AIPAK Bin Blender Videos

AIPAK bin blender is a special form of free-fall blender. It is used wherever the volume of usually available containers are not sufficient for the batch, or the given process requires a fixed clamped blending container. The design of the bin blender can be customized to customer specifications. It is the ideal way for general mixing in pharmaceutical plant, meanwhile, widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, light and food industries, etc.

AIPAK Bin Blender Videos

New Design Bin Blender for Pharmaceutical and Food Industry

AIPAK Bin Blender is a machine used to fill capsules and powders in medicine, also known as IBC or Pharmaceutical Blender machine. This Bin Blender uses advanced PLC control technology and frequency conversion control technology. Blender Bin can automatically complete many procedures, including the automatic completion of a series of mixing hoppers for clamping, lifting, mixing and lowering, which is widely used in the mixing of powder, powder and particle in the production process of pharmaceutical industry.

High Efficiency 200L IBC Blender for Lifting and Mixing

AIPAK 200L IBC Blender has the function of automatic lifting, mixing and descending, and can be equipped with various specifications of hopper for mixing operation. It is suitable for large and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises. It can mix drugs of different varieties and batches in accordance with the process requirements, so as to realize the multi-purpose of one machine, and  the mixer of blender bin lifting hopper pushes the mixing hopper into the rotary arm and locks the nut. 

Perfect Industrial IBC Blender for Powder Mixer

AIPAK IBC Blender is a high-tech product of mechatronics. Equipped with hydraulic lifting, hydraulic drive and PLC control system, this IBC blender is easy to control and adjust process parameters. The single machine can be equipped with various types of hoppers, and the mixed materials can be discharged from the hopper. They are unloaded with the hopper from the slewing arm and directly transferred to the next process. This greatly improves the use efficiency of the mixer, avoids cross contamination of materials, and fully meets the requirements of GMP.

High Speed and Good Quality IBC Blender for Powder Mixer

AIPAK IBC Blender is composed of frame, clamping type of rigid rotating shell lift descend, drive, brake and control systems .When running the machine, blender bin push the mixing bin into rotary arm and tighten the nuts, then start the control system and lift the bin to the mixing height. As the symmetrical axes of bin and the rotating center line of rotating arm form an included angle, materials with different constituents are strenuously rolling over in the closed bin and producing high shear to achieve the best effect of mixing.

Perfect IBC Blender for Pharmaceutical Powder Mixer

AIPAK IBC blender is extensively used for mixing dry powder, or dry powder with grain in the process of diversified solid preparation production in the pharmaceutical industry. This bin blender can be equipped with bins of various specifications. It is suitable for mixing pharmaceuticals of multiple varieties and different batches according to the technological requirements in large and medium-sized pharmaceutical enterprises, so it can achieve multiple purposes in one machin.The mixing barrel can be used as a batching barrel in the upstream procedure and also as   a charging bin in the downstream procedure.

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