Top 10 Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers In Florida

A new study shows that Florida was revealed as the state with the most searches for nutrition and supplements. Additionally, the research uncovered the most popular the reasons why Florida is famous with nutritional supplement manufacturing and developing.

Florida, known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant lifestyle, is also home to a health-conscious population. Floridians understand the importance of maintaining their well-being to make the most of their active lives. So, multivitamin gummies and nutrition supplements have become an integral part of their daily routines, helping them bridge the nutritional gaps that can arise in today's hectic world.

So, this top 10 nutritional supplement manufacturing in Florida will introduce you all the world famous nutritional supplements manufacturers and brands located in Florida for your need. These supplements are sourced from the best quality ingredients in Florida, USA and are designed to support your overall well-being. Let's take a quick look now!

1 Renew Life Florida
2 Herbalife Florida
3 Natural Vitality Florida
4 Live Wise Naturals Florida
5 NeoCell Florida
6 I Am Amino Florida
7 Nutrex Florida
8 Apex Performance Supplements Florida
9 A Healthy Natural Solutions Florida
10 Designs for Health Florida


Headquarter: Florida

Renew Life's Background:

Renew Life is a brand of nutritional supplements that is designed to provide you with the healthy probiotics that your body needs. They make a number of different probiotic products that are specially formulated based on your needs. You can choose from Extra Care Probiotics, Women's Care Probiotics, Ultimate Flora Probiotics, and a special 3-day cleanse product, based on your requirements.

Their enzymes help maximize digestion of a broad range of foods, preventing occasional gas, bloating, and indigestion, and promote a healthy intestinal environment.

Key Products:


Women's Care Gummy


Digestive Duo Probiotic


Norwegian Gold Omega-3 Fish Oil

Recommend Reason

  • Renew Life offers a range of plant-based enzymes that promote optimal digestion so that you can feel comfortable and get the most nutrients from your food.
  • Their nutritional supplements help promote digestive wellness and gut health, support the healthy elimination of waste and toxins, reduce occasional bloating and water retention and promote regularity.
  • Renew Life probiotics are acquired from the highest quality sources.
  • The probiotic supplements support balance in your micro-biome.

Headquarter: Florida

Herbalife's Background:


Herbalife is a global leader in nutrition with over 40 years of experience in developing best-in-class meal replacement shakes and dietary supplements. Since 1980, they have started to improve nutritional habits around the world with great-tasting, science-backed nutrition products that help people get the right balance of healthy nutrition.

The company makes products with ingredients that come from farmers who are committed to meeting their high standards for planting and conservation. They have invested in advanced production methods to craft the highest-quality, science-backed products.

Key Products:


Herbalife Formula 2 Multivitamin


Herbalife Total Control


Herbalife Personalized Protein Powder

Recommend Reason

  • The Herbalife Nutrition product range has been designed to support your wellness goals.
  • The core nutrition they made focuses on the micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients you need to thrive each day.
  • Their products are designed to enhance your weight-management efforts and support the benefits of balanced nutrition at home or on the go.
  • Their specialized nutrition products give you the right balance of essential nutrients to help you enjoy a lifetime of good health.

3. Natural Vitality


Headquarter: Florida

Natural Vitality's Background:


Natural Vitality was founded in 1982 by Peter Gillham, and it is an international purpose-driven company committed to healthier and happier living. They have developed a line of best-selling supplements based on research and formulated to produce a noticeable result. Natural Vitality believes that real, lasting health requires the creation of a sustainable environment and locally-based food system.

The company seeks out organic plant-based ingredients wherever possible for the nutritional supplements. All the fruits and vegetables they use are organically grown.

Key Products:







Recommend Reason

  • Natural Vitality's objective in producing and marketing products is to make life easier for our customers and help lessen stress in their lives.
  • The supplements made with magnesium can help you unwind at the end of a busy day and melatonin to help you get the sleep you need.
  • Whether you're looking to support your mood & mind, or just improve your Monday, the supplements they made can help you with mental well-
  • The products they made are covered with nutrients and herbs to help ease tension, manage occasional stress and nourish your brain.

4. Live Wise Naturals

Live Wise Naturals Logo


Live Wise Naturals's Background:


Live Wise Naturals is a global health & nutrition education and products organization for focusing on on research, development, and sales of all-natural health & nutrition products from around the world. Products are designed and manufactured under laboratory conditions in USA and cross-border shipped to other countries.

The company is committed to improving the health and education of people around the world. They covers the products including vitamins, energy formula, and so on.

Key Products:







Recommend Reason

  • At Live Wise Naturals, they formulate high-quality, all-natural supplements with their own families in mind.
  • They test every product themselves and work hard to source the best preservative-free, chemical-free, non-GMO ingredients.
  • The company makes sure they know where each ingredient comes from and how it's grown, manufactured, and processed before they use it.
  • They only use amber glass bottles and droppers that there is no need to worry about plastic leaching into your vitamin.

Headquarter: Florida

Rainbow Light's Background:


Rainbow Light was founded in 1981, and has been passionate about holistic wellness and creating nutritional supplements that prioritize potency and results for over 40 years. Their goal is to give you one less thing to worry about - an easy way to give yourself and your family a solid foundation to thrive every day.

