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AIPAK Stick packing machine is applicable for dosing powder, granule or liquid and sealing in form of stick, with 4 sides sealing or back sealing, different patterns of sealing, and different styles of cutting.It has single lane,4 lanes,6 lanes,8 lanes and more.s All AIPAK Stick packing machines are suitable for many kinds of powder such as:milk powder, flour, rice powder, protein powder, seasoning powder, chemical powder, medicine powder, coffee powder, soy flour Etc.It is a full automatic pack machine, can fill weighing seal cut, fast speed and accuracy.

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How muti lane stick packing machine cartoning machine production line works?

AIPAK Stick packing machine is an automatic powder pack machine, suitable for 20-25g, different type powder like milk, coffee powder ,protein powder, spices, filling in composite film bag, speed 40-55 bags per min.With automatically align film position during machine operation,avoiding the problem of pouch sealing misalignment.All stick packing machines have easy computerized specification change,stable pouch pulling with less deviation,large torquemoment qualified for full-load running.The multi lane stick packing machines even have huge improvement to packing speed and capacity.

How multi lane stick packing machine works then packed by the cartoning machine?

AIPAK Stick packing machine is simply operation,with machine configured touch screen, English/Chinese language operation interface.The Filling capacity is variable simply.It is stainless and safety grade,with automatic film forming bags, and filling, sealing, cutting.The speed of 6 lanes stick packing machine can reach 120~180 packets per minute, improving production capacity and saving manpower. The filling, feeding, printing batch number, cutting easy to tear, finished product bag output is completed in one time, quick and convenient adjustment.

How liquid stick packing machine with cartoning machine production line works?

AIPAK Stick packing machine is suitable for all kinds of powders, flours and starches, such as: sachet solid drink powders,pea starch, cocoa powder, corn starch,tapioca starch, flour, cake powder, rice powder, milk powder, coffee powder and spice, etc.Each lane of the stick packing machine with one set servo motor drive screw&stirring motor,stable and accurate.With computer/PLC control, photoelectric tracking,the stick packaging machine has fault display system, easy to operate and maintain.

What is multi-lane stick packing machine All About?

AIPAK Stick packing machine measuring cup can move back and forth, up and down, which is convenient for the personnel in the production workshop to clean the measuring part. All multi lane stick packing machines can simultaneously complete the packing processes such as weighing, filling materials, film pulling, printing production date, sealing and cutting bags, etc. Compared with single-lane small packing machines, the packing production speed is faster and it is easier to achieve efficient production goals.

How muti lane stick packing machine works to pack all kinds of powder products?

AIPAK Multi lane stick packing machine for powder is suitable for packaging various kinds of poor fluidity powder like flour,mungbean powder,lotus powder,sesame paste,soybean milk powder etc.The multi lane stick packing machine has compact structure and stable performance,is easy to operate,convenient to maintain,all food contacting parts are made of 304SUS with sanitary requirement.With accurate servo motor-precise every bag's position,every packing weight is adjustable during the machine process without stopping.The machine can be equipped with date coding machine, easy to tear mouth, punching,numerical control cutting, exhaust device according to your request.

How single lane stick packing machine works to pack all kinds of powder products?

AIPAK single lane stick packing machine can be used to pack various powder, like chilli powder ,spices powder,coconut powder ,pepper,cocoa powder, milk powder,baking soda,matcha powder,flour,coffee powder ,calcium powder ,salt ,curry powder,protein powder ,etc.With PLC computer system , the machine is stable,you are easy to adjust the machine without stopping the machine.The bag-making , sealing, packing, print date can be done in one operation.The working circumstance is quiet, low noise.

Do you know what is the working principle of multi lane stick packing machine?

AIPAK Multi lane stick packing machine is widely used in food, beverage, condiments, medicine, daily chemical and hardware industry. Applicable to packing puffing snacks, granules, tea, toys, powder, liquid, sauce, paste, cream and so on.All multi lane stick packing machine can automatically show error in touch panel, safety shield, safety switch.It is easy operation and size management via touch panel.All machines also have fast speed, less empty bags, steady packing capacity. You are easy to change the spare parts,the whole structure designed for long time using.

The best ever video for you to explore how stick products produced by stick packing machine?

AIPAK Stick packing machine is suitable for packing all kinds of fine granular materials, such as suns, tea, freeze-dried coffee, grains, herbs, etc.It can automatically complete all tasks such as measuring, cutting, bag making, sealing, slitting, counting, and hot pressing batch numbers in the packaging process.With intelligent PLC control system, touch screen operation, only need to set parameters to accurately control the operation of the system.The silent stepper motor is used to make the production environment quieter and meet the requirements of environmental protection.The number of lane lines is customized according to customer needs to meet different production requirements.

Why multi-lane stick packing machine Is Trending Right Now?

AIPAK Stick packing machine is made of 304# stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food and is easy to clean and maintain.The packaging film holder is on the back of the machine, which is quick and easy to install and replace.The film-separating cutter device quickly positions and separates the packaging films.Using intelligent PID independent temperature control, the bag is tightly sealed and does not leak materials.

Why Does Everyone Like stick packing machine?

AIPAK Stick packing machine is suitable for food, daily necessities, agriculture and other industries, such as ketchup, jam, chili sauce, honey, soy sauce, tartar sauce, syrup, concentrated juice, jelly, shower gel, hand sanitizer, etc.The stick packing machine can also make pillow bag and then finish the packing process. With high precision servo controlled screw quantiative filling device enables high packaging accuracy and easy cleaning.

The best ever video for you to explore how multilane stick packing machine works?

AIPAK Multi lane stick packing machine is for packing granule and powder, 1,2,4,6,8,10 lines can be provided. The stick packing machine is applicable to the packaging of materials requiring high accuracy of measurement or careful handling,such as milk powder, sugar powder, coffee powder, wheat flour, detergent powder, coconut powder,spice powder etc.It can automatic split film at right position,liquid measuring and filling, multi lanes bag form fill seal, cutting, sensor tracking, counting capacity.It also can do emergency stop, set capacity to auto stop machine, count capacity and Zero the count, ready bag output, manual test machine each step etc.

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