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AIPAK tablet press machines have a wide application in the industry of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronic, etc.The tablet press machine is mainly for pressing powder or granule stuff into different shapes of tablet according production requirement, and also used for compressing biscuits for military and civilian use. Based on their state-of-the-art designs and technological innovations, AIPAK tablet press machines feature mature , stable running and durable quality. Along with these, they range from effervescent rotary tablet press machine to single punch tablet press machine and high speed high capacity rotary tablet press machine. With interchangeable turrets, producing annular, irregular or engraved tablets remains within the desired overall equipment efficiency . All AIPAK tablet press machines are GMP compliant and working stable ,safe and accurate with easy to operate and maintain.

How To Troubleshooting Common Problems Of Tablet Manufacturing Defects

In life, have you ever paid attention to whether the tablets you take have defects in appearance and function? How are the defects on these tablets caused? If you are a tablet manufacturer, do you have the same troubles and want to solve them?

Tablets are the most widely used dosage form among solid dosage forms. If you want to improve your tablet production technology, you must learn to check and control the problems encountered in tablet production and provide corresponding solutions.

This post is about teaching you how to troubleshoot common problems of tablet manufacturing defects. Through in-depth study and research, you can achieve a smoother tablet manufacturing experience and higher quality products. Let’s find out together!

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What Will Happen When Dissolution Of Solid In Liquid?

The dissolution of solid in liquid is the process of forming a solution. Solutions are of great significance to the physiological activities of animals, plants and humans.
In agriculture, solutions can provide nutrients and moisture to plant cultivation and soil. In medical treatment, the solution can be made into glucose solution and physiological saline to prepare an injection solution for use. In the food industry, many drinks and prepared dishes require the preparation of solutions.

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Dissolution Of Solid In Liquid

What Is An Effervescent Tablet?

In daily life, the use of effervescent tablets is becoming more and more common. However, what is an effervescent tablet? Unlike tablets, effervescent tablets are tablets that are not swallowed directly. They are often dissolved in water and then taken.
Effervescent tablets have a long history and have many benefits. It can be used both as a disease treatment and as a health supplement. This post will explain clearly about how to understand the effervescent tablets and how to make them. Let’s learn together!

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Effervescent Tablet

Hardness of Tablet Chart

From a pharmaceutical outlook, hardness of tablet is one of the quality control tests carried out to measure the ability of tablets to withstand mechanical pressures during its handling, packaging, storing and transportation. A tablet should not be hard enough that it’s difficult for it to disintegrate and neither it should be soft such that it disintegrates rapidly after ingestion.
There are certain tests that are performed on tablet to determine its breakage potential and there are few factors which control and affect a tablet’s hardness.

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Hardness of Tablet Chart

Pill Making Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide In 2024

Pills are an optimized way of delivering the medication requires to treat the patient with the best possible outcomes. In addition, these are produced in many colors, shapes, and sizes, to improve the user’s sense of accepting them.
Pharmaceutical engineering produces new technologies and advancements that ease pill making job. Pill Making Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide in 2024 aims to provide all possible FAQs ones has in mind when purchasing the machine. Let Read!

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Pill Making Machine-9

How To Press Pills?

Unscrewing the cap of bottle and releasing pill to administer has passed through multiple transition i.e., powder to aesthetic compact dosage.
Pill is oftenly prepared by combined forces of punches and dies, these’re responsible for uniform distribution and maintaining a mutual relation of excipients and active ingredients.
Yes, press pills is not just a technique but involvement of good equipment is essential to bring good outcome.
In this article, we’ll emphasize valuable discussion about ‘How to Press Pills’. Moreover, this process include multiple factors you must consider to make your own.

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Press Pills-9

10 Questions To Answer Before Requesting A Tablet Press Machine

Planning to buy a tablet press machine!
Are you buying it for the first time? Do you want to know what questions your manufacturer would ask?
Buying anything for the first time could be troublesome without proper guidance. Today, most manufacturing companies prefer online meetings or one-to-one discussions to offer you a variety of available options.

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product of tablet press machine

How to Manufacture Tablet by Direct Compression Method?

Direct compression is a standard and widespread approach of tableting in pharma industries as it is rapid and proficient without having significant production expenses. Direct compression is an efficient method of manufacturing tablets that requires fewest production steps. Apart from process simplicity this method has reduced capital, energy cost and excellent for treating water sensitive active ingredients. Read this informative review that will clear basic sketch of direct compression method.

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