 mg., #3 around 200 mg.

    One teaspoon will fill around 7 "0" cases and around 5 "00" cases.

    These empty gelatin capsules are available in different sizes. One can select the right sized gelatin empty gelatin capsules according to the need using the following size chart.

    Different Sizes in the empty gelatin Capsules

    Empty gelatin capsule Weight: We measured the weight of the empty gelatin capsule in milligrams (mg).

    Volume Capacity: The volume of the inside of the capsule is measured in milliliters (ml).

    Weight Capacity: The density of formulation determines the waste capacity of empty gelatin capsules. It is measured in milligrams (mg).

    Closed Length: It is the total length of an empty gelatin capsule.

    Individual Lengths: These are the lengths of the body and the cap which are measured separately in millimeters. The material filled part; the body has longer length than the empty part i.e.; the cap. 

    External Diameter: It refers to the total diameter of the body and the cap.

    Tolerance: The allowed amount of variation and the dimension before the product is labelled and fit for sale. 

    3.What are the Advantages of Empty Gelatin Capsules? 

    Suitable for each low and excessive pace encapsulating machine.

    • Safe as according to the FDA standards
    • Durable
    • Appropriate for long-time period storage
    • Stable with a minimum extrade in length, weight and moisture absorption
    • A extensive variety of shadeation printing alternatives to be had inclusive of axial, radial and multi shadeation
    • Accurate sizing and shadeation matching

    4.Are there any Disadvantages of Empty Gelatin Capsules?

    1. From a producer's perspective, there is maybe some burden in the way that the number of providers of empty gelatine capsules is way less when it is compared with the tableting process.
    1. Filling machine is slower than tableting, in spite of the fact that in recent years the innovations have closed this gap to the minimum level. Like, with the fully automatic machine.
    1. For the most part, hard empty gelatin containers or capsule items will in general be more expensive to create than tablets; in any case, the relative cost-viability of tablets and capsules should be decided to depend upon the situation.
    1. This cost detriment lessens as the expense of the dynamic fixing increments or when tablets should be covered. Moreover, it very well might be conceivable to evade or lessen the expense of a granulation venture by picking a capsule in comparison to tableting.
    1. Exceptionally solvent salts, by and large, ought not to be administered in empty hard gelatin. Their fast delivery may cause gastric disturbance attributable to the arrangement of a high medication focus in restricted zones.
    1. Two of the tablets and empty hard gelatin might get held up in the throat, where the subsequent restricted high convergence of specific medications like, doxycycline, potassium chloride, indomethacin may cause harm.

    5.What will you Benefit from Filling Empty Gelatin Capsules?

    • Saves lots of money

    Purchasing homegrown herbals that are now in capsules or tablet structures can be a bit costly. Particularly on the off chance that you are taking numerous supplements. It isn't considered a good option for individuals to spend around $20 or more on a bottle.

    At the point when you fill your own capsules, nonetheless, you can purchase the ingredients in large quantities, and afterward fill your capsules. Just think about What amount of cash you would be able to save? Obviously, it will rely upon the ingredients you are utilizing.

    Assume you have joint torment and as of now use a turmeric supplement. As you may buy turmeric powder in mass, for example, 1 pound for about $15, you can have 1,000 turmeric cases for around $30. At the point when you look at that as a capsule, it shows lots of savings.

    • Filling Your Own Capsules Will Save You Time

    Another explanation that filling your capsules is suggested is it will help you save your time. You may believe that handling your own capsules is the slowest of the procedure. Nonetheless, when you utilize one of our well-known capsule filling machines, you will handle all the capsules in the given time frame. That is an enormous efficient device.

    • You Will Know Exactly What is In Your Capsule

    In spite of the fact that you never need to complain about any of the capsules business, would you say you are certainly sure that ingredients filled in the capsules are of your choice and better for your health?

    A few organizations will place in some type of material that is actually neither better for your health nor is it useful and organic. At the point when you fill capsules yourself, you will know precisely the thing you are placing in them since you will do it without anyone else's help. This will help you to stay safe and sound, and it will give you considerably more incentive for your cash.

    • You are able to have your formula

    You will likewise find that making yourself capsules is helpful in light of the fact that you can make your formula and then put in that.  For instance, rather than taking a multi nutrient that may contain fixings you don't need to eat,  you can make one for yourself.

