What Empty Capsule is Right for You?

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The rising demand for medicines and nutraceutical supplements is driving a high force for empty gelatin capsules. A surge in organic healthcare and acceptance of nutritional substances instead of synthetic has evolved greatly over the years.
What Empty Capsule is Right for You? In this blog, you will learn from selection to the final formulation using an empty capsule.  If you’re interested to start your business or want to publicize your own formulation then ‘Read On’ this guide to explore useful information.

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    1.Selecting Empty Capsules

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    Selecting of appropriate empty capsule determines the end quality of your formulation. Before making a hasty decision, you need to assess the capacity requirement:


    For this, empty capsules are ideal because in a very shorter time you can meet production demand. Commercially, pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical, veterinary, and herbal industry comes in this category.


    Every small production line, newbie, or hobbyist must avoid selecting an empty capsule without a proper workout. You need to monitor the types, size, and capacity before final selection. Still confused? You can contact a supplier or consult the vendor to guide buying parameters.


    For research studies, clinical trials and testing of a new compound in tablet formulation take a longer time. An empty capsule is the best option with few steps procedure for assessment phase I and II clinical studies rather than formulating in other option.

    2.Empty Capsules Near Me

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    After selecting the capsule type; the next task is to find reliable sources. The easiest way is to type “empty capsule near me” in the search engine. Selecting the right manufacturer with positive reviews will guarantee you superior quality products. This search will result in empty capsule suppliers present near your vicinity, such as:

    • Amazon
    • Alibaba
    • eBay

    You can also select the top empty capsule manufacturers with the highest market value such as:

    • Capsugel (USA)
    • Qualicaps (USA)
    • Aipak Pharmaceutical (China)
    • CapsCanada Corporation (Canada)
    • Roxlor LLC (USA)

    3.Big or Small Formulation Volume?

    When you are in the business of filling capsules, the important question is what will be your formulation volume. Before choosing your required size, it is imperative that you should select your formulation liquid. Capsules can carry out 0.13-1.37 volume of drug.

    If you have a larger dose, then you should select a bigger capsule such as‘000 the’ or ‘00’ capsule. If you intend to make a small dose capsule, then go for a 4 or 5-sized capsule.

    Here is how should you calculate your preferred size that will encapsulate your required formulation volume.

    First, calculate the weight and formulation density.

    • Weight is determined by the amount of formulation in milligrams present in each prescribed dose.
    • Formulation density is calculated as:
      Density = Mass (g) /Volume (ml)
    Empty Capsule Sizes                   
    Capsule Size 000 00E 00 0E 0 1 2 3 4 5
    Locked Length (mm)
    Length 26 23.4 23.3 23.1 21.7 19.4 18 15.9 14.3 11.1
    Empty Capsule volume (ml)
    Capacity 1.37 1.00 0.90 0.78 0.68 0.48 0.36 0.27 0.20 0.13


    Formulation Density (g/ml)
    0.6g/ml 822 600 540 468 408 288 216 162 120 78
    0.8g/ml 1096 800 720 624 544 384 288 216 160 104
    1.0g/ml 1370 1000 900 780 680 480 360 270 200 130
    1.2g/ml 1644 1200 1080 936 816 576 432 324 240 156

    Look for formulation density that is closer to your actual value (0.8g/ml) so if you have an 800 mg dosage weight then you should select a capsule of 00E.

    4.Technique To Fill Capsule

    Discussed below are the following capsule filling techniques:

    What Empty Capsule is Right for You?-4

    Manual Filling If you’re making your own formulation with a smaller production capacity, we recommend going for manual filling. You will just require a set of empty capsules, gloves, filling product, and capsule filler

    Load the capsules by separating the body and top onto the filler. Spread the filling ingredient. With the help of a card, you can evenly distribute powder into each hole. After filling, load the capsule top and press gently to secure them. Pushing the filler’s bottom will pop out the filled capsule safely.

    Desktop Filling Machine These fillers are small, portable, and best for in-house and laboratory filling. Processes involved in filling of capsules like manual filling as discussed above. It includes loading, cap separation, powder filling, and sealing of the cap-body interface. This equipment has a high error rate due to human intervention.
    Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine This equipment performs operational procedures both manually and automatically. The empty capsules are loaded by the operators on a machine while the filling and sealing of capsules are executed by the machine itself. Pneumatic pressure is applied for locking of cap and body of capsules. The production capacity of these fillers is low as compared to the automatic capsule filling machine.
    Automatic Capsule Filling Machine These can effectively handle every sized capsule and are used to encapsulate various fill materials for instance powders, liquids, pellets, beads, etc. In automatic capsule fillers, operators simply have to program input functions on the machine smart interface and running tasks from loading to sealing are carried out by the machine autonomously.

