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Empty Capsule

The rise in a number of pathologies and the aged population has driven a high surge for empty pill capsules in the pharmaceutical manufacturing market. This demand is expected to propel more and more in the coming days. Also, increased inclination in several research studies aiming to develop new potential drug forcing for expansion of empty capsules. Insight About Empty Capsules specifically shares significant information with useful tips you must learn.

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    1.Why Selecting Empty Gel Capsule?

    An empty capsule whether gelatin or vegetarian can be used to fill any formulation. This is the most preferable solid dosage form because people find it more suitable for easy swallowing than tablets.


    Perhaps, there are three basic reasons:

    Professional- Businesses

    Empty gelatin capsule is high in demand for the following business sectors:


    Active pharmaceutical ingredients can be easily encapsulated via an automatic encapsulator that does not require ample time in loading, rearrangements, etc., The pharmaceutical industry is a fundamental core where a high selection of empty gel capsules is required. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) along with other excipients are encapsulated into it in a lesser time and effort.


    Today nutraceutical products are in demand everywhere. This is because regular intake of vitamins and dietary supplements replenish the nutritional value and make you energized for the routine task. That’s why in terms of applications, the nutraceutical segment demonstrated a high share of the global empty capsule market in 2021.



    Many individuals are cautious when they administer medication to their pets. The veterinary sector is now more prevalent and expanding globally for the use of empty gel capsules. If you are starting up a business in this sector you must consider different capsule sizes specifically for animals. Moreover, capsule size may vary depending upon the quantity of medication needed. Many animals are not a fan of taking medicines, empty gelatin capsule is used to incorporate the active ingredient in powder form and dispense via empty capsule.

    Organic Herbs

    Putting organic substances in empty capsules allows herbalists to use customized doses. E.g.: you can do compounding by utilizing multiple herbs in one capsule or altering each herb in various colored capsules.

    Non- Professional- Individual

    Non- Professional- Individual

    Homebased formulations are becoming more popular as they can be very affordable than market-bought nutritional supplements. All you require is an empty capsule shell, filling machine, and material you wish to put in. Various individual preparations are associated with general ingredients with no harm. For e.g., turmeric powders, ginger powder, and other raw spices or crushed medicines.

    Clinical Studies- R&D

    An empty gelatin capsule is ideal for oral delivery of test compounds in preclinical or animal studies. They are preferred in carrying out double-blinded clinical trials. It can be developed and accessed much more easily than tablets for assessing new chemical entities. That’s why clinical trial Phase I and II is commonly carried out utilizing empty capsule. Before selection, you need to closely monitor the concentration of the test drug you’re using.

    2.Key Benefits of Empty Gelatin Capsule

    Key Benefits of Empty Gelatin Capsule

    If you’re considering an empty gelatin capsule, then here are some key advantages of making your own formulation.



    Truth is that selecting an empty capsule shell whether, for individual use, clinical, small, or large batch production is always time and cost-economical than you think.
    All you need is empty capsule and capsule fillers. Similarly, formulating your own capsule can help to reduce 90% of the cost of what you spend annually.



    Nowadays, consumption of nutritional supplements has risen leap and bound. This has increased the demand for empty capsule shells to compensate for the requirement.
    Empty capsules ensure high and controlled productivity in a lesser period that impacts positively the global health market.



    Filling an empty capsule is beneficial as it guarantees the type of material or formulation as per your requirements. Swallowing your own created capsule formulation ensures that you’re taking something purely made of 100% authentic or natural product. This exactly gives peace of mind to what you sell or administer.



    According to body physiology, personal choices, and needs; each and every one of us is different. That’s why everyone prefers to have their own customize formulation to treat either ailment.
    An empty gelatin capsule or empty veggie capsule is ideal to restore body function up to your requirement. You can use single or mixed ingredients with optimized per serving size to obtain the exact benefits you’re seeking.



    There are various medicines available in the market that are unpleasant in taste. Similarly taking organic herbs or other plant-derived ingredients produces a bitter taste also. The empty capsule is of great significance in this way; because it offers the easiest solution to put your ingredient into it and consume it without facing any difficulty in swallowing. So, taking nasty medication is no more a problem. Furthermore, you can select different colored or flavored capsules to make a fun-filled choice.

    3.Types of Empty Capsules

    We know that it is very challenging to choose the right option for your formulation. Empty capsules feature a variety of capsule types. This is helpful if you’re not a professional manufacturer or a newbie. We have discussed the following capsule types below:

    Types of Empty Capsules

    Types of major Empty Capsule

    Empty Gelatin Capsule

    A highly flexible form of the capsule is composed of gelatin plasticized with glycerin, sorbitol, and ethanol that imparts the degree of stretching in the shell.
    The gel capsule is not suitable for hygroscopic ingredients because water content from the atmosphere adheres to the capsule and diffuses which makes them flaccid. Therefore, you will be required special primary packaging such as strip pack, blister pack, or bottle packaging.

    Hard Gelatin Capsule

    The gelatin used for producing hard gel capsules is obtained by hydrolyzing animals’ collagen (bones, connective tissues, skin). This is safe and non-allergenic and cost-effective. A two-piece hard gelatin capsule is available in a broad range of sizes varying from 000 to 5.

    Empty Vegetarian Capsule

    Empty Vegetarian Capsule

    Empty vegan or empty vegetarian capsules is available everywhere on the market. This is an ideal substitute for an empty gel capsule. These capsules are exceptionally manufactured from natural plant sources that are healthier for you other than standard capsules. Today, the demand for vege capsules is increasing due to the following reasons:

    Religion, personal and cultural

    Consuming gelatin obtained from animal sources is forbidden in some customs or religions. Similarly, Islamic practice requires capsules free from pigs’ extracts such as cow, fish, or plant derivatives.