    An illustration of this may be taking a mix of peppermint, ginger, and elusive elm bark to facilitate the impacts of sickness during pregnancy. You can without much of a stretch blend this up yourself, fill the unfilled capsules, and have them.

    • You Can Avoid medication that is not good

    At long last, when you see something that does not have a better taste, have a bad odor which irritates you or something which you don't like.

    You can have something which is your choice to have a better taste.

    6.Are there any Difference Between Empty Gelatin Capsules and Vegetable Capsules? 

    A veggie capsule is composed of cellulose, a significant primary segment in plants.

    Vegetable Capsule

    To be more explicit, the fundamental element of vegetarian capsules is hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC).

    In the current market, gelatin capsules are more comprehensively utilized than vegetarian capsules since their expense of making is lower.

    In spite of the cost factor, vegetarian capsules give additional advantages besides being a decent replacement for gelatin capsules.

    Gelatine vs Vegetarian Capsules 

    The table underneath thinks about the contrasts between gelatin and veggie lover containers.

    Characteristic Vegetarian Capsule Gelatin Capsule
    Cross Linkage It does not have cross-linkage in that type of capsule. Their solubility is reduced just because of the results of the cross-linkage.


    It does have less moisture like 3 to 7% and as a result, it has more stability. It does have lower stability. Just because of the fact it has moisture around 12 to 16% in it.

    Composition tolerance

    Reasonable for an assortment of fill materials, including those containing aldehydic gathering. Reasonable for dry and powdered materials, may not be viable with some fluid materials, for example, oils and gels with the aldehydic gathering.
    Light Degradation Not Possible Possible
    Heat Degradation Above 80% Above 60%
    Room-temperature dissolution in water It has the Higher dissolution It has the Lower dissolution
    Oxygen Permeability It is Soluble It is Insoluble

    7.What can you Use to Fill the Empty Gelatin Capsules?

    It is another thing to know. What exactly you can fill into the empty gelatine capsules.

    These are few of the possible items that you can fill into these capsules.

    Fillings in the Capsules-Photo Credit: Slideshare

    Powder Filled Capsules

    Powder-filled capsules are usually used to get ready enhancements due to their dependability, accommodation, evaluating, and generally speaking experience. For one thing, making your own capsules supplements ensures fixings in sheer structure, they are additionally speedy and simple to swallow, assist you with keeping away from serious flavors and scents and guarantee appropriate measurement.

    Granules filled Capsules

    Granules are filled into the capsules because they can be used in such types too. Granules contain at least one dynamic substance with or without excipients and, if important, appropriate shading and seasoning substances. They are primarily utilized for low-harmfulness, high-portion drugs. 

    Bead Filled Capsules

    Beaded capsules are in the shapes of dosages that contain up to many small dots or pellets inside two shelled parts a smaller bottom and a more extensive top or cap of the empty gelatine capsule. The pellets and beads inside a gelatine capsule some of the time are the same in shape and size, while on different events they might be beads of fluctuating various sizes or even ones that look more like chips of conflicting shape and size.

    Fluid Filled Capsules

    Otherwise called fluid gels, they contain prescription suspended in gelatin or a comparable substance. This substance is handily processed, so, all things considered, dynamic fixings are delivered and retained. They are otherwise called soft gel capsules.

    Tablet Filled Capsules

    Sometimes tablets are also filled into the capsules in case if the dosage is very small and you need more than one dosage at a time. In such cases, we put the tablets into these capsules and utilize them. 

    8.How to Manufacture Empty Gelatin Capsules?

    Making the process of the  Empty Gelatin Capsules

    Making empty is not rocket science the process does follow the required steps. One after another and it does require severe quality control.

    The point to explain here is that you understand the process and let yourself know better about the process for decision making.

    Along these lines, you will lessen the number of defects that you might face during the making process.

    Additionally, you need the correct empty gelatin capsules or containers producing machines and hardware.

    The following is a video about the details of the manufacturing process.

    Capsules Making Process-Photo Credit: researchgate

    We should investigate the steps here one by one:

    Stage 1: Preparing Material

    Get top notch collagen from the ski and the bones of the animals. You should test the material to guarantee or to make sure that  they are of high caliber.

