Top 10 Global HPMC Capsule Suppliers: The Definitive Guide in 2024

In the growing world pharmaceutical companies are in competition with each other these days to overcome HPMC capsule making problems with ease and reliability. HPMC capsules are one of the most selling and useful capsule for the filling of different kinds of medicines. When competing with others you need to make sure that the Capsule you are providing Is unique and better than others. And that is only possible when the equipment and raw material you are using is the best one.

Searching for some good companies that can provide you with the best methods in making HPMC capsules is not an easy job these days. One of the raw materials that are used in the pharma industry is the capsule shells. Getting a good quality capsule is important these days as they are going to be used as medicine. And even a simple wrong ingredient can change the composition of the medicine inside the capsule whether it is in the filling powder or the shell.


HPMC Capsules: overview

HPMC also termed the Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is the best alternative for the traditional capsule shells and has been quite in demand these days. The unique thing about this one is that it is made up of plant extract cellulose making it a plant-based product. This makes it the best alternative for the vegans out there.

These capsules are used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and supplementary industries and hence getting the right one is important.

To help you with that we have created this guide of the top 10 best companies that are quite well known for providing some of the finest capsule shells including the HPMC shells. Moreover, these companies are also quite well known for providing some of the best encapsulation equipment that is used in combining the capsule and the powder drugs.

A table list all these top 10 HPMC Capsule manufacturers/supplier out:

1 Qualicaps LLC Whitsett, North Carolina
2 ACG Worldwide Mumbai, India
3 Capsugel New Jersey, U. S
4 Biocaps Enterprise El Monte, CA
5 AIPAK China
6 HealthCaps Miami, FL
7 CapsCanada Dania Beach, FL
8 FarmaCapsules Barranquilla, Colombia
9 Sunil Healthcare Rajasthan, India
10 LefanCaps Ontario, Canada

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Headquarter: Ontario, Canada

Qualicaps Background:

Qualicaps LLC

The oldest brand on our list QualiCap has been playing its role in the pharma industry for over a century. This brand was established in 1897 with Indianapolis as a capsule manufacturing plant. With such a long history of working in the industry, QualiCaps is quite well aware of their customer needs and how to fulfill them.

Moreover, QualiCaps has been providing nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical capsules, like HPMC capsules. In July 2020 Qualicaps was transferred to the Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation and since then it has been wrong under their supervision.

Qualicaps has worldwide facilities distribution. You can find their facilities in countries like the USA, Canada, Japan, Europe, and Brazil. That means getting the supply of these materials is no problem. They are a well-established brand known for the HPMC capsules suppliers.

Key Products

  • Quali -V
  • Quali-G
  • Prism -G

Recommend Reason

  • Less complex formulations, using less excipients
  • Possibility of combining drug products
  • More appropriate for hygroscopic active ingredients
  • Option of using two colors (for the capsule cap and body) for product marketing
  • More efficient product manufacturing process (reduced amount of steps), reducing validation and analytical costs
  • Absence of compression forces in product manufacturing

Headquarter: Mumbai, India

ACG Compacting Background:


Last but not least we have the ACG worldwide corporation that Is situated in Mumbai India. With over sixty years of experience, the ACG has been serving the customers without any disruption providing the same quality and reliability. Along with the pharmaceutical product they also have been serving the industry with nutraceuticals almost touching every aspect of the medical industry.

Moreover, they are also known for their high quality and features packed HPMC capsules supplier. With the vision of making the world a better and healthier place, the ACG has been continuously working and coming up with a new and better formulation of capsules

ACG has been reported to produce over 120 billion capsules per annum. Their manufacturing plants are located in India manufactured and designed according to the FDA-approved guidelines. Their product is supplied in over 138 countries that mean they supply all across the world.

Now ACG is also famous for its high-quality encapsulation tools and the big thing is that till now they have installed about 23,947 machines for their different clients.

