Top 10 Food Supplement Manufacturers In Texas

As the global food supplement report shows that the food supplement market is thriving. There are plenty of nutrients and food supplements now for people selecting and choosing in many forms from powders to gummies to tablets. So, if you are choosing one of the brands to trust, you need careful research and study.

The top 10 food supplement manufacturers in Texas list below can fulfill your needs and demands for how to choose the one brand from world famous food supplement manufacturers. This list will show you the products and company backgrounds that you can know how to choose and trust one brand. Let's begin now!

1 SES Research Houston, TX
2 Atomic Strength Nutrition El Paso, TX
3 CBD American Shaman Houston, TX
4 Lily of the Desert Denton, TX
5 Dr. Wong's Essentials Strawn, TX
6 Green Garden Gold Richardson, TX
7 Mannatech Flower Mound, TX
8 Aidan Products LLC Irving, TX
9 Nutrition Nation Mesquite, TX
10 Wild Organics New Braunfels, TX


Headquarter: Texas

Nutrabolt's Background:


Nutrabolt was established in 2002 and is a fast-growing, global active health and wellness company with a portfolio of market leading performance-oriented brands that energize and fuel active lifestyles. The offer the nutrition and food supplements that aim to innovate, inspire, and make products that maximize human potential accessible to all.

The company's includes industry-leading sports nutrition brands: Cellucor, C4 Energy, and XTEND. Their dedication to performance and holistic wellness extends far past their family of brands, and into each of their teams' day-to-day lives.

Key Products:


C4 Sport Pre Workout Powder


C4 Original Pre Workout Powder


XTEND Original BCAA Powder

Recommend Reason

  • Nutrabolt is the world's largest independently held sports nutrition company and the creator of America's No. 1 pre-workout brand C4.
  • They are known and trusted by millions of active individuals and people looking to optimize their performance in all aspects of life.
  • Its lineup of products includes energy drinks and pre-workout and post-workout recovery supplements.
  • They are the global leader in active nutrition, sports nutrition and food supplements.

Headquarter: Texas

Atomic Strength Nutrition's Background:


Atomic Strength Nutrition is a leading brand for delivering food nutrition and supplements include creatine, fat burners, test boosters, protein, stacks, and pre-workout products. They offer the high-quality supplements that really work. They strive to help athletes continue to do what they love regardless of age by providing them with the highest-quality workout supplements.

The company makes the products and supplements with hand-selected ingredients based on clinical studies and scientific research giving you the fuel or recover you need, but at the right doses.

Key Products:







Recommend Reason

  • Atomic Strength Nutrition offers high-quality workout supplements that actually work.
  • They really make great supplements with ingredients effectively dosed.
  • The creatine products they made can help with muscle growth and your brain stay sharp and focused.
  • Their products work without overloading or skimping on key ingredients.

Headquarter: Texas

CBD American Shaman's Background:


CBD American Shaman is a company dedicated to producing high quality CBD products and supplements with the goal of bringing wellness to people and the planet through hemp derived CBD formulations. They follow only the best industry standards making their hemp oil and CBD supplements the most effective and of the highest quality on the market today.

The company focus on the welfare of their customers and even provide a compassionate care program with discounts for those in need, those who are low-income, and veterans. They offer competitive pricing and have a money-back guarantee policy for all their customers.

Key Products:


CBD Topical Serum


CBN Gummies For Sleep


Concentrated Hemp Oil Capsules

Recommend Reason

  • CBD American Shaman brings worldwide wellness through ultra-concentrated CBD oil and ships to all 50 States.
  • They select only top-grade hemp plants grown on agriculturally responsible farms right here in the USA.
  • At CBD American Shaman, their products undergo both internal lab testing and third-party testing to ensure that they are providing only the best products for their customers.
  • The company demands that every product maintains strict purity and potency standards so that they can deliver the best results.

4. Lily of the Desert



Lily of the Desert's Background:


Lily of the Desert was founded by Don Lovelace for more than 50 years of quality for wellness that has blossomed into an award-winning line of natural products and services. Through hard work and proven science, they strive to deliver safe, effective, and innovative Lily of the Desert products for their customers to enjoy.

The company has spent over 50 years revolutionizing the world of natural products, and that dedication as helped pave the way for service and contracting opportunities down the road.

Key Products:


Preservative Free Inner Fillet Aloe Vera Juice


Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Gel


Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Recommend Reason

  • Lily of the Desert is always the customer-focused practices that produce high-quality, scientifically validated products.
  • The company has high standards by following the strict rules that these regulating bodies set in order to make the highest quality wellness products for you.
  • As a family-owned business, they can maintain focus on their motto of "Retaining the quality that nature created" much more effectively.
  • Their customers feel confident they are getting the most beneficial wellness products on the the market because of the extra care & time they take.

5. Dr. Wong's Essentials


Headquarter: Texas

Dr. Wong's Essentials's Background:


Dr. Wong's Essentials is a family-owned company that was started in 2004 for natural health products and supplements. In 2012, they started to include manufacturing the Dr. Wong's Essentials line of nutritional supplements on a global level. They always endeavor to keep their products as good as possible on all the products we offer.

The company natural health supplements are formulated for pain & inflammation as well as improving men and women's health. They are devoted to increasing public awareness about natural remedies for common health ailments.