    Utilizing the gelatin dissolving tank, blend gelatin in with water that must be mineral. Obviously, dissolving happens at a reasonable temperature.

    The next thing is , you will move gelatin to the tank of the feeding  of the unfilled gelatin capsules producing machine.

    Stage 2: Adding Dyes and Opcifants

    With the gelatin in the tank that is used for the feeding, the time has come to add colors, opacifants and water.

    It is the last phase of the gelatin planning cycle.

    Actually there are two types of the gelatine making machine and relying upon the plan of the empty gelatine capsules  producing machine which you choose to work with , gelatin can move to the machine through pump or gravity.

    Stage 3: Mouding Capsules

    Fluid gelatin will at that point move to the embellishment part of the capsule producing machine.

    For this situation, we have the tempered steel pin bars structure in the upper deck.

    Therefore, the top and bottom set on the pin bars.

    Next, the machine subjects the gelatin in the bucket bars through a drying framework.

    It dries the gelatin by controlling  warmness, water in the air and volume of air decisively.

    Your machine should control every one of these boundaries all through the creation cycle. 

    Stage 4: Removing Empty Gelatin Capsules

    In the wake of drying, the machine will strip the two parts of the capsules from the bars of the bin.

    Simultaneously, the machine manages the unfilled gelatin capsules which would then be able to be combined back.

    During the whole cycle, you need to control the size, thickness, shading, dampness substance, and divider thickness.

    Stage 5: Packaging 

    Print the organization name and logo on the cases. Thus, the last advances are disinfection and bundling.

    9.What Quality Standard should Empty Gelatin Capsules conform to?

    Empty gelatine capsules must conform to certain quality standards such as:

    Halal Certifications

    AIPAK offers Halal affirmation for case items produced using cow-like gelatin and vegan polymers. Talk with Capsugel's Customer Service Organization for points of interest identified with the Halal confirmations.

    FDA prerequisites

    FDA creates guidelines dependent on the laws set out in the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) or different laws including the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act under which FDA works. FDA guidelines have the full power of law.

    European medical agency  prerequisites

    The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is a decentralized office of the European Union (EU) liable for the logical assessment, management, and security checking of drugs in the EU. EMA is administered by a free Management Board. Its everyday activities are completed by the EMA staff, managed by EMA's Executive Director.

    US Pharmacopoeial

    The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) was made almost 200 years back, committed to imparting trust where it makes a difference most: in the drugs, enhancements, and nourishments individuals depend on for their wellbeing.

    10.How to Fill Empty Gelatin Capsules?

    Filling the capsule is a vital thing and needs to be taken care of very carefully and you have to go through the best possible way when you wanna do this.

    For example, you can pick a machine that fills around 300,000 to 100 capsules per hour and the choice is all yours.

    It will all rely upon how you need to fill up the containers or capsules.

    Accordingly, you can look for one of these;

    1. Fully automatic capsule filling machine

    AIPAK fully automatic capsule filling machine

    In the event that you're running a huge production office, at that point, you can go for a completely programmed/ automatic filling capsule filling machine.

    Here, the case filling machine will play out all the fundamental activities.

    That is, it arranges the cases, opens, fills, and seals afterward.

    Here, the cycle is more precise and quick that you can fill more than 300,000 capsules in an hour.

    How this machine functions, you can watch the video underneath:

    As should be obvious, you can without much of a stretch arrange the activities through the touchscreen board.

    It includes a completely incorporated PLC framework.

    Process of the Automatic empty gelatin capsule filling

    Removing of the capsule will happen here and so does the popping up

    Automatic Filling Process

    2. Semi-auto capsule filling machine

    The semi-auto cases filling machine compared with the manual machine does have lots more productivity.

    AIPAK Semi-auto capsule filling machine

    As the name proposes, filling void cases with this machine is semi-auto.

    That is, there are measures that the machine can deal with, though, others the specialists should do.

    To understand how semi-automatic capsule filling machine works, you can watch the video below: 

    3.Manual Capsule Filling Machine

    Having a manual capsule filling machine, you need to manage each and everything with your own hand.

    This is, you will organize the cases afterward and fill and seal the capsules at the end.

