Bottle Size Chart For Capsules&Pills

Generally speaking, bottles are very common in your daily life,whether capsules or pills,they are always packed by bottles.As you can see,sometimes the sizes of  bottles are small,and sometimes they are large,are you confused about what factors determine the bottle sizes?
Therefore,this article will help you resolve your confusion,we can explore the answers together,to know the things about bottle sizes for capsule&pills,you need to make clear of the following questions:

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    1.What are the different types of bottles?

    As a matter of fact,there are many different types of medicine bottles in the market,they are different in color,shape,size,material and so on.But now we only discuss the different types of bottles from two main aspects:materials and shapes.

    different types of bottles

    In terms of materials
    In common,there are two main materials of medicine bottles-glass and plastic,the glass bottles and plastic bottles all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

    glass bottle

    For instance,glass bottles are generally transparent,so you can clearly observe the remained medicine volume,moreover,they take advantages of stable property and recycle.

    However,the glass bottles also have disadvantages,such as inconvenient to be carried,hard to be cleaned and easy to be broken,and they always be a little heavier than plastic bottles.

    plastic bottle

    Compared to glass bottles,the plastic bottles can be made of different materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester and so on.The plastic bottles are not easy to be broken,poisonless and tasteless,and they are light in weight so they are convenient to be carried.In addition,the plastic bottles take advantage of moistureproof and anti-leak.

    Whereas,most of the plastic bottles are not transparent,you can not know there are how many capsules or pills remained by observing the surface of the medicine bottles,this can be a little inconvenient for you.

    In terms of shapes

    And according to shapes,most of the medicine bottles can be divided into round bottles,square bottles and tubular bottle,which will be compared to the below.

    round bottle

    Actually,maybe most of you are more familiar with the round bottles,round shapes are more confirmed to most people’s beauty-appreciation,on the one hand, in terms of technological process ,the round bottles are easier to be processed and shaped so they can save cost.On the other hand,according to the human body mechanics,round bottles are convenient to grip.

    square bottle

    The square bottles are relatively less than round bottles,but they also occupy a certain degree of the market shares,it is because that square bottles are better to grip than round bottles,they are not easy to slide down.And square bottles are more unique than round ones,there are some pharmaceutical company choose square bottles to be distinguished with other same types of products.

    On the contrary,the technological process of square bottles is more complex than that of round bottles,which will take more time and money.

    prescription medicine bottle

    As the picture shows,these are prescription medicine bottles,which are fine and small,the shape likes tube,they are always be made to transparent forms,and always be labeled.This type of bottles can protect medicines from ultraviolet ray as their color always be orange,blue or green.
    The caps of prescription medicine bottles adapt a design of hook to lock,which makes them more safe,adults can open them easily but children can’t.And the prescription medicine bottles has passed hygiene standards,they are absolutely appropriate for storing all kinds of drugs.

    2.How to measure the appearance size of bottles for capsules&pills?

    Although medicine bottles are in different shapes and they are not of regular shape,we also have methods to measure their sizes,in the most situations,you can measure them from the following aspects:

    Outside Diameter Size
    Outside Diameter SizeMeasuring the outside diameter size of bottles is the basic step,in this step,you need to place the measuring tool around the maximum outside diameter of the bottle, then rotate the bottle, record the maximum and minimum values during this period, and then take the average value to reduce the error

    Height of the Bottle

    Height of the Bottle

    The height of the bottle refers to the vertical distance from the bottom to the top of bottle cap,first,you should put the bottle on a horizontal plane,and measure the height of it.It should be noticed that you can measure for several times,and take the average,the purpose of this action is to reduce the error.

    The Wall Thickness of the Bottle

    The Wall Thickness of the Bottle

    In this step,you need to use other tools to cut open the bottle from the symmetric region,measure the outside diameter size and inside diameter size,then you can get the wall thickness of this bottle.
    Outside Diameter of the Mouth
    Outside Diameter of the Mouth
    Put the measuring tool on the mouth of bottle,and pay attention that it should go through the center of the mouth,press it to make it hold in place,then rotate the mouth to measure its outside diameter,record the maximum and minimum values in this period and take the average.