    5.How to Fill an Empty Capsule For Oily Formulation?

    Previously empty hard gelatin was used for filling powders, pellets, mini-tablets and soft gelatin capsules to encapsulate liquid or semi-solid fills. In the 1980s liquid, hard gelatin capsules were introduced.

    What Empty Capsule is Right for You?-5

    With the innovation in technology, presently, empty capsules are easily filled with oily formulations using liquid capsules fillers. These liquid fillers have adjustable nozzles in diameters of 1, 1.5, and 2 mm that are used to fill 0.15 mg up to 1000 mg of liquid by volumetric filling. These can fill up to 60,000-70,000 capsules per hour.

    Size and volumes processed by liquid fillers are discussed in the table:

    Size 00el 00 0el 0 1 2 3 5
    Volume 0.89 0.82 0.61 0.59 0.43 0.33 0.26 0.18

    The equipment seal capsules using two methods:

    • Hydro-alcoholic fusion method in which <50 ml of sealing solution is applied to cap and body interface and after that warm air is directed to cap-body lock area for sealing solution evaporation.
    • The second method includes banding of the cap-body lock area with a thin layer of gelatin.

    6.What Type of Capsule Is Best For You? Gelatin Or Vegetarian Capsule

    Presently, most people are using empty gelatin capsules as a vehicle for encapsulating their formulation since these are available at a fairly low price. Regardless of price issues vegetarian capsule is a far better option because of the following reasons:

    What Empty Capsule is Right for You?-6

    Features Gelatin Capsules Vegetarian Capsules
    Fill Materials These are more suitable for encapsulating dry or liquid materials but these cannot encapsulate oily formulations containing aldehydic group. These capsules are versatile and can be employed for filling a variety of formulations especially those with aldehydic group.
    Stability Have lower stability due to the presence of high moisture substances (13%-15%). These are prone to deformity in humid conditions. The presence of low moisture content substances (3%-7%) gives them higher stability.
    Oxygen Permeability Less High
    Light Deterioration These are light sensitive These are light-resistant
    Risk of TSE Higher due to bovine-derived gelatin None
    Heat Damage At a temperature higher than 60°C At a temperature of higher than 80°C

    What’s your Choice?

    It is up to you to decide which type whether gelatin or vegetarian will you prefer. If you do not have any religious issues or dietary limitations then go for gelatin one because these have low cost. But if you are looking for stability and have a preference for plant-based materials then opt for vegetarian capsules.

    7.Key Considerations in Procurement Empty Capsule

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    The procurement of an empty capsule is a challenging task. For this, we have discussed some points for your assistance:
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    • Size
      Before purchase, the size of the empty capsule is essential to determine. Because by this way, you can save your time and money.
    • Compatibility of Fill Material with Shell
      Understanding the compatibility of your active ingredients with the shell is vital in choosing the right kind of empty capsule for your production. Some protein formulations cause cross-linking of gelatin shell that affects capsule dissolution.
    • Reliable Manufacturer
      It is an important step as a trustworthy supplier with the best reviews guarantees superior quality capsules.
    • Product Specification
      Be smart and visit your preferred manufacturer’s web page to know about their capsule features such as size, color, shell material, and closure reliability. Besides this, you can contact them personally via email or call for learning about the details of their products.
    • Certification
      Check supplier quality certification as GMP, Halal, Kosher, and GMO-free before purchase. These certifications are integral in acceptance by the customers and your product sales.
    • Quotation
      Price is one of the important factors when buying empty capsules. After deciding on the right capsule, you can ask the supplier for a product quotation.
    • Shipment
      If you are planning to import empty capsules from overseas, after ordering, decide on a delivery method. You can ship your products by air or sea depending upon your required date of delivery. If you urgently need your shipment, then simply dispatch it by air.


    What Empty Capsule is Right for You? We hope you’ve learned what you look for. Before purchasing an empty capsule, you must go through your market goals as each capsule has its own benefits and drawbacks. If You Are Looking For Free Consultation? or Want To Purchase Empty Capsule Online? Send us a short message to Avail our Support Program.

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