Key Products

ACG caps vegetarian capsules

ACG capsule

Recommend Reason

  • Different HPMC capsules variant are available
  • Different gelatin capsule variants are available
  • Can formulate almost every product formula
  • Capsule color matching facility available
  • Provision of high-quality resources that you can use to formulate capsules of your choice.

Headquarter: New Jersey, U.S

Capsugel Background:


Capsugel now known as the Lonza company is one of the finest companies that specialize in creating the HPMC capsules. This company provides its customers with different arrays and varieties of hard capsules. Moreover, they also specialize in the production of nutraceuticals products. With the help of the latest technology and different engineering capabilities, they can make different polymers and sizes of capsules.

Based in New Jersey USA this company uses various encapsulation technologies combined with the customer needs to form some of the finest capsules. With 12 different manufacturing sites and over 5000 customers in 100 different countries, this company is a trusted manufacturer among the customers.

Capsugel has been reported to produce over 230 billion empty capsules annually. Production of this much amount is possible due to the presence of the 12 different up-to-date manufacturing sites that are present in various regions.

These various manufacturing facilities not only specialize in providing the HPMC capsules. But also specializes in creating soft gels, inhalation, clinical, and various other alternate polymer capsules. With the help of the late equipment, advanced and up-to-date formulas and highly qualified professionals this company can provide its customers with their needs.

Key Products

Lonza capsule

Capsugel being in the pharmaceutical world has been providing the industry with various products but being the leading capsule provider, their key products are:

  • VCAPS HPMC capsules
  • Inhalation Capsules
  • Specialized clinical capsules
  • Coni-Scap Hard gelatin Capsules

Recommend Reason

  • Capsugel provides you with a full library of R&D capsules that you can choose from whereas you can get customized capsules.
  • Their feature of building your capsules Is quite a good service to use. As it gives you the liberty of choosing the size, print, and color of the capsule.
  • Provide you both with the liquid and powder formulations
  • They have some very professional engineers that you can get help from to match your formula with the equipment.
  • Immediately provide you with the documentation on the customer portal

4. Biocaps Enterprise

Biocaps Enterprise

Headquarter: El Monte, CA

IMA Group Background:

BioCaps is another world's leading brand when it comes to the manufactures of empty HPMC capsules. With the experience of a long time and being in the industry for over five decades, this company has been outdoing in both the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical. BioCaps provides you with not only the HPMC capsules but also the gelatin, organic, and acid-resistant capsules.

BioCaps strives to create every capsule under the guideline of the pharmaceutical inspection convention scheme for good practice. Not only do they provide you with the best and finest quality hard capsules but also satisfactory customer service.

BioCaps is reported to produce 16 billion capsules annually. To produce such a big amount, they have two manufacturing sites. One Is present in China and the other Is present in Taiwan. Both sites are furnished with the updated equipment to produce the best capsules but also contain some very experienced engineers that are using their knowledge to produce different formulations of capsules.

Key Products

Acid-resistant vegetable capsules

Acid-resistant vegetable capsules

Acid-resistant vegetable capsules

BIoCaps is famous for providing the following key products of their own:

  • Acid-resistant vegetable capsules
  • Vegetable capsules
  • Bovine gelatin capsules

Recommend Reason

  • Allows you to select the color of your choice
  • All the capsules are kosher and Halal certified
  • All the capsules they provide have a low moisture content
  • Preservative-free formulations
  • Allergen and gluten-free capsules

Headquarter: China

AIPAK Background:


While talking about the HPMC capsule, with the experience of quite a while and being in the business for years, this organization has been outshining in both the drug and nutraceutical. AIPAK furnishes you with the HPMC capsules as well as the gelatin, natural, and corrosive safe cases. For that, we have the AIPAK company based in Wuhan China.

AIPAK has been providing its customers with the solution to all their needs. For better quality products they import all of their raw material from US and Germany so that the quality of their machine matches that of the European machines. Moreover, they have all their products manufactured under the cGMP guidelines to prevent any chances of inconvenience.

AIPAK factory is based in China and has been providing its customers with high-quality encapsulating equipment. With 500 plus customers with 200 repeat orders every month the APAK continues to win the trust of people all across the world.

