What to Look for Empty Capsule?

Empty Capsule

If you compare modern life with the 15th century to the late 19th. The prime difference you feel is a lack of time, innovation, and health awareness. Today, many of you won't accept a product that is unknown to you. Isn’t it?

Do you know using an empty capsule personalization creates a truly unique product that will help to give brand recognition?

There are various types available, it is your choice either to go for gelatin or plant-derived capsule products. Similarly, your production capacity is the second aspect you must consider when looking for an empty capsule. Fortunately, you have a broad option available that best fits your ingredient’s dose. What to Look for Empty Capsule? Here are some of the factors you must consider to begin your business from scratch. Keep Reading!

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    1.Why using an Empty Capsule Is Beneficial?

    The high prevalence of pathologies and more consumer awareness about products have boosted the market of empty pill capsules that account for approximately 1% of drug delivery worldwide. This is all because of offering high benefits.

    Control Over What You Take

    Empty Capsule-1

    Using an empty capsule can assure you whatever herb is inside is 100% pure. Similarly, purchasing herbs directly from the store doesn’t give surety if they are pure or delivered in a vegan capsule. Using empty capsules with personalized ingredients is very effective to achieve health benefits and peace of mind.

    Masking Bitter Taste  & Unpleasant Odor

    Empty Capsule-2

    An empty pill capsule is a convenient option for administering oral solid formulation with a bitter taste or unpleasant smell. So, you can enjoy fast-dissolving, safe and economical way of medication without facing difficulty in swallowing.

    Precise Dose

    Empty Capsule-3

    Previously, empty capsules were manufactured with gelatin only. Substances like liquid or powders were difficult to dose. With modern technology and interventions, various capsule types e.g vegetables, are available in the market ensuring a convenient way to store medication.

    Cost Economical and Time-Saving

    Empty Capsule-4

    Making a capsule is a time-consuming process that’s involved various operational steps such as preparation of shell material, manufacturing, tumble drying, etc., Besides labor costs, you will need high-tech equipment, proper space, and expert handling. Empty capsule ensures a rapid way to store your formulation whether for personal use or large-scale manufacturing company.

    Medications And Your Kids

    Empty Capsule-5

    Kids always refuse to take medications. Previously, tablets were crushed into powder and mixed with sugar to increase compliance. Empty capsules with attractive colors and flavors such as orange, mango, strawberry, etc. have turned this boring process into a little surprise. Now children can enjoy taking medicines or supplements with their own personalized capsules.

    2.Empty Pill Capsules Sizes- Take Help from Empty Capsule Size Chart

    The following chart will guide you to commonly available sizes and associated parameters.


    Capsule Size

    Formulation Density Closed Length
    0.6 g/ml 0.8 g/ml 1.0 g/ml 1.2 g/ml mm Tolerance (mm) Inches Tolerance (Inches)
    000 822 1096 1370 1644 26.1 ±0.3 1.029 ±0.012
    00 540 720 900 1080 23.4 ±0.3 0.921 ±0.012
    0 408 544 680 816 21.6 ±0.3 0.85 ±0.012
    1 288 384 480 576 19.4 ±0.3 0.764 ±0.012
    2 216 288 360 432 17.6 ±0.3 0.693 ±0.012
    3 162 216 270 324 15.7 ±0.3 0.618 ±0.012
    4 120 160 200 240 14.3 ±0.3 0.563 ±0.012
    5 78 104 130 156 11.1 ±0.4 0.437 ±0.012

    Capsule Size

    Average Fill Weight


    Typical Volume


    Locked Length Capsule Type
    Light Typical Heavy Gelatin HPMC Vegetable
    000 615 960 1370 1.37 26.14 ü ü x
    00 430 665 950 0.95 23.30 ü ü ü
    0 305 475 680 0.68 21.70 ü ü ü
    1 225 350 500 0.50 19.40 ü ü ü
    2 165 260 370 0.37 18.00 ü ü x
    3 135 210 300 0.30 15.90 ü ü x
    4 95 145 210 0.21 14.30 ü ü x
    5 70 120 165 0.17 12.90 ü ü x

    Formulation Density: Determines how closely the material is packed inside an empty capsule

    Closed Length: Thetotal length of a capsule when it is closed completely and then locked

    Average Fill Weight: The average weight of a substance that can be filled in an empty capsule.

    Typical Volume: The inside volume of a capsule

    Locked Length: The length on which the capsule is locked after filling.

    Capsule Type: Thetype of substance that is filled in an empty capsule.

    3.What are the different types of the empty capsule?