    Here is a video attached which can explain to you how this manual machine works.

    This machine is fine for the purpose of small-scale production.

    Manual Capsule Filling Machine

    Filling the Capsules by Hand Process

    A.Fill the bowl with fillers

    Empty your filler into a bowl. In case you're utilizing a combination of fillers, pour every one of them together and afterward blend them well. It's alright to have an excessive amount of filler for the number of containers/capsules you are filling.

    B.Separated capsules and put the top on a side

    Your containers will come in a joined shape. To dismantle them, hold the lower part of the cases with one hand, and delicately pull the top side. In case you're experiencing difficulty pulling it straight off, bend the case top to and fro until it comes free.

    C.Pour the mix in the lower portion of the capsules

    Utilizing the lower part of the capsule to collect all of your filler. Whatever you want to put into the capsules.

    Before you fill your containers, ensure your hands are spotless. You can likewise wear defensive gloves.

    D.Put the top and press down.

    Whenever you have the lower part of the case filled, put the top on that.  Hold the lower part of the case tenderly in one hand, at that point utilize the other to compress the top point of the container down.

    11.How to Store Empty Gelatin Capsules?

    Most of the time capsules are stronger, more like stretched oval structures in which medical things are encased in a little shell by using empty gelatine capsules.

    Relying upon the structure of the capsules might be soft or hard.

    The hard empty gelatin capsules are produced using (Gelatin is a clear, dismal, fragile (when dry), flavorless strong substance, gotten from the collagen which is a creature protein).

    Empty gelatine might consist of some humidness and normally Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules contain 12 - 16% dampness.

    Be that as it may, the dampness substance can change upon the capacity conditions.

    Suggested Storage conditions for Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules are these;

    • Always try to store the capsules away from sunlight. This means it shouldn't be near to the window, etc.
    • Try to Store capsules or cases far from boiling water, radiators, high temp water lines, and pipes of steam.
    • Never Store capsules on the ground and manage them in an array.
    • Condensation things should be quite far from places like the place there are some pipes etc.
    • Do not store empty gelatine capsules in coolers.

    Hard empty gelatin capsules will be put away between 15 to 25oC and 45-55% relative dampness to keep up the 12-16% dampness substance of tablet or capsules.

    It is significant that this dampness content is kept up and presented to high temperatures or cycling between high/low temperatures is maintained.

    At the point when stickiness is low,  empty gelatin capsules become weak, whenever put away at high moistness, the cases become limp and the extra dampness substance can cause problems of stability.

    In the event that storage of capsules happen at a high temperature following deformities can happen;

    1. Empty gelatine capsules won't be separated due to the stucking of capsules.
    1. Fragile or break capsules.
    1. Cases with twisted shapes.

    4.Stucking of capsules top to the bottom and opposes division.

    Humidity might affect the nature of both gelatine and, less significantly, HPMC cases during creation and storing. In case that the air is dry, the empty hard gelatine becomes fragile, especially in the event that they are kept in their unfilled form for a long time.

    All the more genuinely, the potential for the gelatine to go through cross-connecting and aqueous constriction increments according to the general level of humidity, which prompts lessened item quality.

    Then again, when the overall humidity level is too low, friction-based electricity can develop in the area of production. This results in the adhering to one another or being hard to bundle appropriately as capsules are pulled into the plastics utilized in bundling lines and production premises.

    With precise control of relative dampness levels, these issues can be stayed away from and item quality will profit. 

    12.What should you Consider when Buying Empty Gelatin Capsules?

    Good Quality 

    Only if you're satisfied a product is considered as a quality product. In the case of buying empty gelatine capsules make sure they are of good quality because they need to be filled later on.

    Gluten free

    Oral meds as capsules are an expected source of contamination like gluten Meds are made out of numerous fixings, both inside and outside of the item. Always make sure you buy empty gelatine capsules which are gluten free. 

    Contamination free 

    Watch that each material is liberated from microbial or some other type of pollution. Especially in the case of the capsules because you eat them.

    Allergen free

    Allergen-Free gives great microbes that advance immunity against germs. So, it's better to have this feature in your empty gelatin capsules too.

    Other than that these factors are also needed to keep in the mind.


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