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AIPAK Popping Boba Machine Production Line Popping Boba Forming Machine Unit

AIPAK popping boba machine production line popping boba forming machine Unit adopt PLC control system and with fully automatic design.

The forming machine including the depositing system,the convey system,the cycle system,the filtration and cleaning system,PLC Controller etc.



Filter belt system:

Filter belt system

Filter belt system


the equipment components:
1) The controller (The controller box can be independent or fixed to the machine) 1set
2) The depositor 1set
3) The liquid(sodium alginate liquid) cycle system 1set
4) The product filter system 1set
5) The washing system 1set
6) The buffer system 1set
7) The filtration system 1set

The quality requirements
1) The machine are made of 304 stainless steel, only the nozzles are copper.
2) Stainless steel waterproof spray processing;
3) Filter belt is food-grade Teflon material (Teflon)
3-4) The pumps are 304 stainless steel


Total power 8kw
Capacity 200~300kg/h
Size 5400x2200x2250mm
Weight 2000kg
Working environment >25℃
Depositing speed 15~25times/min
Popping boba size Dia8-15mm(popping boba with a minimum diameter of 5mm and a maximum diameter of 25mm can be customized)



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