• High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracing

  • Simple driving system

  • Without sticking knife or wasting film

APK-450B High speed pillow plate automatic hardware flow wrap machine

Aipak APK-450B flow wrap machine is suitable for packaging food, mop head, bulk ginger, twist, seaweed, spoon, sausage, squid, sanitary napkin, grapefruit, paper cups, gloves, yam, warm baby, infusion bags and so on.Adopts double frequency conversion control,you will no need more complicated setting.With imported electrical appliances and touch man-machine interface,you will be easy to operate and set the machine parameter.


  1. Compact structure, good stability, simple and uncomplicated operation.
  2. Double frequency conversion control, without adjusting the empty walk, the bag length is set and cut in one step, saving time and film materials.
  3. Imported electrical appliances and touch man-machine interface , and the parameter setting is convenient and fast.
  4. Fault self diagnosis function, and the fault display is clear at a glance.
  5. High sensitivity electro-optic eye color code tracking makes the sealing and cutting position more accurate.
  6. The temperature of the packaging machine can be controlled by independent PID, which is suitable for coating of various materials.
  7. The equipment has the function of positioning and shutdown, without sticking knife and film.
  8. The rotating system is simple, the work is more reliable and the maintenance is more convenient.
  9. All control actions are realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technical upgrading.


Model APK-450B
Bag size (mm) long*wide*high 70~350mm*30~130mm*10~50mm
Vertical and horizontal sealing strength (Newton/mm ²) > 15 n/mm squared
Packing speed (bags/min) 30~160Bags/min
Packaging film width (mm) 80~450mm
The power supply specifications 220V 50/60Hz 3KVA
Machine weight (kg) 800kg
Overall dimensions (length × width × height) 4400×830×1700mm



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