Key Products:







Recommend Reason

  • Wong's Essentials covers the products of dietary and nutritional supplements and various other wellness products.
  • The company has studied exercise, enzymes, vitamins, herbs, martial arts and spiritual concepts as well as religious researchers.
  • They offer the building nutritional supplements that you can feel bringing your body back into wellness and enhancing performance.
  • Wong is a pioneer in the natural health field and one of the first professionals to uncover the myriad of benefits of systemic enzyme.

6. Green Garden Gold


Headquarter: Texas

Green Garden Gold's Background:


Green Garden Gold became the first hemp oil provider in 2013. They think the use of hemp oil can be key to improving or maintaining your overall good health and wellness. Specializing in hemp oil, their inventory also includes capsules, edibles, tinctures, topicals and even pet friendly hemp oil based products.

At Green Garden Gold, they carry a wide variety of options for those who are seeking relief and a better quality of life and health. Those who experience inflammation, anxiety, stress, strained joints or muscles can often find relief in hemp oil and its derivatives.

Key Products:


CBD Soft Gel Capsules 


Delta-9 THC Gummies


1500mg MED PAC CBD Oil

Recommend Reason

  • Green Garden Gold only uses the finest, premium ingredients available in USA.
  • They work exclusively with hemp growers that are focused on purity and quality.
  • The company products contain joint supporting ingredients that enhance the anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects.
  • Their USDA certified organic hemp is sourced directly from respected leaders in the hemp growing industry due to their conscious farming practices, high standards and strong ethical foundation.

Headquarter: Texas

Mannatech's Background:


Mannatech is a publicly traded, multinational multi-level company for making and selling food nutrition, dietary supplements and personal care products. The world leader in Glyconutrient technology, they are revolutionizing nutrition, immune health, fat loss, skin care and more. For helping people live happier, healthier, the company develops scientifically sound, innovative wellness solutions.

Every year, the company continues to produce innovative, leading-edge products that help support health, beauty and wellness.

Key Products:




Ambrotose AO


Ambrotose LIFE canister & OSP

Recommend Reason

  • The food nutrition and dietary supplements by Mannatech can help support your immune system and digestion.
  • Mannatech products helps improve your cognitive function and mood and provides important nutrients to support our overall health and well-being in significant ways.
  • The company has developed products that truly support a proactive lifestyle.
  • Their line continues to expand to meet the changing needs of their customers.

Headquarter: Texas

Aidan Products LLC's Background:


Aidan Products LLC was founded in 2001 by Neil H. Riordan, PhD, an innovative research scientist with an extensive background in stem cell, immunology and cancer research. Aidan Products provides healthcare professionals with the highest quality and most innovative nutraceutical supplements and food nutrition available.

The company currently offers nine different nutraceutical supplements. Each of their supplements are designed to support specific health functions and many contain patented ingredients and formulations that by law cannot be found anywhere else.

Key Products:


IVC-Max 90 Capsules


Flite Tabs 8 Capsules


Vein Caps 60 Capsules

Recommend Reason

  • Aidan Products offer you the nutraceutical supplements and food nutrition produced in GMP facilities and have been tested by independent laboratories and collaborators.
  • All of their products are all-natural nutritional food supplements, not drugs.
  • They are regulated by the FDA for quality control, purity, and label claims.
  • The company provides you with plenty products of nutraceutical supplements and food nutrition for your different needs.

9. Nutrition Nation

Nutrition Nation Logo

Headquarter: Texas

Nutrition Nation's Background:


Nutrition Nation was founded by two certified nutritionists with the goal to provide education and support include food nutrition and food supplements to those who want to stay fit and healthy. They can help you develop and maintain healthy lifestyles. The experts from Nutrition Nation will help you get in shape and improve your health.

The company is committed to helping people nourish their bodies and enjoy optimal health by offering you sports supplements, vitamins, health supplies, pre and post workout drinks.

Key Products:


Inroads Nutrition Building Blocks


APS Mesomorph Pre Workout


Lipodrene Fat Burner

Recommend Reason

  • Their experts are available to help you reach your fitness goals faster by offering products that really work.
  • Whether you want to gain more muscle or lose weight, Nutrition Nation can help you achieve your health and fitness goals with quality supplements.
  • The company is about helping reach your goals and exceed them by being your top source for vitamins, and supplements.
  • They are committed to helping people nourish their bodies and enjoy optimal health.

10. Wild Organics


Headquarter: Texas

Wild Organics's Background:


Wild Organics was founded by Marie Finger for over 13 years for those who struggle with chronic pain, fatigue and many other health challenges. They personally visited the farms and manufacturers to understand the process and the differences in how CBD can be developed. They are dedicated to bring the best bio-available, clean and purely sourced products available.

The company's mission is to help improve the lives of others by providing education and outstanding CBD products and CBD supplements.

Key Products:


Everyday Sofgel Formula 


Wild Organic Pet Tinctures


Delta 9-THC Gummies

Recommend Reason

  • All Wild Organics products go through rigorous testing by third-party labs to assure purity and accurate concentrations of cannabinoids.
  • Their products are all sourced from the highest grade ingredients.
  • The company's products are specifically developed for high potency and easy absorption.
  • They use only the finest available ingredients in their products and make sure they are organic whenever possible.


After knowing all the company backgrounds, key products and their recommend reasons about the top 10 food supplement manufacturers in Texas list above, you will know how to choose the one right for yourself from these three aspects. A new era of food supplement is coming and seizing the opportunity tightly. If there are more you want to know you can kindly visit our website or just come to our customer service!

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