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GF Series dust collecting crusher

Main Application:This set is applied for such trades as pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical and so on. which is specially used for crush for crushing materials with much fiber or grease.

Working principle:This machine is made up of crusher, cyclone separator, pulse dust-collecting box etc., Material come into the chamber through the hopper, and crushed by high speed rotating hammers, crushed size can be adjust by screen. The crushed material flows into the cyclone separator by the induced fan and rotating centrifugal force, then being discharged through gate blower,dust come into the pulse dust-collecting box, filtrated and recycled by the filter cylinder. Designed by the standard of GMP, the whole machine is made of stainless steel, and there is no dust during the process of production.


  1. Be able to label the single angle or diagonal position of differentsize flat carton and square carton : (to be connected with cartoningmachine) feeding steady anc leaving enough space for buffering.
  2. Synchronous chain proofreading mechanism ensures stable andprecise proofreading.
    With screw type adjustmenl mechanism, the labeling is precise. theadjustment range is wide, suit for various specifications of cartons.
  3. No bubble or wrinkle for sticking transpa.




Voltage upply

AC220V 50/60HZ ( Single-phase )



Labeling Speed

0-230bottles/min.(According to the bottle size and label size)

Labeling Accuracy

+1mm ( Except the error of the labeled object and labels )

Printing Speed

0-30pcs/min(same as labeling)

Box Range

L260 mm , W40- 260 mm , H15-80 mm

Label size

H15-80 mm, L10-80 mm

Max.Label Roll size

Outer dia.260 mm,Inner dia.76 mm

Distance between label and base paper

2 mm



Overall dimension

2400 x 1350 x 1500mm




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