The company starts with simple ingredients in highly-effective forms of vitamins and minerals individually tailored to men, women and kids' bodies.

Key Products:


High Potency Vitamin C Gummies




High Potency Vitamin D3 Gummies

Recommend Reason

  • Rainbow Light's vitamin gummy formula promotes immune health and overall wellness, and provides antioxidant support to neutralize free radicals.
  • Their Calcium provides the added bone density support you need every day in just one tablet.
  • They offer powder for each day with foundational formulas for everyone in your family including women, prenatal, children, men.
  • The products they provide help support for mom and baby, kids and teens and for every age and stage of life.

Headquarter: Florida

I Am Amino's Background:


I Am Amino is a special brand for deliciously-flavored drink mix of essential amino acids. Their products are scientifically designed formula that help power your workouts, pump up your adrenaline-filled adventures, and heighten your serene vacations. Their formula is based on a ratio that has been studied and shown less nitrogen waste than any other whole food protein or free form amino acid formula that was tested.

The company makes the amino acid nutrition and supplements that promote muscle recovery, helping regulate blood sugar levels, and boosts energy levels.

Key Products:


AMINO Capsules


I.AM.AMINO Gummies

Recommend Reason

  • I Am Amino gives you all 8 EAAs in the optimal ratio.
  • The supplements from them has the 8 essential amino acids that must be consumed for MPS to occur.
  • Their products are based on a formula that has been shown in the laboratory studies to be 99% utilized for protein synthesis.
  • AM.AMINO complies with FDA labeling regulations.

Headquarter: Florida

Nutrex's Background:

Nutrex was founded in 2002 and focuses on developing innovative, high-quality supplements with superior taste powered by the most effective ingredients. They have been a trusted brand for almost 20 years as they continued to develop a wide-array of results-oriented products. Their supplements are distributed and used around the globe in 100+ countries now.

The company is driven by the desire to offer you the best possible product solutions so you can reach your physique and fitness goals faster. They are committed to providing continuous and standout product innovations to create stronger and healthier bodies.

Key Products:







Recommend Reason

  • Nutrex offers you a wide range of products including essentials, vitamin and health, recovery, testosterone boosters, muscle building, EAA & BCAA, protein powder, pre-workout, fat burners.
  • The OUTLIFT products cover the entire spectrum of what you want from a pre-workout.
  • The company only uses the top quality ingredients and ensure the safety of the manufacturing process.
  • They strive to provide nutrient-dense whole food supplements to impact your daily nutritional levels.

Headquarter: Florida

GLYTCH Energy's Background:

GLYTCH Energy was founded in 2020 by Benjamin Bullington, a fitness and gaming fanatic who wanted to bring quality and health conscious supplements to the gaming market. Their goal was to create the healthiest, most effective Energy Formula for gamers.

The company has spent months creating the best great tasting clean energy drinks with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, using only trademarked clinically tested and dosed ingredients.

Key Products:


Smurf Juice




Maui Punch

Recommend Reason

  • Their products can improve cognitive performance, mood, and motivation by increasing overall hydration and blood flow to the brain while sustaining healthy dopamine levels.
  • The fitness supplements they provide can increase blood flow, focus, and endurance for even the hardest training sessions.
  • Their latest plant-based energy formula extends the life of caffeine by three times.
  • They offer the vegan for a high-quality, all-natural, organic, complete protein supplement.

Headquarter: Florida

Apex Performance Supplements's Background:


Apex Performance Supplements is a new supplement brand dedicated to providing the highest quality supplements made in the United States, especially in Florida. All the supplements are made in an FDA registered facility here in the United States you can rest assured that you are receiving the best.

The company's supplements are high quality supplements that are tested by an independent third party for quality and potency.

Key Products:







Recommend Reason

  • Apex Performance Supplements are scientifically-formulated with a synergistic blend of nine natural ingredients that work together to support your health.
  • All their premium quality product made in the United States in FDA registered facilities.
  • The supplements they provide are third-party tested for quality and purity.
  • The products from them are contributed to male sexual health and development, fertility, muscle growth, fat loss, and other aspects of health.

Headquarter: Florida

Designs for Health's Background:


Designs for Health was founded in 1989 and is designed for health began as a family-owned company offering nutritional counseling and educational services with deep roots in natural medicine and functional nutrition. They have established itself as the leading innovator and fastest growing brand of high-quality nutritional supplements in the healthcare practitioner channel.

With one of the largest and widest range of nutritional supplement lines, the company is focused on successful patient treatment outcomes exclusively to health professionals.

Key Products:


HTP Synergy




ADK Evail

Recommend Reason

  • Designs for Health is dedicated to providing top-quality, reliable and efficacious nutritional supplement products to the professional health care community.
  • They offer a wide range of products including capsules, tablets, softgels, powders, liquids, bars, and specialty items such as soft-chewables and topicals.
  • Each product form requires unique machinery, expertise, quality control measures, and raw materials handling.
  • They fully guarantee that their products are produced utilizing the highest standards of manufacturing.


After reading this top 10 nutritional supplement manufacturers in Florida, you might get a deep understanding about the nutritional supplement manufacturing and the key products. Are you wondering how the nutritional supplements are manufactured and labeled? Do you want to own your customizable nutritional supplement manufacturing line and brands? Just visit our website or consult the customer service, you will get all the answers!

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