    3.What are the common units of measurement of bottle size?

    There are something maybe you rarely notice that there are many units of measurement of bottle size&volume,such as dram,cc,liter and milliliter,ounce,gallon and quart.

    units of measurement

    Dram CC Gallon Quart
    British 3.697ml 28.41ml/ 4546ml 1,136.52ml
    American 3.697ml 29.57ml 3785ml 946.35ml/1101.22ml

    Dram,it may be a little unfamiliar to you,this is a unit of measurement which was used in Ancient Greece,and in nowadays,it has developed into a unit of volume,1 dram is equal to 1/8 ounce,in other words,is equal to 3.697ml.

    In general,the bottom of capsules&pills bottles are printed with number,this number refers to the number of dram,it means that you can accord with this number to figure out the capacity of the bottle.

    CC,is the abbreviation of cubic centimeter,1 cc is equal to 1ml.Ounce is also a unit of measurement which is used both in America and Britain,an ounce of Britain is 28.41ml while it is 29.57ml in America.Liter and milliliter are the most common units of measurement,they are universal.

    units of measurement of bottle size

    Gallon is a unit of measurement which is used by American and British,it is a unit of volume for both liquid and dry substances,the British gallon is defined as 4.54609 liters while the American gallon is defined as 231 cubic inches, equal to 3.785411784 liters.

    Quart origins from the Latin word quartus,it means 1/4,a quart is 1/4 gallon,the British quart is 1,136.52 milliliters.In America, there are two kinds of situations,one wet quart is 946.352946 milliliters and one dry quart is 1101.22 milliliters.

    After knowing these units of measurement and how to convert them,it will help you know the bottle size and choose the right size of bottle.

    4.How many capsules&pills can be packed in bottles of different volumes?

    In this part,you will realize that the different sizes bottles can pack how many capsules&pills,of course that the size of capsules&pills will effect the number,so at the beginning,you need to know the different sizes of them.

    Capsules&Pills Size Chart #000 #00 #0 #1
    Volume (ml) 1.37 0.93 0.68 0.50
    Lock Length +/- 0.7mm 26.14 23.6 21.3 19.2

    The capsules&pills always be divided into these models,each model has its corresponding volume and length,by realizing this table,you can have a summary knowledge about the sizes of capsules&pills,which is helpful for you to choose right bottle sizes.

    bottle sizes

    Next let’s see the amount of capsules&pills of different bottle sizes:

    Capsules&Pills Size Maximum Quantity of Capsules&Pills Bottle Size
    1 30 60cc
    1 60 100cc
    1 90 120cc
    1 120 150cc

    This table shows that,while the model of capsules&pills is 1,the length of the capsule is about 19.2mm,and according to the different bottle size from 60cc to 150cc,you can pack from 30 to 120 capsules&pills relevantly.

    Capsules&Pills Size Maximum Quantity of Capsules&Pills Bottle Size
    0 30 100cc
    0 60 120cc
    0 90 175/180cc
    0 120 200cc
    0 180 300cc

    When the model is 0,the length of the capsule or pill is 21.3mm,so the bottle sizes need to be larger,from 100cc to 300cc,because the bottle size is larger,the count of capsules&pills can be up to 180.

    Capsules&Pills Size Maximum Quantity of Capsules&Pills Bottle Size
    00 30 100cc
    00 60 180cc
    00 90 275/300cc
    00 120 400cc
    00 180 500cc

    And when the model is 00,its length is 23.6mm,in this case,if the count of capsules&pills is invariable,the bottle size need to be extended,the bottles which have 100cc capacity can only hold 30 pieces capsules or pills,and if you want to pack 180 pieces capsules or pills,you need to use a bottle which has 500cc capacity.

    Capsules&Pills Size Maximum Quantity of Capsules&Pills Bottle Size
    000 30 120cc
    000 60 200cc
    000 90 300cc
    000 120 400cc
    000 180 500cc

    If the capsule or pill is the model 000,the length is 26.14mm,you need to use a bottle which has 120cc capacity to pack 30 pieces capsules or pills,while the most largest bottle size and its capacity are changeless.

