• Automatic Filling and Capping Machine

  • No Bottle No Filling/Plugging/Capping

  • Convenient Operation/Maintaince

Eye Drop Filling Machine Production Line

AIPAK Eye Drop Filling Machine Production Line suitable for eye drops and all kinds of bottle packaging,stoppering,capping .

This machine complete automatic liquid filling,manipulator add stoppering and cap,capping;According to customer technological reqirements configuration can add bottle feeder or unscrambler;Can effective complete bottle sending,no bottle no filling,no bottle no add stoppering,N0 stopping no add cap;The machine stoppering and add cap structure upgrading by AIPAK technical team,stoppering and add cap structure use manipulator,precise alignment,finished pass rate more than 99.9%.

AIPAK Eye Drop Filling Machine Production Line performance stable.According packaging materials can be customized,Increase isolation protection system can complete aseptic produce.According to customer technological requirements configuration can satisfy different specifications and production speed.






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