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Vacuum emulsifying mixer machine consist of Water and Oil pot, Main emulsifying tank, Vacuum system, Tilting discharge system, Hydraulic lifting system, Mixing system, Homogenizer system and Heating/Cooling system. All those functions work together to produce batches of good cosmetics products.

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Cosmetic Homogenizer Mixer Emulsifying Machine Butter Cream Ointment Emulsifier Homogenizer

The triple mixing of AIPAK vacuum emulsifying machine adopts the imported frequency inverter for speed adjustment,which can meet different technological demands.Its homogenizing structure is made through German techology. The vacuum emulsifying machine adopts the improted double-end mechanical seal effect.The maximum emulsifying rotation speed can reach 3500rpm and the high shearing fineness can reach 0.2-5um.

Cosmetic Skin Cream Lotion Making Machine Cream Mixing Machine Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer Homogenizer

The vacuum defoaming of AIPAK vacuum emulsifying machine can make the materials meet the requirement of being aseptic . The vacuum materials vacuum sucking can avoid dust.The main boiler lid can adopt lifting system, it is easy to clean and the cleaning effect is more obvious, the main boiler can adopt tilting discharge.The boiler body is welded with 3 layer imported SS plate, tank body and pipes adopts mirror polish whcih meet the GMP standard.

Double Head For Mixing And Emulsifying Of Syrup Vacuum Emulsifying Machine

AIPAK vacuum emulsifying is suitable to stable homogenizing and emulsifying, the finished granular is very small. The quality of emulsifying depends on the disperse of the granular on the preparation stage. The smaller the granular is, the weaker the trend of accumulation to the surface becomes, thus the smaller the opportunity for the emulsifying to be broken becomes. Relying on mixing of reversed impeller, under the condition of homogenizing turbine and vacuum status, you can get the high-quality effect of emulsifying and mixing.

How Single Head Mixing Of Vacuum Emulsifying Machine?

AIPAK vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machine is suitable for various type of ointment, honey products, small, pilot or a board, it is the cosmetics, pharmaceutical production enterprises laboratory indispensable experimental tool. Equipment has complete function, reliable quality.

This equipment is a set of vacuum deaeration, mixing, homogenizing, heating, electric control and other functions in one, equipment is composed by the vacuum homogenizing emulsifying pot, vacuum system, a lifting system. It is also according to the requirements of the production process supporting oil and water pot.

How To Operate Emulsifier Vacuum Homogenizer Mixer Machine?

AIPAK vacuum emulsifying machine composite scraper impeller is for all kinds of complex formula, optimizing energy efficiency. Ptfe scraper caters to agitation of tank, scraping the pot wall efficiently.

Homogenizer is installed at the bottom of the pot, increasing the power of the motor more thoroughly and more powerful. It could also give full play to the effect of homogeneous for a small amount of production.It is better for electric heating condition. The main pot is used for heating and homogenizing, the second pot is used for cooling and emulsion, this makes it fast and efficient.

Multifunction Vacuum Emulsifying Machine With Three Head

AIPAK vacuum emulsifying machine is mainly used in line of cosmetic care, biological medicine, food industry, pain ink, nano materials, petrochemical industry, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, paper-making industry, agricultural fertilizer, plastic, rubber, power electronics and other fine chemical industry and so on, especially for matrix viscosity, solid material.

New Stainless Steel Toothpaste Mixer Making Machine High Quality Vacuum Emulsifying Homogenizer

AIPAK vacuum emulsifying mixer also called vacuum emulsifying machine, is a tilt-able vacuum mixer system for the production of viscous emulsions, dispersions and suspensions in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. It's the most popular vacuum emulsifier homogenizer design in Asia and US and is suitable for making small to medium batches of cream and emulsions.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Emulsifier Mixer Machine With Homogenizing Mixing

vacuum emulsifying machine is generally made of main emulsifying mixer, oil phase mixer, water phase mixer, vacuum system, hydraulic lifting system, tilting system for the main emulsifying mixer, heating and cooling system, temperature control system, electrical control panel etc.

The oil and water phase mixers have exactly the same construction. There's a high speed disperser mounted from the top of the cover which helps dissolve the ingredients. Some customers will omit the oil and water phase mixers and keep the main emulsification machine only.

Vacuum Emulsifying Machine Emulsification And Stirring

AIPAK Homogenising Vacuum Emulsifier Mixer Composed of pretreating boilers, vacuum emulsifying and blending boiler, vacuum pump, hydraulic liftsystem, dumping system,electric control system and work platform etc.All AIPAK vacuum emulsifying mixer machines are suitable for production of ointment and cream products in cosmetic and pharmaceutical plants. The emulsifying effect is more prominent for materials of high base viscosity and high solid content.

Vacuum Emulsifying Machine Three Head Machine With Emulsifying Head Outside

AIPAK vacuum emulsifying machine intergrates heating, cooling,mixing,dissolving,shearing, homogenizing,emulsifying and discharging functions together ,it is a ideal machine to produce shampoo /cream /lotion /gel / liquid soap /detergent / ketchup /mayonnaise / syrup/etc.The machine adopt advanced processing technology,improted brand motor and converter,to make sure the mixing tank is stable and have a good working performance.

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