    5.How can bottles protect capsules&pills?

    For the purpose of protecting capsules&pills,we put them into bottles,but how can the bottles play their parts?why can they protect the capsules&pills which are inside them,these will be explained next.

    Anti-pollution The bottles can be regarded as a small sealed space,once the capsules&pills are putting into the bottles and the caps are covered, they will not come into contact with dust in the air,which means that the bottles can anti-pollution.
    Maintain Stability
    Maintain StabilitySimilar to the last point,since the capsules&pills are sealed in the bottles,they will not contact with the elements of the air such as moisture,oxygen and others,so there are nothing can damage the property of drugs,the capsules&pills can keep stable.


    AnticollisionWhether glass bottles or plastic bottles,they all have a certain degree of thickness,therefore,they can impact resistance,which makes them play a role in protection by preventing the capsules&pills from being suddenly attacked.

    Keep Out the Sun

    Keep Out the Sun
    Sometimes,there are some medicines need to be stored in places where are shady and stay away from the sunlight,at this moment,medicine bottles play an important role in keeping away the sunlight.Moreover,there is a type of transparent brown glass bottle,can effectively prevent medicines from sunlight.

    6.Why choose the right sizes of bottles are important?

    Maybe you have problems about why should you choose right bottle sizes for capsules&pills,it likes the situation that when your shoes don't fit,they will rub your feet ,bottles are the same.The size of bottle is better just right for the capsules&pills which are needed to be packed,too large or too small are both unsuitable.

    choose the right sizes of bottles

    If the bottles are too large,there will be extra space inside them,which will leave room for air,as is known that if the content of air is high,the oxygen and moisture which are contain in the air will effect the property of capsules&pills in the bottle,then damage their stability.
    And on the other hand,when there is empty space inside the bottle,the capsules&pills will hit each other when they are strongly shaken,which is also not good for the stability of them.

    bottle is too small

    Similarly,if the bottle is too small,it is also not good for capsules&pills,too cramped spaces are not conducive to the flow of capsules&pills,and it will be hard for you to take out the medicines from the small bottles.If the bottles are too small, the medicines may squeeze against each other, the capsules may be distorted, and the surface of pills may be wore off,these also can cause bad effects.

    7.How to choose the right bottle size for your capsules&pills?

    When choose the sizes of bottles to pack your capsules&pills,there are some factors you need to consider carefully,which includes:

    Sizes of Capsules&Pills

    Sizes of Capsules&PillsIt is evident that the most important factor is the sizes of capsule&pills,the size of the bottle is determined by the size of the contents,if the capsules&pills are in large size,maybe you need to choose larger bottles,on the contrast,you should choose the small size bottles.
    Number of Capsules&Pills

    Effects of Capsules&Pills

    Besides of size,the amount of capsules&pills is also can not be neglected,if you only need to pack a few dozen of capsules or pills,you can just choose a small bottle,when you need to pack a large number of capsules or pills,you need to use a larger bottle.

    Effects of Capsules&Pills

    Effects of Capsules&Pills

    In addition,you also need to think about the effects of the capsules or pills,there are some medicines which are short acting medicines while others need to be taken for a long term.

    If your capsules&pills are short acting medicines,in fact,you needn’t put lots of medicines into bottles,so you can choose small bottles;if they are long term medicines,you usually need to put a large quantity of medicines into bottles,so in this case you can choose large bottles.

    Realistic Requirements

    Realistic Requirements

    Of course,beside the above factors,you also need to consider the realistic requirements such as whether the bottle is convenient to carry,whether the medicine inside the bottles need some extra spaces and many other factors.In a word,there are somethings that may happen during the bottling process of capsules&pills,so you need to take them into account when choosing the bottle size.


    Before reading this article,maybe you never carefully consider about anything of the size of bottle and how many capsules&pills can be packed by different bottles,but now,you already have a basic knowledge about these things.Does this article really help you?And if you still have puzzles about it,you can contact us no matter what the time is.

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