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NJP-130 New Fully Automatic Mini Small Liquid Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-130 adopt PLC control system, human-machine interface, when running malfunction or lack of stuff, automatic alarm, malfunction display, automatic dismiss alarm. And with functions of password setup, touching screen display, automatic parameter setup, data printing, reset, etc.
The jump-start axed, cam and other main damageable parts all adopt imported materials. And the machine is suitable for Powder, Granular and Pellet filling, one hour for 7,200capsules, special for Capsule size from00# to 5#.


1. The vacuum positioning mechanism is adopted, and the capsule feeding rate is more than 99%.
2.The big cam indexing case is adopted, although the cost is increased, but the machine stability & service life is greatly increased. We are the only company who integrates RU100 and RU83 indexing case together. 
3.90 pieces of linear bearings from Japan are used, which ensures the machine accuracy & the service life. 
4.The metering tray is enlarged by 3cm, the powder in the metering tray is more homogeneous, the filling volume is more correct, and it's far better than the national standard.
5.Take the lower surface of the metering tray as the base, the 3D regulating mechanism is adopted, the nature deforming of the metering tray or the copper tray is get rid of, the interval is even, the power leakage is reduced, it's convenient to clean, the filling accuracy is ensured, and it's the original invention in China (Patent No.: 20042006795X).
6.Because of our smart design, although the indexing case is enlarged, 90 pieces of imported bearings are used on the mould turntable, and the metering tray is bigger, the whole dimension is only 9cm bigger than the like products.
7.There is the capsule control switch outside the machine, and it's more safe and convenient.
8.There is the inching control system, and this humanized operation is convenient to the operation & the cleaning.





7800 Capsules/H

Size of Capsule

Capsule size 00#-4# and safety capsule A-E

Total Power


Water Supply


Dust collector


Overall dimensions






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