They have recently set up a distribution plant in Turkey that provides their latest and up-to-date equipment there. Aside from that, their products have been exported to over 100 different countries with some very good testimonials that you can check on their site.

Key Products

AIPAK empty capsules

empty capsules

empty capsules

  • HPMC vegetarian Empty Capsule
  • Enteric Empty Gelation Capsule
  • Enteric HPMC (Vegetarian) Empty Capsule

Recommend Reason

  • AIPAK empty capsules select a-grade raw materials capsule gelatin
  • Capsule insision is smooth to prevent the powder leaking out.
  • In general type is pre-closed. separated capsule can be provided.
  • The cap and body by the combined two piece of hard quality and flexibility of the space capsule.
  • Be smooth, uniform color, smooth incision, no deformation and strange smell.
  • Different colors are available: as customers' request.
  • All AIPAK empty capsule complies with Halal,ISO,FDA certificate.

Headquarter: Miami, FL

HealthCaps Background:


Having its headquarters in Miami and the facilities throughout America HealthCaps Is another leading distributor for the ever-increasing demand for capsules. HealthCaps specialize in increasing the vegetable (HPMC) and gelatin capsules.

Another remarkable thing about HealthCaps is that they also provide the customer with encapsulating machinery. All the capsules are manufactured under the strict cGMP guidelines and the vertically integrated chain of the company ensures a reliable and efficient supply of capsules.

HealthCaps has its facilities not only in central and North America but also all over China and India the highly furnished facilities provide not in the ever-increasing demands of the capsules but also provide with the capsules manufacturing machinery. You can get the capsule filling and the capsule sealing machinery from the HealthCaps. Moreover, they also provide you with a guide on how to keep these machines maintained and keep your production going.

Key products

empty capsule Industry Regions

  • Mid Scale capsule packaging machinery
  • HPMC capsules
  • Capsule for liquid

Recommend Reason

  • Advance packaging styles
  • Fast and immediate delivery stem
  • You can even order low quantity
  • Also, take the customized order
  • Technical support for all the machinery
  • A big inventory for different color supplies of capsules

Headquarter: Dania Beach, FL

CapsCanada Background:


Continuing its thirty years legacy the CapsCanada continues its mission of providing pharmaceutical and nutraceutical supplements. With the three decades of experience, they have been formulating different capsules variants and providing their customers with their efficient service. With the build your capsule option you go for any type of printing, size, color, or formulation you like.

CapsCanada guarantees to provide you with the same thing you ordered for. CapsCanada specializes in creating HPMC, Gelatin, Acid resistant, Clinical trial, and liquid formulation capsules. Not only that, the formulation theory provides technical and formulation support and their efficient workers are always ready to guide you towards the right process.

CapaCanada has been serving over 60 global markets and providing clients with an endless supply of empty capsules. The facilities of the CapsCanada span over Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and Barranquilla, Colombia, etc.

Moreover, they ensure that every capsule that they formulate lies under the guidelines of the cGMP guidelines. To prevent any future inconveniences. Complete traceability and the reliable superior CapsCanada are surely going to keep your production going.

Key Products

CapsCanada capsule

CapsCanada capsule

  • Liquid formulation capsules
  • Gelatin capsules
  • K-CAPS HPMC capsules
  • Acid Resistant capsules
  • Branding kits

Recommend Reason

  • Provides you with the formulation assistance
  • Regulatory compliance for product approval
  • Technical education and support
  • Customization option available
  • Provides capsule kits for clinical trials

Headquarter: Barranquilla, Colombia

Farmacapsules Background:


Another very old and world's leading manufacturer of empty capsules is the Farmacapsules. This thirty years old brand has been working worldwide to provide the pharmaceutical industry with some very high-quality capsules. This company not only specializes in creating capsules but also other OTC products like tablets and liquids.

This company has some very famous strategic partners that provide it with the raw material for the formulation of the products. Moreover, the highly renovated and equipped factories combined with the professional workspace this company has been a go-to place for the industrialists.

