Which Capsule Is Bigger 0 Or 00?

A tiny change in capsule size can bring about various formulation, mixing, production, and filling problems. Whether you are an individual or a capsule manufacturer, you may have questions about capsule size.


Which Capsule Is Bigger 0 Or 00-sourced: capsuline

Why do different capsules come in different sizes, and what are the functions of capsules of different sizes used for filling powdered drugs? Which capsule is bigger 0 or 00? This post can take you through the capsule size chart and explain the size differences of different capsules.

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    1.What Is Capsule And Capsule Size?



    Capsules-sourced: mankindpharma

    Capsule is a shell made of gelatin, specially used for packaging drugs, vitamins, nutritional preparations, etc. It is usually taken orally by patients. When a drug cannot be compressed into solid tablets, manufacturers would like to choose capsules for packaging.


    Capsules-sourced: thorne

    There are two types of capsules, namely hard capsules and soft capsules. Hard capsules, which consist of a two-part rigid shell, are more suitable for filling pharmaceutical powders and can only be used when dissolved in the stomach. Soft capsules are one-piece capsules that are more suitable for filling oily substances.

    Capsule Size


    Capsule Size-sourced: capsulesizes

    Different capsules come in different sizes. Capsule size depends on the weight of the fill, density and fineness of the powder. Generally, the heavier the weight of the filling, or the greater the density and fineness of the powder, the larger the size of the capsule.

    Therefore, choosing the appropriate capsule size requires knowledge of the mesh size of the powder.

    2.What Is The Size Chart Of Capsules?

    The size chart for capsules mainly has introduced capsule weight, capsule tolerance weight, capsule capacity, length of the capsule parts(body and cap). There are seven regular size in this capsule size chart differing from 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4.


    Size Chart Of Capsules-sourced: medisca

    From this size chart of capsules, you can learned that:

    Size 000: Usually called as “triple zero”, it is the largest capsule size model and can hold an average of 1000 mg of powdered substance. Depending on the density and fineness of the powder, its holding space may vary.

    Size 00: “Double zero”, it is one of the most widely used capsule size models. The capsule has a volume of 0.93 ml and can hold an average of 750 mg of powdered substance.

    Size 0: It is also commonly used and is slightly smaller than size #00 capsules. It is one of the most commonly used capsule sizes in the pharmaceutical and beauty industries and can hold around 500 mg of powdered substance on average.

    Size 1: It can hold an average of about 400 mg of powdered material. Its size is not optimal for consumers who want a high dose.

    Size 2: Its average capacity is about 300 mg. Due to the smaller size of the capsules, the filled powder is difficult to utilize, so it is not a popular capsule size.

    Size 3: Its average capacity is around 200 mg, and the capsule size is smaller. It is suitable for filling powder medicines with precise dosage.

    Size 4: It is the smallest capsule size currently available. Very suitable for consumers with difficulty swallowing.



    Capsule Size Chart-sourced: superiorsupplementmfg

    In the industry application of capsules, for capsules of size 1-5, the larger the number, the smaller the size of the corresponding capsule. For a capsule of size 0, 00, 000, the size decreases as the number of zeros decreases. By referring to the capsule size chart above, you can learn which capsule size will best meet your unique needs.

    3.Which Capsule Is Bigger 0 Or 00?

    After learning from the capsule size chart above, you can know that capsule #00 is bigger than capsule #0. 


    Capsule #00 is bigger than capsule #0-sourced: purebulk

    Size 00 and size 0 capsules are the most common capsule sizes because they provide sufficient volume for a variety of formulations and are convenient for people to swallow. According to the survey, capsule #00 is more popular than capsule #0 because of the suitable size and high filling capacity.

    In this table, it compares two capsule sizes, capsule #0 and capsule #00. By comparing, you can get an initial impression of the size of these two capsule sizes:

      Capsule #00  Capsule #0
    Image #00-Capsule-sourced-1 #0 Capsule-sourced
    Weight 118 96
    Size Tolerance l Can hold approximately 750 mg of powdered substance; l Can hold approximately 500 mg of powdered substance;
    Capsule Capacity 0.97 0.68
    Length of Capsule 0.796 0.726
    Cap 0.462 0.422
    Application Industry l Most widely utilized capsule size in the supplements and medicine industries; l Most popular capsule size in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries;
    Application Products l Vitamin D, Vitamin C, medicinal herbs, medicinal mushrooms, nexium, fluoxetine, omeprazol, tetracyline, etc. l Biotin, collagen, probiotics, amino acids, antioxidants, cefadroxil, amoxicillin, acebutolol, flucytosine, dicloxacillin, etc.
    Capsule Material l Gelatin capsules, vegetarian capsules, pullulan capsules, enteric capsules, TiO2 free capsules. l Gelatin capsules, vegetarian capsules, pullulan capsules, enteric capsules, TiO2 free capsules.
    Advantages l Suitable for filling of all powder materials;

    l Capsules are spacious and can hold more of your chosen supplement for a more effective dose;

    l Easy to fill, allowing you to easily create custom blends;

    l Compatible with most standard sizes of capsule filling machines;

    l Most suitable for making oral preparations for humans;

    l Compatible with most standard sizes of capsule filling machines;

    Drawbacks l Not suitable for patients with dysphagia; l Not suitable for manual filling;

    After learning about the size information about the capsule #00 and #0, you can know that different capsule size have different features and advantages. However, how to choose the right capsule size between capsule #00 and #0?


    Capsules-sourced: brightcaps

    There are slight differences between the capsule #00 and #0. So the capsule shell size choice depends on the density of the powder you are using, and how tightly you can pack the ingredients into the capsule.

    If using capsule #00, powder density 0.6 g/ml, you can load 546 grams of powder. If the powder density is 0.8 g/ml, you can load 728 grams of powdered material. If you use capsule #00 with powder density 0.6 g/ml, the amount of powder you can pack is 408 g. If the powder density is 0.8 g/ml, you can load 544 grams of powder material.


    Which capsule bigger 0 or 00? Sure the 00 is bigger than 0 capsules. After learning this post, you can know the difference between capsule 00 and 0, at the same time have a clear understanding of the capsule size chart. Are there more you want to know about the capsules and capsule sizes? Come to us right now for more information!

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