    Capsule prepared from plant sources shows no potential health hazards. You can take them even for a prolonged period.


    Vegetarian capsules are healthy that attributes beneficial effects on an individual’s physiology.

    Empty HPMC Capsule

    Empty HPMC Capsule

    HPMC is a plant-derived capsule suitable for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and dietary ingredients. They are safe and beneficial with no risk of diseases like in gelatin capsules, such as Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy.
    They are highly stable even at reduced humidity levels and are available in various sizes ranging from 00 to 4. You can use them for drugs that are hygroscopic and moisture sensitive.

    Empty Pullulan Capsule

    Empty Pullulan Capsule

    They are vegetarian capsules obtained from tapioca. They have naturally fermented into pullulan a water-soluble mucopolysaccharide. These capsules have high oxygen barrier properties with low potent health hazards.

    Empty Starch Capsule

    Empty Starch Capsule

    Empty starch capsules as the name show obtained from vegetable starch for e.g potato. The rate of dissolution is pH-dependent. Thus, they are ideal for enteric coating capsules.

    Empty Starch Based- PVA Capsule

    Empty Starch Based- PVA Capsule

    Starch-based PVA capsule is a potential blend of Polyvinyl acetate and starch. They are suitable for hydrophilic lipid-based substances (PEG-400, TWEEN 80) with superior resistance to mechanical deformation.

    Empty Liquid-Filled Hard Capsule

    Empty Liquid-Filled Hard Capsule

    They can be produced either from gelatin or HPMC. Empty LFHCs are generally used for filling non-aqueous solutions, pellets, suspension, and vehicles with a melting temperature of 70 °C. They are a cost-economical solution with great product stability. They are also available as an enteric coated form with a specific mechanism of action.

    Empty Enteric Capsule

    Empty Enteric Capsule

    Empty Enteric Capsule-1

    It is an advanced targeted release capsule that allows encapsulated material to bypass the gastric environment and disintegrates into an enteric region (small intestine). Many formulations that are destroyed in the stomach environment (insulin-based drugs, painkillers, PPIs) are ideally delivered in acid-resistant enteric empty capsules.

    4.Empty Capsules Sizes

    Empty Capsules Sizes

    Select Empty Capsules By Size

    Empty capsules are available in a variety of sizes. Given below table is specially designed to assist you with capsule sizes useful for pharma, nutraceutical, and dietary supplements.

    SIZE Mg. per Capsule Size Teaspoon/Capsule Large Size Medium Size Small Size
    000 800-1600 0.16-0.32    
    00 600-1100 0.12-0.22    
    00E 600-1200 0.12-0.24    
    0E 462 - 924 0.09-0.18    
    0 400 - 800 0.08 - 0.16    
    1 300 - 600 0.06-0.12    
    2 200 - 400 0.04 - 0.08    
    3 150 - 300 0.03 - 0.06    
    4 120 - 240 0.024 - 0.048    
    5 78 - 156 0.000009 - 0.031    

    Popular Sizes of Gelatin Capsule

    • 000 Size Empty Gelatin Capsule
    • 00 Size Empty Gelatin Capsule
    • 0 Size Empty Gelatin Capsule
    • 4 Size Empty Gelatin Capsule

    Popular Sizes of Vegetarian Capsule

    • 000 Size Empty Vegetarian Capsule
    • 00 Size Empty Vegetarian Capsule
    • 0 Size Empty Vegetarian Capsule
    • 1 Size Empty Vegetarian Capsule 

    5.Key Trends, Growth, and Opportunities

    The empty medicinal capsule is a suitable way to deliver therapeutic ingredients to a body. Commercially they are available in various forms that we already have discussed above.


    Recently, the demand is skyrocketed due to the increased prevalence of physiological ailments such as cardiovascular and chronic diseases. Moreover, high awareness of vegetarian capsules has inclined the key trend towards non-gelatin or HMPC capsules. This is because they are safe, obtained from a natural source, moderate strength, and resistant to oily substances thus expanding high market growth.

    Furthermore, increased investment in R&D, clinical studies, and the healthcare system replenishing more opportunities to introduce innovative drugs and stimulating collaboration with empty capsules result in improving sustainable prospects in the market.

    6.Where To Buy Empty Pill Capsules

    Empty Pill Capsules

    Customers always wonder where to buy empty pill capsules. Is there any source to get an empty gelatin capsule near me? Which capsule size is suitable for me? How to purchase an empty capsule online? Luckily, you have a solution for all the above questions that keep knocking on your mind.
    Now you don’t need a special requirement for purchasing an empty capsule. Just follow the few steps:

    Use ‘ONLINE’ Sources


    Explore the competitive market via an online search. This is of great advantage because you can review customers' views, pricing, manufacturer details, company information, and delivery services.

    Guidance & Consultation

    Guidance & Consultation

    Many competitive vendors allow Free consultation and Guidance before offering the product. This is helpful for beginners who need to consult and select the right option.

    Quotation & Delivery

    Quotation & Delivery

    Dive into the online wholesale market and get the best price product quotation. In this way, vendors themselves can deliver the desired product to your doorstep.

    Direct Purchase

    If you have empty capsule providers nearby, then you may contact them directly via visiting them or on call.


    Making formulation with empty capsules whether animal or plant-based requires a clear understanding of the product. For example, size, material type, capacity, FDA standards, etc., When sources empty capsules, Aipak pharmaceutical is a qualified supplier that ensures empty capsules follow standardized procedures with cGMP norms. We hope Insight About Empty Capsules has contributed in well-productive knowledge.  Want to Make a Purchase? Send us a short message or Quotation to get in touch with Our Team right now!

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