Farmacapsules has its facilities distributed worldwide and we are sure that if you take a look, you are surely going to find a facility in your country. Its facilities range from all over America to Europe, East Asia, and South Asia. So, getting the material for your production is no problem.

Key Products




The key products of the Framacapsules are:

  • K-CAPS vegetable capsules
  • Flavored capsules
  • ARCAPS capsules
  • Gelatin capsules

Recommend Reason

  • Use of fluid bed technology
  • Manufacturing of bulk products in different forms
  • Other OTC products are also available
  • Advice for selection, design, and size manufacturing
  • Full regulatory and technical support
  • Worldwide distribution of the facilities so delivery of products in less time


9. Sunil Healthcare

Sunil Healthcare

Headquarter: Rajasthan, India

Sunil Healthcare Background:

Sunil Healthcare

Built in 1976, having experience of four decades, Sunil Healthcare is an innovative brand of India providing hard empty capsules all across the world. With their immense credibility in the global market, Sunil Healthcare has been a good partner of some of the very famous clients like Pfizer, Abbott, gsk, etc.

This leading brand is the one that introduced the concept of the double lock capsules which Are now used worldwide today for the better lasting of the capsules. They specialize in creating the HPMC, Gelatin, and their unique formulation Pullulan capsules. Their capsules are available in 9 different sizes and you can choose one according to our requirements.

The manufacturing plant of this company is present in Alwar Rajasthan that is easily accessible through any type of transport. Sunil Healthcare is reported to produce about 13 billion capsules per annum. This amount is formulated with the help of their 22 fully automatic production lines. Their facilities are available all over Africa, Australia, South America, North America, and Europe.

Moreover, all their production lines are fully equipped with PLC-controlled high-speed machines. The experienced six sigma team provides you with any type of support or education that you might require during the manufacturing process.

Key Products

Sunil Healthcare

Sunil Healthcare

  • Pullulan capsules
  • Preservative-free capsules
  • stick-free capsules
  • Vegetable capsules
  • Liquid fill capsules

Recommend Reason

  • High quality and credible products
  • Double locking system for better capsule shelf life
  • Famous trusted partners
  • facilities available all over the world
  • Premium customer support service
  • Fast delivery system
  • Competitive and best price available

Headquarter: Whitsett, North Carolina

LefanCaps Background:


LefanCap was established in 2001 in North Carolina as a capsule shell manufacturer. Over the years till now they have evolved their game of formulating the capsules. Now not only do they formulate the capsule but also work as the equipment suppliers.

With multiple production lines that are renovated with the latest equipment and highly qualified professionals, they have been serving hundreds and thousands of customers out there. Their entire manufacturing facility has been created under the strict cGMP guidelines so that their customer does not face any restriction or future problems.

Their manufacturing site is present in North Carolina over an area of about 378,000 feet. This vast manufacturing facility is equipped with all the essential tools that are important for formulating the capsule heels.

Their highly experienced professional uses their experience during the encapsulation procedure to come up with something unique and more credible. LefanCaps export their products to over 20 different countries. LefanCaps is a certified company having different certificates like the Kosher and Halal certified etc.

Key Products

LefanCaps capsule

LefanCaps capsule

  • Preclinical capsules
  • Flavored capsules
  • Antioxidant capsules
  • Delay release capsules
  • Gastric capsules

Recommend Reason

  • Wide variety of capsules
  • Customization options available
  • Equipped with the latest tools for better formulation
  • Provides various solutions to your problems
  • Provides you with greater customer support


HPMC capsules are quite a in demand these days due to them being vegan. Aside from the use in the pharmaceutical industry, they are being used for supplements and that's even a plus point. Moreover, due to their better temperature withstanding capability, every pharma company is interested in formulating this product. Even startups are thinking of investing in these capsules these days. And what is better is to have good company in hand to get the capsules. For that, we made these top ten HPMC capsule suppliers so that you can easily find the companies. So go ahead check which company Is available in your location and get your batch now.

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