    The capsule is one of the oldest dosage forms known since Egyptian history. That’s why it has a broad classification. Empty capsules come in different types followed as:

    Gelatin Capsule

    Empty Capsule-6

    When talking about the capsule, gelatin comes first. This is how it was manufactured from the very first. Due to some health benefits such as joints protections, relieving aches, and digestive systems; various manufacturing companies preferred gelatin capsules as their first choice.


    • Gelatin is a translucent, pale, and odorless substance extracted from animal skin, bones, and connective tissues by hydrolyzing collagen. The commonly used animals are chicken, cow, and pig.
    • Gelatin is comparatively an inexpensive substance and you can easily purchase them in bulk quantity at the lowest price.

    Vegetarian Capsule

    Empty Capsule-7

    All those consumers who avoid taking meat from in their diets due to certain reasons such as religion, environment, and health; opt for vegetarian capsules. The vegetarian capsules come in two main types.

    The first one is HPMC which originated from the plant’s cellulose (softwood trees, pine, and fir) while the second one Pullulan comes from tapioca roots. These two forms of capsules are popular among consumers due to the following properties:


    • They are non-toxic, safe, and can be consumed for a long-term application.
    • They are considered Halal, and therefore accepted by a huge population.
    • They are ideal for storing liquid or moist formulations.

    4.Determining the Types of Capsules for Particular Size

    Indeed, there are many options available in the market when selecting the types of the capsule. But there is a certain limitation for the Pullulan capsule. Because this is available in specific sizes. Therefore, before purchasing you may need to confirm with your supplier about the availability of sizes. For your ease, we have designed a table elaborating capsule types and sizes.

    Capsule Type #000 #00 #0 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5

    5.How to Identify if Capsule is Gelatin or Vegetarian?

    Empty Capsule-8

    To identify whether the capsule is gelatin-based or plant-based; you need to assess the following points.

    Observe the Capsule Odor

    If you burn an empty gelatin capsule it will smell like burning hair. Similarly, the smell of cotton is produced when you repeat the procedure for vegetarian capsules.

    Observe the Appearance of the Capsule

    Usually, a gelatin capsule is lighter in color and more transparent. On the other side, the vegetarian capsule is a bit dark in color and not as clear as gelatin. So you can tell the difference simply by observing the color.

    Observe the Taste

    As we mentioned above vegetarian capsule is derived from cellulose HPMC. Usually, it has taste like pine. Whereas gelatin tends to produce pretty less flavor at all.

    6.What can an empty hard capsule be filled with?

    Whether you are a pharmacist compounding over the counter medicines or a manufacturer of herbal nutraceutical or allopathic medicines; you can utilize hard gelatin capsule for a number of products.

    Herbal Medicines

    Empty Capsule-9

    In the past various diseases were treated with herbs and herbal extracts. Today in the herbal industry extracts obtained from single or multiple naturally occurring plants are transformed into granules or powder which are then filled into empty hard capsules manually or using appropriate filling machines.

    Over The Counter Preparations

    Empty Capsule-10 

    At a local compounding pharmacy, hard gelatin capsules may be filled with powders, pellets, small tablets, pastes, suspensions, and non-aqueous liquids.

    Pre-Clinical Or Clinical Trials

    Empty Capsule-11

    The APIs that are under pre-clinical or clinical trials can be formulated manually in hard empty capsules.

    Marketed Drugs

    Empty Capsule-12

    Hard empty capsules of different sizes are primarily employed in delivering marketed medicines. Prominent medicines that are formulated as hard capsules include antibiotics, certain hormones, painkillers etc.

    7.How does an Empty Capsule serve as a Solution for Pharmaceutical Production?

    Empty Capsule-13

    It is well known that the pharmaceutical industry is facing challenges since 2020. This is due to the highest demand for medication to limit the health problem arising in a pandemic.
    Luckily, an empty hard capsule has offered a great solution to overcome the crises. Among the world’s most renowned companies accepted and adopted easy-to-fill and cost-efficient empty capsules as a prominent solution to the current shortage.
    Furthermore, Liquid filled Empty Capsules are also preferred to encapsulate substances due to certain benefits.

    • It allows liquid formulations to possess a low melting point and high susceptibility to moisture.
    • You can safely encapsulate a product with poor water solubility.
    • Highly potent medications that are dosed in the lowest concentration.
    • High bioavailability and rapid absorption in the body.


    The empty capsule is an excellent way to personalize the formulation as well as business recognition. Their benefits are not only limited to expenditure or raw material but can also be accepted by consumers in terms of safety and rapid physiological action. What to Look for Empty Capsule? This blog highlighted basic points that you must know when stepping into the business. If You Still Have a Question In Mind Or Want To Procure an Empty Capsule; We Welcome You To Contact Us By Sending A Short Message

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